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  1. Our Magician (Farshad) did not say his last word. Probably this amount of simutanous users (9000) will be exceeded.
  2. Hello, Unigui comes with a great functionality : inherited control You can create as much as you want your controls (uniFrames) with there business code and inherited on your forms.
  3. This work only on server side. So, there is no benefict. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/9413-fastreport-online-report-designer-and-unigui/&do=findComment&comment=102012
  4. Hello, Nowadays the only possibility to open the FastReport Designer (Delphi) is to open it from Server side, as you do it usually with VCL. FastReport, has no version for Web with Delphi.
  5. Hello, @Farshad and @Wilton, Why not working together this week, to see in live how you can improve the loadbalancing ? "From the discussion, the light shines". Wilton brings here an excellent true plat-form.
  6. Dear Coleague, That right ! yes ? Mmm.... There are two ways to develop: custom and standard pack. I have touched both. Results : the custom pays with difficulty in countries like mine (Algeria) while the standard pack is accessible to all and has better profitability (small streams make great rivers). in short, what I want to tell you : The pack standard, cloud , Rental is the futur. I am asking my self : Why not developing some SAS, simple, multi-lang, accessible (20€/mouth), with thousand users. The idea is here. it will really be the consecration of many years hard work. Regards.
  7. Hello, There is no zip file. You have to develop the idea...
  8. Hello, May be can help : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/12503-recommendations-for-hosting/&do=findComment&comment=79419 http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/12503-recommendations-for-hosting/&do=findComment&comment=66579 http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/14896-a-windows-service-installer/
  9. Hello, These learned words "Paradigm, MVC PATERN, MVVM, ..." sound good to the ear, But why doing complex, when things could be done easyer ? Delphi is OOP. You can write very clean code with this technic. Just separate your Gui interface from your logic. 1. Design what you want on your uniFrame. 2. Use Object on your events 3. Create a Class on a uniDataModule and describe as well as possible your fields / methods. That what i am doing. I confirm : this makes things a lot easier, especially when reading code later.
  10. 4. An other invisible issue : Advise : Update the last hyper_server.exe or hyper_server.dll. On the Server. When deploying your app on server with a new fresh unigui Build. You will say : "ok, i will install, as usually the last Runtime_FMSoft....on the server. " Humm....not enough i will say you ! - Let's say you just installed on your development PC the last build 1555. When compiling your app and testing hyperserver, all is ok. - when deploying on server, without updating the last hyper_server.exe or hyper_server.dll you will get some strage behavior. This is what happened to me a few weeks before. Without Farshad's help, I would have spent whole days patrolling. ______ BTW : if otrsys.dll is yours, it should be build with the same 1555 unigui Build.
  11. 3. Also, check your DB Server regional setting : Date / Time / currency format. This is a pernicious issue. In the past i had an issue with SQL text query, wich not correspond with the date format of the DB server. This had crached the app. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/11699-toubles-as-service/
  12. 1. Are you using UnithreadTimer ? 2. On your PC debuging mode, is all OK ?
  13. Hello, Uninstall your servers Anti-virus (server application + server DB). That said, your plat-form (Architecture) is wonderfull.
  14. Hello, We (all communauty) should be glad to help you. But without informations ...? What are your : 1. Deployment : Hyperserver ( Service or isapi dll) ? 2. Unigui Build ? 3. DB connecting (FireDac, Devart, ...) 4. Config hyperserver ? 5. With or without SSL ? and more details... Let us know your story
  15. Hello, This problem is not related to Unigui. I have never seen this ! Try to review your code.
  16. Hello David, Did you manage to find a formula for estimating the price ? And you, Dear unigueers how are you doing ? Thx.
  17. Generally, it is not easy to convert an old VCL project to UNIGUI by a magic wand. There are certain rules to be observed in Unigui. In my humble opinion, it would be better to develop a new project with unigui and with the right DB components like FireDac or IBDAC (Devart). For that, you should practice a little on small projects. Good Luck.
  18. Hello, Like you are doing on VCL. Unigui is too close to vcl. Are you using IBX components ? (They are depreciated).
  19. Hello, Why don't use state ? If MyDataSet.State in [dsEdit, dsInsert]) then
  20. Hello wilton, In your Server PC, did you update also your build 1547 : hyper_service.exe (or hyper_service.dll) ? Or simply deployed your new release app.exe Solution : Try to stop your service (or iis) on your server and copy the new files 1547 : hyper_service.exe (if service) + hyper_service.cfg or hyper_service.dll (if ISAPII) + hyper_service.cfg Keep in mind that each new Unigui Build, you have to update theese files ! From Farshad : "The new version is not fully compatible with older HyperServer builds. So you need to upgrade Hyperserver too."
  21. Hello, http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/12306-how-can-i-access-local-storage/&do=findComment&comment=65734
  22. Many Thanks Maestro. You should edit a book : "Developing Client Side with Unigui" and i will buy it
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