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  1. mierlp

    HowTo: Connect popup menu to dbmemo

    suggestion ?
  2. mierlp

    HowTo: Connect popup menu to dbmemo

    Not possible ?
  3. mierlp

    How to change PageControl's Tab's Height ?

    see this post
  4. How can i connect a popup menu to a uniDBmemo and when the user clicks the right button to show the popup NOTE: I have set MainModule.BrowserOptions.boDisableMouseRightClick = True but do not know if the solutions is working. I can use a key combination is to show the popup that's not a problem. Regards Peter
  5. mierlp

    tunidblookupcombobox listsource open

    Hi Witon The first part i understand, but what do you mean with the second part below...do you have a example. I also have 1 till 5 dblookupcombox on a form...i replaced the with the same solution clicking a button which opens a form display the content of that table. For now i have a 1 datamodules which contains all queries only for lookup use. When i need a lookup table then i refer to this datamodule and query.
  6. mierlp

    How to prevent focus on a column in unidbgrid?

    Hi Maybe it's the same issue as this thread : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/11013-why-is-after-insert-record-focus-always-on-dbgrid-and-cursor-gone/ I created a ticket for this issue like Farshad asked
  7. mierlp

    Module cannot be found in the current project

    Thank you Farshad. That clarifies the case for me and the other forum members who have this issue.
  8. mierlp

    Module cannot be found in the current project

    Did some test 4 forms and moved the datasources to the datamodule. In that case you don't get the error message The forms which still have the link to the form with the datasource the issue is still there. It's not the way i was hoping for...now i have a lot of working moving datasources to datamodules and normally you put datasources on the form, not on the datamodule. I hope Farshad is coming with a solution, i have created a ticket regarding this issue. I don't think it's a Delphi thing because my VLC application don't have there issues. And that are all application with datasources on the forms. Maybe others have a beter solutions...
  9. mierlp

    Work in Progress: Mobile / Modern themes

    Nice work Gerard
  10. mierlp

    Module cannot be found in the current project

    Did someone has/found a solution because is a big issue The alternative (must try it) is to move the datasource to the datamodule. I don't have the problem creating the same application as a Windows vcl appliction.
  11. mierlp

    Module cannot be found in the current project

    See attachement. The file IS loaded in the IDE. I think the problem occurs when you link to a form which contains the datasource which you use on this form. That's my situation. FormTableAdmission contains the datasources, FormTableAdmissionReport is linked to FormTableAdmission
  12. mierlp

    Is possible?

    Hi I understand the problem, especially when you have to convince investors and there is only information available on this site and no other, reference from customers. It is not only about the purchase of the product but also about service, support, it is used a lot, examples of applications with uniGui. etc. I think it is indeed good that Farshad in any case the website up-to-date and the product uniGUI but especially the applications that are made / used / uniGui / customers will mention. Only with this you can see that uniGui lives more than just on the forum. We can all help Farshad with this and there are lot's of us which created beautiful applications or apps and sold them to customers. Make some nice screenshot, ask the customer about his expericance and it's nice info for the website Place quotes or credentials from users who use applications developed with uniGui on the site or BETOCATARINO must indicate what he is missing or what the investors want to know / see in order to make a choice Regards Peter
  13. mierlp

    Module cannot be found in the current project

    Hi Farshad Is also occurs when ALL forms are loaded in the IDE Regards Peter
  14. mierlp

    Module cannot be found in the current project

    Hi Farshad Is this Delphi behavior or uniGui. Because i can't remember i have this with vcl applications Regards Peter
  15. Hi For some reason i got these error message when compiling. See first attachment. The form is part of the project, See second image This is random, not always the same module ...or the project is to big with 152 .pas and .dfm files or it's a 'bug' ? I use Delphi Tokyo 10.2.2.and uniGui