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    Application Freezing

    OK. This could be the cause : When searching on the DBGrid, some records contain characters that do not belong to the Set characters of the db. Change your default Character Set to UTF 8 could be a solution (but this will increase your DB file size). Regards.
  2. Abaksoft

    Application Freezing

    Hello, This reminds me the Default Character set in the Database. Are you using UTF 8 ?
  3. Abaksoft


    Try this. Regards... ScreenMask.zip
  4. Abaksoft

    Is there a need for a (structured) uniGui WIKI?

    Good idea Mierlp +100
  5. Abaksoft

    EMB interest for WEB development

    Dear Friends, Unigui is in the sights http://s608.t.en25.com/e/es?s=608&e=3048356&elqTrackId=65d0dc3c5cdd4756be52277591b686f0&elq=52d51d2aac2e4edb9f52a0dc882de683&elqaid=29625&elqat=1
  6. Abaksoft

    Hyperserver appcrash

    Hello, 1. Did you install on the server : - the Runtime exe 1495 - your RDBM 2. HyperServer requires the program to be lauch as STANDALONE application, not as Service. Please check. 3. Sometimes, your SQL queries work fine in your computer but not on an other computer. The SUSPECT is Regional Parameters (format date etc...) .This will crash your application.
  7. Abaksoft

    UniGui_ Blank Page on windows server 2016

    Hello Ammar, I have no problem with the latest 1495. Try to restart your server. EDIT : - Windows Server 2016 = No problem - Windows Server 2016 VM = not tested
  8. Abaksoft

    A mini-guide

    Hi Farshad, I know you are very busy and i praye for you, but we really need a FAQ. Related Topic http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/2727-cant-we-create-a-best-practice-guide-for-unigui/?hl=practice A short summary will be very helpful : 1. What are the good practices 2. What avoid to do (for exemple declaring global variable having regard to client instances) 3. How do we take care in server side and client side 4. What is the difference between UniDataModule and ServerModule Etc... Regards.
  9. Abaksoft

    FastReport 6_3 !

    Good Morning Sirs, From 6_3 edition something has changed in FastReport. If you are using a, empty frxDBDataSet (to save your time) and design your report on the fly, then add thees two line in your unit, from now : ___________________________________________________ frxReport1.DataSets.Add(DBMyDataSet); frxReport1.EnabledDataSets.Add(DBMyDataSet); ___________________________________________________ Thx to Paul Gursky (FastReport Support Team) procedure TfrmFastReport.Prepare_And_ShowReport(Report: TfrxReport; Exp: TfrxPDFExport); var AUrl : string; begin Report.PrintOptions.ShowDialog := False; Report.ShowProgress := false; Report.PreviewOptions.AllowEdit := False; Report.EngineOptions.SilentMode := True; Report.EngineOptions.EnableThreadSafe := True; Report.EngineOptions.DestroyForms := False; Report.EngineOptions.UseGlobalDataSetList := False; Exp.Background := True; Exp.ShowProgress := False; Exp.ShowDialog := False; fFile_Temp:=UniServerModule.NewCacheFileUrl(False, 'pdf', '', '', AUrl, True); Exp.FileName :=fFile_Temp; Exp.DefaultPath := ''; //****************************** Report.LoadFromFile(fFr3_File); // 1 DBMyDataSet.DataSet:=fFrDataSet; // 2 // FROM FastReport 6_3 (important) frxReport1.DataSets.Add(DBMyDataSet); //3 frxReport1.EnabledDataSets.Add(DBMyDataSet); //4 //****************************** fFrDataSet.DisableControls; // Yes Report.PrepareReport; Report.Export(Exp); UniURLFrame1.URL := AUrl; fFrDataSet.EnableControls; end; Best Regards.
  10. Abaksoft

    How to increase the data query speed

    UniQuery.FetchAll:=False; UniDbGrid.webOptions.paged:=True; UniDbGrid.webOptions.PageSize:=100; Normally this take 100 ms even with 100 000 records !!!
  11. Try this : 1. Create an integer Field F on your Table. 2. Any update / insert in this Table will increment this field and updat it in the same record. 3. Put a Timer (10 sec) wich get a cheksum like : select sum(F) from Table (This is a Fast query, so don't worry about system performances). Then compare this chekSum : If S1 <> S2 then refresh automatically your dbGrid. Regards. Edit : METHODE 2 If you have a big data with many users and you don't want to torture your RDBM, then you can listen to the incomming query. Try this : 1. Put a global boolean variable on server module. Let's say bAlert1:boolean; 2. In mainModule track any query wich contains word "update myTable" or "insert into myTable" or "Delete from myTable" Then serverModule.bAlert1:=True 3. Put in your form or Frame an uniTimer wich get serverModule.bAlert1 If True then Begin bAlert1:= false Refresh your dbgrid. End; This is more light then methode 1 Regards
  12. Try this : 1. Create an integer Field F on your Table. 2. Any update / insert in this Table will increment this field and updat it in the same record. 3. Put a Timer (10 sec) wich get a cheksum like : select sum(F) from Table (This is a Fast query, so don't worry about system performances). Then compare this chekSum : If S1 <> S2 then refresh automatically your dbGrid. Regards.
  13. Abaksoft

    Firebird 4.0 Beta

    Dear Friends, A good announcement : https://firebirdsql.org/en/news/firebird-4-0-beta-1-release-is-available-for-testing/
  14. Abaksoft

    Service - Write files to UNC-Path

    @Khuemmeler In Service mode, without account write rights, destination folder must be in : PublicDocuments IMHO (In my humble opinion) So, Copying your XML in : \\Server\users\....\PublicDocuments Where, of course PublicDocument is shared (in group residential) Regards.
  15. Abaksoft

    Embedded Database for 5-10 users

    Dear Mohammed, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8593637/is-it-possible-to-use-firebird-embedded-for-small-number-of-users But FireBird Server is OK for your task.
  16. Abaksoft


    Dear Friends, It seems the link obsolete. But you can find the Unit here : uNativeXLSExport https://delphi.cz/img/nativexls/uNativeXLSExport.txt
  17. Abaksoft

    Firebird 4.0 Beta

    Firebird is : - Very powerfull - Very easy to understand - But Not rudimentary - In the forefront of technology - So that some Db editors were inspired by its features. One of its great advantages is its 100% free deployment. _________ See : https://firebirdsql.org/en/case-studies-catalog/medical-analytical-system-for-moscow-city-hospital-31-12651/ And https://firebirdsql.org/en/case-studies-catalog/
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  19. Abaksoft

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Good to hear you Mohamed :) Great ! Is this your own development or an known Html tool ?
  20. Abaksoft

    Global variable

    @Volk65 Global variable per session. Here is my kitchen : Create an UniDataModule specially dedicated to theese variables. for example name it Tmp (a temporary Unit) : unit Tmp; interface uses SysUtils, Classes; type TDM_tmp = class(TDataModule) //********* private // variables shared by all units example : // Periode fD1:TDate; fD2:TDate; // Printing fPrintLine:boolean; // somme set errors ferror:boolean; etc... //********* published // Periode property D1:TDate read fD1 write fD1; property D2:TDate read fD2 write fD2; // Printing property PrintLine:boolean read fPrintLine write fPrintLine; // somme set errors property error:boolean read ferror write ferror; end; function DM_tmp: TDM_tmp; implementation {$R *.dfm} uses UniGUIVars, uniGUIMainModule, MainModule; function DM_tmp: TDM_tmp; begin Result := TDM_tmp(UniMainModule.GetModuleInstance(TDM_tmp)); end; initialization RegisterModuleClass(TDM_tmp); end. And after, on your others Units, you can get them or set them like : tmp.DM_tmp.D1 :=dtpMyDateN.dateTime; if tmp.DM_tmp.error then .... if tmp.DM_tmp.PrintLine then... It is important to use properties to never have overlap variables on different sessions see : http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/general-design-concept.htm Regards.
  21. Abaksoft

    New DELPHI 10.3.1

    Hellow Friends, I just received an email from EMB : 10.3 Rio Release 1 is Officially Available E Embarcadero Just released today: 10.3.1 adds new capabilities. Save 14% for a limited time. Enjoy Enhanced C++ and Delphi Developer Productivity We are pleased to announce the General Availability of RAD Studio 10.3 Release 1 (10.3.1). 10.3 Rio Release 1 (also known as 10.3.1) builds on the feature set of 10.3 by adding new capabilities throughout the product. Delphi 10.3.1, C++ Builder 10.3.1 and RAD Studio 10.3.1 are now available for any active Update Subscription customer. NEW in 10.3.1 10.3.1 includes the following enhancements: ● IDE Productivity Tooling: With Bookmarks, Navigator, and code minimap, developers can quickly move around their code, useful in large units; locate and remember important areas; and visually quickly scroll through their current code within the IDE ● Expanded support for iOS 12 and iPhone X series devices, addressing upcoming App Store requirements ● RAD Server Console UI redesign and migration to the Ext JS framework, providing an enhanced user experience when viewing RAD Server API analytics ● Improved FireDAC support for Firebird 3.0.4 and Firebird embedded ● HTTP and SOAP Client Library Enhancements on Windows ● New VCL Windows and FireMonkey Multi-Device Styles for quickly updating the look and feel of an application ● Fixes to over 150 customer-reported bugs
  22. Abaksoft

    TUniDateTimePicker Won't display date in a TUniFrame

    We are using TUniDateTimePicker located on TUniFrame And never get problem.
  23. Abaksoft

    Update dataset with grid's cell client content

    MyDataSet.Edit; MyDataSet.Post;
  24. Abaksoft

    Forgot  password

    Here is a good doc for sending mail with Delphi. (Sorry it's in French), https://robin-valtot.developpez.com/tutoriels/envoyer-des-emails-avec-delphi/#