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  1. mierlp

    uniTreeMenu with uniMenuItems hiding

    Thanks Sherzod...this works perfect
  2. mierlp

    uniTreeMenu with uniMenuItems hiding

    Not possible ?
  3. mierlp

    Enlarge fieldset/groupbox to show all components

    Nice...very nice Gerhard... This works perfect. Thanks for the explanation
  4. Hi, Why do you have to enlarge Fieldsets, groupbox so it will show all components on runtime. Left the design.png, see the height of the Fieldset to get the result as in runtime (right) . Normally in design i would like to size everything as showed on runtime When sizing the height from the Fieldset to a normal height (as in Runtime) then the last dblookupcombobox will not be visible. This is not only with Fieldset but also the groupbox. You have to enlarge width and heigth to show all components. Regards Peter
  5. Hi, I have a uniTreeMenu with uniTreeMenu.SourceMenu a uniMenuItems connected. Based on user rights some menu items must be enabled/disabled. This is not working on runtime. When i disable some items they even still be showed and accessable. How to fix this ?
  6. mierlp

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    Hi Sorry for the late response. In connection with a cerebral infarction that my mother has had in recent days, I did not have time for the forum. Thanks for your comments and help ... is appreciated. I'm looking at it this week. Regards Peter
  7. Dear friend, you posted in the example of the sendsms in the forum I could not download. How can I get the link?
  8. mierlp

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    Hi Something i'm doing wrong, but can't find out what. I followed the advize from this thread but it's not showing correctly like described in the first post Attachted a little example. TestCase.zip
  9. mierlp

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    then the form will open at the left and top site of the tabsheet I can use margins but when resizing the main form wil not position the opened form on the correct possition
  10. mierlp

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    Hi See attachment. How can a open the form in the pagecontrol as in the attachement The form is 760w x 560h and is just called by form.show and navigate the the position by hand for the image. I would like to show it in horizontal in the center op the pagecontrole and lets say 50px from the top of the pagecontrol. I have tried a lot of settings/combinations but can't get it working. - Which setting do i need for the showed form (like position, or layout or layoutattribs) - which setting do i need for the pagecontrole Regards Peter
  11. mierlp


  12. mierlp

    Forgot  password

    Great component, i also use it for years within Delphi/uniGui...sending bulk mail in combination with the Mail Queue services
  13. Hi In the attachment a simple example how to send a sms text message. In this example is use www.bulksms.com for sending my sms messages but you can have you're own one if you want. Every sms provider has his own url for sending messages, in this case you see the url from bulksms. So in you're own case you have to see the documentation of the sms provider. Most sms providers have also mail-to-sms, but for me this is a simple low-cost solution to create you're own 2FA. Regards Peter SendSMS.zip
  14. mierlp

    uniCalendarPanel save appointment in database

    Hi Gerhard Thanks...that did the trick indeed. I did a google search but I think not good enough..anyway...now i can go on. Yes..this is a test case and i have couple of things to modify @55143681 Thanks for the examples, i'm going to see what i can use from the example. Thanks guys
  15. mierlp

    uniCalendarPanel save appointment in database

    Any suggestions / tips ?