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  1. Abaksoft

    TUniDateTimePicker Won't display date in a TUniFrame

    We are using TUniDateTimePicker located on TUniFrame And never get problem.
  2. Abaksoft

    Update dataset with grid's cell client content

    MyDataSet.Edit; MyDataSet.Post;
  3. Abaksoft

    Forgot  password

    Here is a good doc for sending mail with Delphi. (Sorry it's in French), https://robin-valtot.developpez.com/tutoriels/envoyer-des-emails-avec-delphi/#
  4. Thank you Freeman. You can also use HyperServer deloyment technic without the need of stoping IIS. http://unigui.com/doc/online_help/remote-deployment.htm
  5. Abaksoft

    OnShowEvent -> Ajax error

    Bravo Vol65 it's a good thing to remember. I like this kind of enigma !
  6. Abaksoft

    Center UniPanel on a Form

    Yes, this is a classical way for server side (not good). For the future, use instead the new feature said "Layout", a client side design, wich gives a beautiful Web responsive. See examples : And Best Regards.
  7. Hi all, Once your unigui web application hosted on a VPS, how, and where can we put some fashion keywords to get a maximum visibility on google ? For exemple, with a classical PHP website, a technic consist to put theese keywords on the title page. How can we do it, with an unigui application ? Thx.
  8. Thx wprins, Great ! If you don't mind, can you give an example (code). Best Regards
  9. Abaksoft

    Delphi 10.3 Rio -25℅

    Good moorning Friends, https://www.embarcadero.com/app-development-tools-store/delphi?utm_source=Promotion&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Promotion-181205-25OFFHolidaySeason Regards
  10. Abaksoft

    Hyperserver Stability. How stable it is ?

    Hello Roberto, Short answer : Yes, you can trust on Unigui. Its designer is called by the community "the magician". Long answer : To be honest, i have not customers who need 1000 concurrent users. But i would like to speak about its hight stability. 1. Fisrt, Unigui is not designed for web pages only. It's a great framework for web applications. 2. For my own needs, I have developped a licence manager ( unigui isapi application), working 24/24, 7/7 since 2016. Very stable. No need to restart the server (rarely, only for windows update). Only few users are using it from internet. 2. I have developped an Unigui application (HyperServer) for a private hospital. The application is working 24/24, 7/7 since march 2018. Also, very stable. 38 users. At this day, never exceed 20 concurrent sessions, as the server is windows 10 (max 20 TCP-IP connexiins, a legacy windows limitation). Soon we will move to windows Server Edition 2016. Firebird 3.0 is continually solicited, more than 5000 transactions by month and the system is very stable. Big boss is hapy and me too That's all. 3. Oh.... If farshad said you that 1000 concurrents sessions are low load balancing for Unigui today, that is because HyperServer FmSoft technology is rock !. If you see the Unigui 2019 Roadmap, a farm servers is in developpment. Mmm....that promise good surprises ! Best regards.
  11. Abaksoft

    Toubles as Service

    Hello friends, Since i changed my PC (new DELL OPTIPLEX i5 24Go RAM / win 10 Pro 64 bit) , i am having somme troubles : Details : 1. When runing, as usually my Unigui application as Dedktop debug or release, it works fine. 2. When deploying it as Service, some Frames ca'nt be display. And yet i did'nt change my code. The strange is the same application As service (also with hyperServer) worked fine on my old PC (win 10 Pro 64). From your expertise, What could be the cause ? - Hyper threading setting ( mother card Bios) ? - Windows setting ? Really i am frustrated ! Thx. NB : Tested as Service and hyperServer. __________ Unigui 1481 Delphi Tokyo 10.2
  12. Abaksoft

    Toubles as Service

    Solved As my new PC has a default time Format (AM and PM), the error was in the SQL Statment (on my each Frames create Event). I found in my old code : DateToStr() and DateTimeToStr() and TimeTotr() So, solving by : DateToStr( ... , UniguiApplicationFMtSettings) DateTimeToStr( ... , UniguiApplicationFMtSettings) TimeTotr( ... , UniguiApplicationFMtSettings) It wasn't obvious, because the application stoped without error message (even if "Notify on Langage exceptions" > Delphi Options is enabled). I was looking for Bios setting, suspecting twists : Hyper thread, virtualization, and others unknown settings ! Now I am very happy and hope my feedback can be useful. Sorry Farshad for the Alert !
  13. Abaksoft

    Toubles as Service

    Thank you Farshad. Will send feedback tomorrow.
  14. Abaksoft

    How To Kill An Active Legacy Session ?

    Instead of killing session, You can forbid access by displaying a message when the user attempt to login with the same machine ( IP) : "Oups...you have already an active session..bla...bla...bla..."
  15. Abaksoft

    Delphi Rio 10.3 available ?

    You are Right ! Visible, not available. Sorry for the info .
  16. Abaksoft

    Delphi Rio 10.3 available ?

    Unigui 1.70.0 alias "Pulsar" is on your portal customer. (Farshad released in 29/11/2018). (Didn't test it).
  17. Abaksoft

    Mars mission

    Hey guys... for those who love astronomy, here is live mission Mars insight #NASAInsight https://youtu.be/LGygZlegBlc Just want to share with you
  18. Abaksoft

    System crashes

    Hello Victor, Never seen that, since i start working with Unigui from 2014 !!! Maybe : - your port 8084 ? : try to change it on ServerModule : 8077 - Cache browser ? : try to empty it - your windows system ? - Are you using third party tools ? : wich DB conconnectivity, Reporting, any Translate tool ? - wich Delphi version ? Regards.
  19. Abaksoft

    Rad Studio 10.3 avaliable

    Thank you Marlon
  20. Abaksoft

    How to gradually feed a memory table. Best way for do this

    Hello Delagoute, I have a Table with 100 000 records. My select take : 250 ms ! (GetTickCount) Using devart IBDac. With : • Fetch All = False • Search by Query : Where () • Displaying only the 100 first : rows 100 (Never using Filter in big web application). Isn't enough ? Salutations
  21. IMHO Simple answer : Not safe Declare your function inside the class. Never declare it alone as we do it in delphi (global function). This is part of my rules of good unigui practises,
  22. Abaksoft

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    @Farshad Suggesting to pinne up this topic.
  23. Abaksoft

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Bravo Zemorango Really super design ! How did you do the export on Excel (print excel) ? Thx
  24. Abaksoft

    Rad Studio 10.3 - IDE Clean

    Good News Marlon. As Delphi choosed "RIO" as alias this year, i think we will come soon to take a cup of coffee with Brasilian Unigueers I bring cakes. Best regards.