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  1. mierlp

    Here an example for sending SMS

    New upload SendSMS v.0.2.zip
  2. mierlp

    send sms

    The easiest way is bulksms.com. my example is based on bulksms and works great. Send every day about 200 sms with a unigui and vgl application. Just create an account with bulksms and use my example. Replace the dummy username and password with your bulksms account and you van send messages
  3. mierlp

    send sms

    I'm back in a couple of days and will upload the project again
  4. mierlp

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    Already installed..looks great...thanks Gerhard
  5. mierlp

    Export Query to Excel

    Hi You also have to disable the OPTIONS property: - soShowMessage - soWaitCursor AnimatedStatus = False
  6. mierlp

    Export Query to Excel

    What doesn't work and what did you try?
  7. mierlp

    HowTo: bring opened form to front

    thanks...that works
  8. mierlp

    HowTo: bring opened form to front

    thanks...but that would be to easy and is not working
  9. mierlp

    HowTo: bring opened form to front

    Hi Sherzod When trying : if UniMainModule.GetFormInstance(TFormTableBank, False)<>nil then begin FormTableBank.WebForm.JSInterface.JSCall('toFront', []); end; or FormTableBank.WebForm.JSInterface.JSCall('toFront', []); is NOT working
  10. Hi The forum offers a lot of information / solutions ... but unfortunately distributed and not grouped. Is there a need for a structured wiki among you where you can find solutions at component level, Example: Several questions have been asked about a page control. So there will be a PageControl topic where you can find all the solutions related to the pagecontrol such as tab height, width, color and so on. If there's enough interest, i want to set this up with the help of all of us. For example one of those knowledge bases : https://preview.themeforest.net/item/knowhow-a-knowledge-base-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/2813111?_ga=2.90979546.195353067.1554922600-1642395990.1554922600 https://preview.themeforest.net/item/helpguru-a-selfservice-knowledge-base-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/8465592?_ga=2.153867000.195353067.1554922600-1642395990.1554922600 http://preview.themeforest.net/item/knowledge-base-helpdesk-wiki-faq-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/3434096?_ga=2.90979546.195353067.1554922600-1642395990.1554922600 Regards Peter
  11. Hi, The user can open the forms from within the menu. So he opens first FORM-1 then FORM-2 and then FORM-3 When he clicks on the menu option ''FORM-2'', -which is already opened, than this opened form has to be on the foreground. In VLC you can do something like : How can it be done in uniGui? Regards Peter
  12. mierlp

    Design question / your experience / advice

    Thanks for the answers...it's a lot how i'm also working
  13. mierlp

    send sms

    See my example : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/11892-here-an-example-for-sending-sms/
  14. Hi I am going to convert my 2nd vcl application within the next 6-9 months to uniGui. My first application is designed the more traditional way whereby forms are opened like with a vcl application.For my second application I want to see if another approach offers more benefits, This second application is also a large application with around 140-160 forms and tables. Many tables are often filled once and used as kind of a lookup table. I have separate forms for each table for maintenance. Here are a few design questions: what do you mainly use ... forms / frames and why? how do you open forms / frames, is this, for example, each time on a separate tab or within the same tab and do you close an existing form? what is the advantage of such a model versus the vcl-like way where you can open multiple forms at the same time, for example what is the best way to do that if you choose to load forms into separate tabs so that you have control over the opened form / frame? if you have a form to maintain a table, for example, do you open it as a show / show modal on the screen or also in a separate tab? the look-and-feel of a small form (with for example 4 fields / 2 buttons) in a full screen tab is often not nice compared to displaying that form through show / show modal because you adjust the form format to the amount of components ... how do you solve that ?. how do you design with regard to the different screen resolutions and how do you ensure that everything stays on the form? is there an example 'framework' how to build this, by which I mean for example mainform, menu, pagecontrol to open the tabs in it and that it also looks neat / professional. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages and combinations are of course also possible. The biggest disadvantage of opening everything in separate tabs is that it quickly becomes unclear for i user (i think).Especially when you get so many tabs that you get multiple rows and 2 rows of tabs on your screen. On the other hand, multiple forms on your screen can also be tricky, but you can minimize them. What I don't want is that the user cannot do multiple things at the same time and must be able to switch within a number of important forms. What are your experiences, tips, tricks, suggestions, examples
  15. mierlp

    uniTreeMenu with uniMenuItems hiding

    Thanks Sherzod...this works perfect