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  1. Hi My uniTreeMenu has default a SourceMenu attached. When the user select a certain menu option there must be 'loaded' and show a other SourceMenu to the uniTreeMenu, so i use uniTreeMenu.SourceMenu:= uniMenu_Production. Now this new menu will be showed below the current menu....so which is not correct, and i try: UniTreeMenu.Items.clear UniTreeMenu.SourceMenu := UniMenu_Production; UniTreeMenu.Refresh; UniTreeMenu.Repaint; The first line(uniTreeMenu.items.clear) gives me a error message 'TUniCustomTreeView: Node not foud, Id:4' Which is the menuitems the user clicks...so that's explainable. Whats the correct way of switching sourcemenu's on runtime. I have looked on several topics, but non have the solutions Regards Peter
  2. mierlp

    Object not connected to server

    Same thing here with devart mydac with last build unigui professional
  3. mierlp

    Focus to dgrid when append record

    Hi Sherzod, it works, and a easy work-around...thanks. Hope this issue will be solved in a update Regards Peter
  4. mierlp

    Focus to dgrid when append record

    see attachment issue.mp4
  5. mierlp

    Focus to dgrid when append record

    Try the following.... from mainform click '''Add record using form WITHOUT dbgrid''' add 1-2 records from within this form close that form in the mainform click again '''Add record using form WITHOUT dbgrid''' see what happends... When you in this screen adding records is no problem that works correct. Only from within the mainform doing that...then it's going wrong This works always when using the button without a dbgrid'
  6. mierlp

    Focus to dgrid when append record

    When clicking the button ''Add record using form WITHOUT dbgrid'' thats the correct behavior i need
  7. mierlp

    Focus to dgrid when append record

    No Just use the buttons on the mainform to see the different behavior. When you click mainform.uniButton2 (WITH dbgrid) i must append a record and not set the focus to the dbgrid. In that case the append is canceld.
  8. mierlp

    Focus to dgrid when append record

    Hi Sherzod, Attached a simple demo with: main form form1 (contains only dbedit) form2 (contains dbedit + dbgrid) How to test : on mainform click on button 'Add record using form WITHOUT dbgrid the record will be append and the focus goes to the dbedit on mainform click on button 'Add record using form WITH' dbgrid the record will NOT be append and the focus goes to the dbgrid Do code on the buttons is both the same, only points to the other form Regards Peter testcase - dbgrid and append.zip
  9. Hi I have a form with a dbgrid and button. This button calls a edit form AND appends a new record with this code: // Scherm aanroepen FormTableTypeAddressEdit.ShowModal; // Scherm aanroepen dmType.TypeAddress.Append; This works in all other 70 edit forms (these forms only have dbedits and no dbgrid). Now i have 10 forms which also contains a DBGRID (see attachment). When calling a form with a dbgrid using the code the focus automaticly goes to the dbgrid and there's NO record appended. When removing the dbgrid from this edit form it works.!!!! The button NIEUW is also for appending records, when i click this button the record will be append. Any suggestions? I use Delphi 10.3.3. / uniGui Professional
  10. mierlp

    Is it posible work barcode scanner?

    That would be a nice and usefull component. Would it be part of unigui?
  11. mierlp

    ShutDown previous runnings automatically

    I use the code below in the servermodule (thanks to d.bernaert) procedure ExploreWeb(page:PChar); begin ShellExecute(0, 'open', page, nil, nil, 1); end; procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleBeforeInit(Sender: TObject); begin if ExtractFileExt(ExtractFileName(ParamStr(0)))='.exe' then ExploreWeb(pchar('http://localhost:'+ IntToStr(port))); end;
  12. mierlp

    UniMemo Count Chars

    procedure TMainForm.UniMemoChange(Sender: TObject); begin uniLabel_Char.Caption := IntToStr(Length(StringReplace(StringReplace(UniMemo. Lines.Text, #10, '', [rfReplaceAll]), #13, '', [rfReplaceAll]))); end; sorry...wrong post
  13. mierlp

    Is it posible work barcode scanner?

    Hi, You can use an onkeydown event from the editbox where the barcode is read. if (key = vk_return) then begin // Step 1: // Search the database using a filter or query and check the barcode // only occurs once with a record count // Step 2: // Now do what you want to do now that the barcode has been found // Step 3: // Clear the field and focus on the edit field end;
  14. mierlp

    UniMemo Count Chars

    Hi, Take a look at my example of sending text messages, I think that's what it is all about