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    Sending email

    Dear Unigueers, There are many possibilities to send email with Delphi. The easiest way a found, is via gmail Server. Although I found a few portions of code on the forum, no one has detailed the important steps to make it work. So, here is a sample where you will for sure understand : //================================== // Sending email with gmail Server : //================================== // This is a compilation of code providing from Web and Unigui Forum. // So thx to all of them // Step by Step : //1. if you have not a gmail account, Create it. //2. Important : // - Enter in your Personnal Setting (gmail) and look for "Security" // - Activate something like : "Allow less secure apps " //3. Download (and Copy on the same executable folder ...\debug\) the two open SSL Libraries : libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll //4. Connect internet and launch this program Have Fun Sending_Email.zip Edit : On Unit Cls_email : Modify this with your emal adress : IdSMTP.Username :='MyAdress@gmail.com'; // (1) IdSMTP.Password :='Mypw'; IdMessage.From.Address :='MyAdress@gmail.com'; // the same in (1) Personnal Setting (gmail) " Allow less secure apps " :
  2. Abaksoft

    best way to compare time values

    Hello Peter, Why don't use TDateTime ? 22/09/2020 : 02:00:00 - 21/09/2020 : 22:00:00 should give the correct result.
  3. Abaksoft

    uniGUIApache not found

    Hello, Linux is not yet deploy on Trial version. You can ask our Magician Farshad to do it. it shoul be a good idea. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/14751-configuring-linux-development-environment/&do=findComment&comment=82135
  4. Hi Eric, IMHO, ZeosLib is not the good choice for hight production. With Devart DBComponent, you shouldn'nt get surprise.
  5. Abaksoft

    A new uniGUI wiki / knowledge base is operationeel

    Excellent Peter, Very good initiative. The structure seems to be well. The main idea i like is the possibility to upload example on their places (like the memorial Delphi 7 Help) BRAVO
  6. Abaksoft

    Delphi 10.4.1 Released

    Hi, After installing Delphi 10.4.1, give your shortCut Admin Rights. That ovoid Flag : "Operation Required Elevation ..." Regards
  7. Abaksoft

    bug tap mobile

    Hello, I get the same problem this week (Build 1535) and solved it by genrating a screenMask after Tap event. This is due to a slow internet.
  8. Abaksoft

    TUniSweetAlert component error

    Maybe this can help you. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/15011-sweetalertexecute/&do=findComment&comment=81931
  9. Abaksoft

    TUniSweetAlert component error

    Hello, Try to put the UniSweetAlerte on the MainForm. (For info, on mobile, it raises an AV if it is on a Frame : when putting it on the MainmForm it works like a sharm ! )
  10. Abaksoft

    Help on Unidbgrid and data store

    Hi, Sorry i misunderstood you. Unigui works like that, without doing anything On an UniDBGrid all what you see and changes are made by server side. This is the big challenge have done by FMSOFT. No need Rest technologies or DataSnap, or XML or Html export or....here. Just connect you UniDBGrid to a DataSource wich is connected to your DB (server side) and apply .post or run a query. Think all what you do are on you Server. Regards
  11. Abaksoft

    Multi Hyperserver

    Hello, http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/14556-one-server-two-applications-one-calls-the-other/&do=findComment&comment=79018 You can use our Easy Installer Service : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/14896-a-windows-service-installer/
  12. Abaksoft

    Help on Unidbgrid and data store

    Hello, http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/14772-how-can-i-receive-database-table-updates-periodically/&do=findComment&comment=81897
  13. Hello, Anyone know : how to add click Event ? UnimButton1.OnClick (Delphi Event) is slow when internet is low (as it is executed on Server side). I would like to fire fastly client side. Thx.
  14. Abaksoft

    UnimButton1 > ExtEvents > click absent

    Oh...i should boost my mind thank you maestro
  15. Abaksoft

    ComboBox Style

    Hello, UniLabel11.Caption:=UniComboBox1.Items[UniComboBox1.itemIndex] ?
  16. Hello Sherzod, If you don't mind, i can't return to the top of a MainmForm after scrolling (bottom). Settings : procedure TMainmForm.UnimFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin // to Get a vertical Scroll (without UnimScrollBox) MainmForm.AutoHeight:=False; MainmForm.Scrollable:=True; end; procedure TMainmForm.UnimButton1Click(Sender: TObject); begin // Raise AV MainmForm.VertScrollBar.Position:=0; // Maybe something like ? // UniMemo1.JSInterface.JSCall('inputEl.scrollTo', ['top']); end; Build 1535 Thx. Project1.7z
  17. Abaksoft

    MainmForm.VertScroll.position:=0 raise AV

    Perfect Maestro Many thx
  18. Abaksoft

    resize column of TUnimDBListGrid

    It seems that UnimDBListGrid1.Options.dgColumnResize is Locked by default in Unigui ! For this raison, i am using UnimDBGrid instead. Build 1535 Project1.7z
  19. Abaksoft

    SetText is not a function ?

    Hello Sherzod, 1. In Desktop mode this works fine : procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); begin UniLabel1.JSInterface.JSCall('setText', ['Hello']); end; 2. In Mobile Form : procedure TMainmForm.UnimButton1Click(Sender: TObject); begin UnimLabel1.JSInterface.JSCall('setText', ['Hello']); end; raise error : "...setText is not a function" How can i solve this ? Thx
  20. Abaksoft

    SetText is not a function ?

    Perfect Maestro, Finally your JSCall is a good replacement of autosize methode, wich should be improved. I Opened a Ticket FSD-2381 Resume : A. Problem : UnimLabel.Autosize := True not works, if caption change at Runtime. B. Solution : UnimLabel1.JSInterface.JSCall('setWidth', ['auto']); UnimLabel1.Caption:='111111 2222222222222 3333333333333333';
  21. Abaksoft

    Login form layout

    There is a better way to design a login screen with css and layout technics from Muhammed :
  22. Abaksoft

    SetText is not a function ?

    Many Thanks Maestro, I am taking a big cofee with delicious cakes with family. i will check it tomorrow ان شاء الله Cheers.
  23. Abaksoft

    SetText is not a function ?

    Mmm...Thank you Sherzod, this JS works fine but not solve my problem. Infact, it's related to centring text on a moble Form. I can't get a good center after changing unimLabel1.Caption. I was thinking wrongly, to change it via JS but nothnig ?! Here is a testCase. Can you please kindly have look ? The pupose is to maintain centering even with changing caption. Thx. 1.Center_Center.7z
  24. Abaksoft

    Queue management

    Dear Friends, I don't offer a job, but a simple idea for your business. Here is what you can easily develope with Unigui.
  25. Abaksoft


    Hello Angelo, A good practice is to think in "atomic independent elements" : An Unigui Project should not have One Project, but many sub projects. In case of background tasks as : Sending / downloading Files, sending email, SMS, ... Sub Unigui projects as Services is good way. These services are listening flags from a Table. This is what i have done for sending SMS to many customers (a background Task as Service) wich work nicely alone and have the benefit to not freeze the system. Best Regards.