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  1. Hi Sherzod, Does not work...with this code the application doesn't start up anymore. When i disable/mark-out the code in afterrender, mouse-over,mouse-out the application start.
  2. OR...if it's easier...how make it transparant ? I prefer not visible but need scroll functionality.
  3. Hi Is it possible to have the scrollbar functionality within a treemenu BUT NOT have the scrollbar visible My treemenu has a lot of items/submenu's so the scroll function has to work without showing the scrollbar Regards Peter
  4. Hi Sergio Thanks for the compliment. In daily life I am an IT Solutions Architect for the government. I am involved in all kinds of IT developments. This can be server, storage, network concepts, workplace concepts, virtualization, SAAS, IAAS, PAAS, etc. to fiber optic concepts in the city for 5G, fiber optic concepts for traffic control installation in the city, but also concepts for camera surveillance and everything that goes with it. In addition, I have my own company Eventsoft, which focuses on the festival / events industry with our software and hardware. The software i
  5. Hi See answers in red: Question 1 - How does the provider VPS work?: In my current provider I access the Windows Remote Area that they have made available, I place the program's DLL in the 😄 /MyDLLDirectory , adjust the ISS and then just enter the address in the browser. Everything equal to what I do here at home on localhost. Before, I installed MySql in the remote area. My doubt is if In CONTABO and other VPS providers the procedure is the same A VPS server (virtual private server) is no more than your own virtual server based on a hypervisor, eg Microsoft Hyper
  6. See Hosting - uniGUI Discussion Forums I think there are several satisfied users on the forum using Contabo.com. I have a test VPS server myself at Strato.com. Price difference is often in: - number of memory - Processor - bandwidth (you pay extra for traffic when you use more as in the contract) - disk space If you need 200 MB of bandwidth then you have a good solution at Contabo. But take a good look at what they offer in addition, such as snapshots, backup, ip addresses, etc Contabo Strato - 4vCPU
  7. Hi, Personally, I am not a fan of sending email via gmail, hotmail etc. As Fred also points out, there are many rules that you have to take into account. Rules that change often and that you often cannot set yourself. You also often have to take into account the relationship between an e-mail address and the domain from which you send it. Be aware that when you send a lot of mail VIA gmail (bulk mail), you will soon be blocked because of spam. Much is then a relative concept because mail is monitored on the ip address / domain from which it is sent, number per minute, hour, e
  8. Hi I use the code below in the ServerModule.CustomCSS to modify my treemenu. See attachment. File TreeMenu_default is when no actions are done File TreeMenu_select is when i have clicked on a item and as you can see the background is lighter. How can I make the background of a selected item the same color as the background of the treemenu AND that the light blue vertical stripe (left of an item) remains visible. .treemenu .x-treelist, .treemenu .x-treelist-row{ background-color: $00161616; height: 40px; } .treemenu .x-treelist-row-over, .treemenu .x
  9. Problem fixed. I upgraded delphi 10.3 to 10.4.2 and after the upgrade i installed uniGui. After a complete re-install from Delphi and a new clean install Delphi 10.4.2 the problem is solved
  10. When building i got the following error message : [dcc32 Fatal Error] uSynEdit_R2023.dpk(33): E2202 Required package 'vcl' not found Did a complete de-install of uniGui and all files are removed
  11. Hi Dominique Is a proxy server active OR take a look at LAN settings. If the checkbox is checked at the option 'proxy server' turn it off and see what happened Other options clear browser history for the browser and see if it works allow google chrome through the Windows firewall by adding Google Chrome as allowed program flush the dns, but i think based on you're description it's related to google, flushing can be done from the command prompt with ipconfig /flushdns Greetz Peter
  12. NO....and we are still waiting for several months for a roadmap update
  13. mierlp


    you mean after compile ... then your .dll is in the same folder as the .exe of your project. \win32\debug When it comes to the .dll in your isapi environment, you can place it where you want as stated in the manual Or do you mean something else?
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