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  1. Hi 98% of developing a uniGui application is to deliver it as a SAAS service. That means any time, anywhere and any device. You can realize the first 2 yourself. BUT any device and therefore responsive must be realized by the framework -> uniGui When applications are not responsive (2021), and therefore cannot be used from any device, this is an obstacle for (potential) customers. Prio 1: responsive Prio 2: Gantt, Scheduler and Calendar components from Bryntum (uniGui Quasar 2.0 (Q1 / 2020-Q2-2020) Prio 3: Source code...what has been arranged from FMSoft when Farshad fal
  2. RAD Studio November 2020 Roadmap PM Commentary (embarcadero.com)
  3. Thanks for the feedback...it's modified (was a copy/past issue)
  4. 18.11.2020 add some new tip about uniImage, uniDateTimePicker, uniFieldset, uniProgressbar, uniTagfield, uniRadiogroup
  5. Hi, First think it is important to know what the cloud and the different variants look like. In the picture the different variations and who manages what and where the differences are.For example, if you purchase a VPS server with Windows 2016 from a hosting party, they will do the network, storage, server, virtualization platform and you manage the OS. The license of the OS is then included in your VPS contract. In the picture you then arrive at Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS). You can go a step further and purchase a VPS server as a Managed Server, then the management of the
  6. Hi Wilton Isn't this a bit cumbersome? Why not make more multi-tenant? I also have several clients using the same application. Indeed every customer has its own database. Then I have a user and tenant database. The tenant database contains a few customer details and a connection string that refers to the database and the username / password for this database. Then there is a user, groups, members, rights tables with the user accounts and the correct rights, etc. Each user is linked to a tenant. After logging in, the connection string refers to the correct customer / tenant da
  7. Hi I think it's the same issue i posted 2 month ago here
  8. Thanks It can only grow when members contribute content
  9. Hi Help us to grow www.uniguiwiki.com with unigui examples and code. We are still looking for content for the wiki / knowledge base. Do you have ready-made code / examples / links on the forum that we can include and make available in a structured way: - mail to registration@uniguiwiki.com - use the upload function at www.uniguiwiki.com - send a PM through the forum Happy coding...regards Peter
  10. Hi We have a site in the Netherlands, also in English, where you can check whether your internet domain and e-mail comply with the internet standards worldwide https://en.internet.nl/ Them most common internet standard for mail are: - dnssect - dmarc, dkim en spf - starttls / tls
  11. Hi Mohammed, Looks good and neat. But beware if you are going to send this on behalf of rivierea-tours from YOUR gmail account WITH THE SENDER read@riviera-tours.net. Then it will be seen as spam. Also when the recipient gives a replay, the mail will not arrive at read@riviera-tours.net if nothing arranges. Maybe it is an example and in practice it is arranged differently A number of guidelines apply to (bulk) mail: - link to domains, not IP addresses in email html body. - do not include JavaScript in email html body. - do not include embedded Object (ActiveX / Flash) in e
  12. Hi, Be aware that when you send a lot of mail VIA gmail (bulk mail), you will soon be blocked because of spam. Much is then a relative concept because mail is monitored on the ip address / domain from which it is sent, number per minute, hour, etc., sender and replay address, etc. If you really want to use it for business to send mail from your application, you can better: 1. send mail from your own domain, so via the domain where your application is started.hosted 2. use an smtp / relay server 3. send mail via an account of the customer Option 1: send from your own do
  13. Indeed, no date is used because the times are seen as a reference framework. - morning period falls between 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. - afternoon falls between 12: 00-17: 00 - evening 17: 00-21: 00 - night between 21: 00: 02: 00 When filling the period times, a check must therefore be made to ensure that the start time is not greater than the end time. That goes well until you use hours in combination of BEFORE and AFTER 00:00 In the actual planning, someone selects a period and specifies a working time. It is then checked whether the specified working time falls within the
  14. Hi What's the best way to work with time controls. My table now has 2 fields of type time, namely: - startTime - endTime The user must enter a period with a start-time and end-time. For example : Evening 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm Night 10:00 pm - 2:00 am I would like to check if the startTime is not greater than the endTime because then it is not correct. This works well as long as the endTime is less than 00:00. In the situation such as 22:00-02:00 that does NOT work because startTime is greater than endTime but it is a valid period. We do NOT use a date because th
  15. Hi To choose the correct version, you have to click on the 'Compare TSplus Edition' button at https://tsplus.net/store If you DO need a print option, you will need at least the Printer, Mobile or Enterprise. So it is a matter of weighing up. If you want to use ssh and https, you already need at least the Mobile version. If you want to give access via / from an iphone / ipad / android device, you need the Mobile version. We use the Enterprise variant ourselves because we use the TSplus portal function where the user logs in and the application is started. I don't think y
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