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  1. kkelchev

    Disappointed with Unigui? There are alternatives coming!

    Hi I am addressing this post to the MR.Farshad and to the entire UniGUI team. I have read quite a long posts here I will try to keep brief. Guys just don't pay attention to posts like this.There's no point. Keep your track. I think it is right. I have more than 25 years of experience. Mainly with Delphi and I can say that UniGUI is the best thing that has happened for Delphi community since 10-15 years And I'm ready to sign this statement with my both hands. Have a nice day.
  2. kkelchev

    Possible to use svg in dbgrid?

    Hi , The nature of SVG is vector text format like this. <svg width="236" height="120" viewBox="0 0 236 120"> <rect x="14" y="23" width="200" height="50" fill="#55FF55" stroke="black" stroke-width="1" /> </svg> You should forget for Pictures and Graphics for SVG Insted could use OnGetText Event and return SVG content to cell; I often use SVG for column beautification and it works just fine.
  3. kkelchev

    Expand/Collaps RawWidget with code or mouse

    OK Thanks
  4. Hi to all. RowWidget is nice new functionality - thanks team. I was wander is it posible raw widget to be expanded(collapsed) on mouse double click on grid row. Also is it posible it to be expanded/collapsed programmicaly with code from server side . I'm asking this because , there is old aged users that meet difficulty to expand widget with standart small button in the left side of grid raw. Thanks Kamen
  5. kkelchev

    Set TUniCalendarPanel view type programicaly

    Thank It works fine UNIGui team - You have PERFECT support really
  6. Hi , Is it possible to set programmicaly (with code) current view type - cvDay, cvWeek, cvMonth We wish , initially calendar (for example) to be in Week mode Thanks Kamen
  7. kkelchev

    How to add custom form caption button s

  8. kkelchev

    How to add custom form caption button s

    I know ,there is [biHelp] in BordeIcons but help button is not rendered in browser
  9. Hi We would like to integrate general help system (for example) in our application. It will be nice if help button can be placed in the right side of form captions(title) (near to standard close button) ; So, my question is what is the right way to add custom buttons in the form captions Thnaks Kamen
  10. kkelchev

    Anonymous and Login Access

    Something better could be found here
  11. kkelchev

    Anonymous and Login Access

    Hi Simple but not so clever solution is to "auto" confirm , login form (with special limited rights of course) depending parameters provided with URL from browser.
  12. Hi to All In Calendar panel, events have OnClick event and that is fine. But there is no information about which mouse button has been pressed Left,Right or conceivably mouse wheel. My question is how application to undarstand that (which mouse button) is pressed ? Thanks Kamen
  13. kkelchev

    Calendar Panel "Painted" event

    I need to remove time labels from events . So to do this I'm sending this to browser . UniSession.AddJS(Format( '%s.el.select(''.x-calendar-event-time-start'').elements.forEach(function(el){ el.innerHTML='''';});' + '%s.el.select(''.x-calendar-event-time-separator'').elements.forEach(function(el){ el.innerHTML='''';});' + '%s.el.select(''.x-calendar-event-time-end'').elements.forEach(function(el){ el.innerHTML='''';});', [CP.JSName, CP.JSName, CP.JSName])); Here CP Is TuniCalendarPanel. This code works fine. The problem is when is right moment to send it to browser. If it is send immediately after load events , in the browser Events "<div>" tags is still not created and code is executed with no effect. For correct execution I'm starts timer with timeout around 3000 ms after load. That solve problem , but it is not good solution because : if network is speed enough there is delay between complete creation on event and label fix (el.innerHTML='''';) that leads to flickering in labels and end user is not happy. If network is slow or calendar contents more events scripts is executed (by timer) too early with no effect. So: Question is related to find right way for optimal synchronization between loading of calendars events and execution of scrips for correction like this. Thanks Kamen
  14. kkelchev

    Calendar Panel "Painted" event

    No , desktop But case is the same with mobile.