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  1. Hello everyone, When creates a control (ex: uniEdit) in runtime mode and then adds "ClientEvents.ExtEvents" this events don't fire but If I add the same event in runtime mode but in a control created at design time then fires ok. Exemple: procedure TMainForm.UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject); const after_render_Event = 'afterrender=function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { sender.allowBlank = false;}'; begin //Works ok //************ // UniEdit Control (Created in Design mode) // Add client event in runtime fires ok UniEdit1.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add(after_render_Event); //No Works!!!!!!!!!! //******************* // UniEdit Control (Created at Rumtime time) FRunTimeUniEdit := TUniEdit(InsertControl(TUniEdit.Create(Self))); with FRunTimeUniEdit do begin Left := 72; Top := 122; Width := 200; // Add the same client event in runtime mode not fires ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add(after_render_Event); end; end; Someone knows why this happens? Thank you.
  2. Thank yoy very much for this code! I think It's the way like works in a regular VCL Grid
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    Did you copy the folder "jtoast" in exe application "files" folder ? Look at: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/8910-sweetalert2/& or you can download te last version in
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    Hello, First of all, thanks to CastleSoft for these components. I noticed that the "TUniJToast" component does not work properly with the "loader" property. If you choose false, the loader keeps showing. To correct, I made these changes in the function TUniJToast.BuildJsonParams: string; I changed these line bstr := bstr + 'loader:' + BoolToStr(loader) +','; for this bstr := bstr + 'loader:' + LowerCase(BoolToStr(loader, true)) +',';
  5. Pep

    Removing Border of UniComboBox??

    It works by code: (the property is not published) UniComboBox1.BorderStyle := ubsNone;