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    Unigui with voice recognition !

    Super Awesome !!! You can name it : NASA OS +1
  2. Dear Friends, Here is a step by step way to use them. 1. Download the official kit from : https://fontawesome.com/download by choosing FreeForWeb 2. Copy this folder (uncompressed) into your files Folder 3. In your Unigui Project add this simple line on your ServerModule > CustomFiles : (Thx to GerhardV) <link rel="stylesheet" href="files/fontawesome-free-5.12.0-web/css/all.css"> (5.12 is the current release) 4. Put an UniLabel on Mainform and set its TextConversion to txtHTML 5. Use your FontAweSome like this : procedure TMainForm.UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin Unilabel1.caption:='<i class="fa fa-dove" style=color:green></i>'; end; Where : fa is the Class Name and fa-dove is icon's Name. See more details in : https://fontawesome.com/how-to-use/on-the-web/referencing-icons/basic-use 6. Choose your icon from 1553 free icons : https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=gallery&s=solid&m=free 7. You can also, use them OnLine from public CDNs : by adding this simple line to the CustomFiles (Thx to Marlon) <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/5.12.0/css/all.css"> ___________ Enjoy OffLine_FontAwSome.zip
  3. Abaksoft

    UniDBGrid, image + text in one cell

    1. See also : Thx to Eduardo Belo. 2. And for using Fontawsome, see :
  4. Abaksoft

    Image area or region

    Excellent work sherzod !
  5. Hello Friends, Hoping you feel good. I did'nt find same topic on the forum. So, I would like to display an UnidbGrid, where we can get, on the same cell : one Image (On Top) and Field Text (on Bottom) as showed in attachment picture. I tried t get it from the Demo : C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\GridImages but I could'nt (This is the same on ecommerce website, where you display an article image with its name on bottom). Has anyone get it ? Thx. procedure TMainForm.UniDBGrid1FieldImage(const Column: TUniDBGridColumn; const AField: TField; var OutImage: TGraphic; var DoNotDispose: Boolean; var ATransparent: TUniTransparentOption); begin if SameText(AField.FieldName, 'Name2') then begin OutImage := TBitmap.Create; with (OutImage as TBitmap) do begin SetSize(128, 32); Canvas.Font.Size := 12; Canvas.Font.Color := clBlue; Canvas.Font.Style := [fsBold, fsItalic]; Canvas.Brush.Style := bsBDiagonal; Canvas.Brush.Color := clGreen; Canvas.Rectangle(1, 1, 127, 31); Canvas.TextOut(2, 2, AField.DisplayText); end; end else if SameText(AField.FieldName, 'gender') then begin DoNotDispose := True; // we provide an static image so do not free it. if AField.AsString = 'male' then OutImage := UniImage1.Picture.Graphic else if AField.AsString = 'female' then OutImage := UniImage2.Picture.Graphic; end; end;
  6. Abaksoft

    UnidbGrid : Same Cell containing image + FieldText

    Thank you Maestro Waiting for your precious help....
  7. Abaksoft

    NavigateKeys + UniMemo

    Hello When an uniMemo get focus, i want the Enter key (13) be disable to have the classical behavior in unimemo (Carridge Return). So, How to disable NavigateKeys when an unimemo get the focus and enable it after lost focus ? (on runtime) Thx.
  8. if you intend to use hyperserver (recommanded), you can use simply your Desktop version (.exe) for your tests (debug mode). After all is OK, 1. Rename your release myapplication.exe to myapplication.dll, (as you are doing) 2. Stop server 3. put it on your alias folder 4. Start server etc...
  9. Abaksoft

    How to add many spaces among UniLabel's caption?

    @55143681 Hello This also works fine : procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); //===================== const MySpace='&nbsp;'; //===================== begin UniLabel1.TextConversion:=txtHTML; UniLabel1.Caption:='A' + MySpace +'B'; // for others components (UniMemo1, UniTreeView1, ....) // you don'nt have to specify TextConversion (there are already in txtHTML) end; Cheers. Edit : for many space : UniLabel1.caption := 'A' + MySpace + MySpace + MySpace + MySpace + MySpace + 'B';
  10. Abaksoft

    One page back /// one page forward

    Hello Sergio, 1. Unigui use Sencha Extended JS Framework. Sencha Extended JS use a special alignment (client side) : You have to use now Hbox VBox with Flex. I think you might be interested in looking at Layout: advanced tutorial. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/7848-layout-advanced-tutorial/&do=findComment&comment=48504 Download the attached file : Layout_Exemple.7z and you will understand 2. Converting Forms in Frames, in my humble opinion, this in not good because all logic will change. cheers
  11. Abaksoft

    a lot of screens

    Thank you Dfong. i will examin it ...
  12. Abaksoft

    a lot of screens

    Dear Sirs, Our next project (managing a clinical center). In the wainting room and other services, we need to display Patient Name with its priority number. So, for this, it's clear, big boss, would'nt invest on buying too many computers (about 30). The idea is to get Rasbery Pi 4 (for its low price and small box) and to connect it to a big screan via hdmi. Did someone used this device ? or can you suggest an other solution. big thx.
  13. Abaksoft

    a lot of screens

    Thank you Maestro. That is exactlely what we need. Have a nice day
  14. Abaksoft

    One page back /// one page forward

    Hello Sergio, For this I am using Frames. See in attachment a sample Project (Next_Preview). (Frames are very useful : They are lightweight by taking into consideration big applications with too many users). Cheers. Next_Preview.zip
  15. Abaksoft

    Disappointed with Unigui? There are alternatives coming!

    Farshad !!! Have a good Tea time, with a big donut
  16. Abaksoft

    Tunichart LineSeries adapted (instead of straight lines)

    @Nizam, This works fine. (Thx to Sherzod) Unigui 1511 / Delphi Rio 10.3.2 Pro
  17. Abaksoft

    Disappointed with Unigui? There are alternatives coming!

    @Bernaert don't worry, be happy. Think positif. ° Unigui is the Best framework ever done for the delphi developers. Its rock architecture and simplicity has already proven. I understand your point of view but i could'nt agree with it. You said about TMS Web Core " I've seen a preview of TMS Web Core and what they are working on." OK, me to i can go to TMS Forum and say "Oh... TMS Web users, have you seen what unigui projet will release soon, from their roadmap 2019 !" I am sur, that this question will leave thoughtful a lot of TMS Web developers. Cheers
  18. Hello, instead of saving the the (.pdf, .doc, .xls) on a DB, save the filePah only.
  19. Abaksoft

    uniGUI DOES humane.js (updated)

    Thank you Fred for your effort and time. Very interesting.
  20. Hi Maestro, Wow ! is it in stage test ? Can we get it in the next build 1514. 1515... Edited : Or can we buy it ? Thx for your effort
  21. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13396-scan-1d2d-code-from-video-camera/
  22. Abaksoft

    Datalogic with Windows CE

    @Stefano, A good compromise, is to use a classical remote barcode reader (30€) with a smartphone. After scanning, you will see instantly the barcode on a TUniguiEditm.
  23. Abaksoft

    Datalogic with Windows CE

    Why not using simply a smartPhone ? DataLogic win CE is an old device with a lot off difficulty for typing. Solution : - Develope your unigui Application for inventory, - Deploy it on a server - open your favorit browser on your smartphone and lauch your unigui Appli via internet. - scan your articles with some thing like this (thx to our Maestro SHERZOD)
  24. Abaksoft


    We certainly will be hapy to see it ! If you don't mind, can you share it. Big thx