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  1. Pep

    Grid - RowWidget Issue

    Hello, The team support can confirm this issue? please! Regards.
  2. Pep

    Grid - RowWidget Issue

    Hello, I found this issue when using rowwidget with frames. When a user expand a row in Frame1 and then the user selects Frame2, and then return to frame1. See sample. I have attached a test case. Regards. Grid - RowWidget.7z
  3. Pep

    Form Style + Border Icons

    In TuniPageControl set TarBarVisible := False
  4. Pep

    strange behavior callbacks!

    In First Anonymous procedure you are checking if Result = mrOk in the other you didn't check Result
  5. Pep

    How return from Anonymous procedure Form

    Hello, try this: procedure CallActionFrm2(I: integer); var AfrmBaseDictionaryList: TfrmBaseDictionaryList; tmp: Integer; begin tmp := I; with TfrmBaseDictionaryList.Create(UniApplication) do begin ShowModal( procedure(Sender: TComponent; AResult: Integer) begin if AResult = mrOk then begin tmp := 100; edtInn.Text := IntToStr(tmp); end; end ); end; end; ... procedure TfrmAdmPlanItem.btnSearchClick(Sender: TObject); var id: Integer; begin id := 1; CallActionFrm2(id); end;
  6. Pep

    TuniScrollbox -> ScrollTo -> howto in TuniFrame?

    Thank you very much to share this code
  7. Pep

    responsive Design Question: Placing TuniPanels

    Thank you very much, the sample is very usefull
  8. Hello Paul, In Delphi 10.2, the Callback procedure "mbDeleteStaff" does'nt compile if is defined inside another procedure / function. You can use an anonymous procedure: MessageDlg('Delete the selected staff member?', mtConfirmation, mbYesNo, procedure(Sender: TComponent; Res: Integer) begin // code here to delete the staff record if Res = mrOk then begin qStaffDelete.ParamByName('pStaffId').AsInteger := qStaff.FieldByName('pStaffId').AsInteger qStaffDelete.ExecSQL; end; end );
  9. Pep

    Actioncolumn and showMask

    "TUniCustomButtonItem" has the ScreenMask property and by code you can use it, but in runtime mode raise exception "invalid class typecast" var Col: TUniBaseDBGridColumn; BtnCol: TUniCustomButtonItem; begin Col := Grid.Columns.Add; Col := Grid.Columns.Add; Col.ActionColumn.Enabled := True; BtnCol := TUniCustomButtonItem(Col.ActionColumn.Buttons.Add); BtnCol.ScreenMask.Enabled := True; // <-- Compiles but in runtime mode raise exception "invalid class typecast" end Anybody knows if Is there another alternative to show ScreenMask on click action column? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello wprins, I'm using Delphi 10.2 with uniGUI Version:1.90.0 build 1496. The app seems that works ok!
  11. Pep

    EMB interest for WEB development

    Yes, the uniGUI Demo was very power, The classic "Hello World", but with scrpting!!, Very interesting! Take a look if you can.
  12. Thanks a lot for sharing!