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  1. No , just DB Grid . It is about log viewer with datatime column and last row is on top of grid. Thanks Kamen
  2. Hi , Is it possible to setup DBGrid rownumber with descending order. Thanks
  3. Hi , Did you have time for this ? Thanks
  4. 10х Still works as expected with build 1539
  5. We learned about the people tragedy in our neighboring country. We grieve for all the victims and their families.
  6. Sorry , all that I say is happening with IE 11 only !!! Do framework still support IE 11 ? Thanks Kamen
  7. User could EDIT value , but clear (null/empty) is NOT allowed . So readOnly=True is not solution. Here is 2 pictures Design and Runtime.
  8. Hi , Thank for quick replay. I'm using last build. 1539. But i noticed this long before. Last time i do check for TuniDateTimePicker , just now with simple TiniDBEdit. Am I doing something in wrong way ? Thanks Kamen
  9. Edit controls have property "ClearButton" by it seems does not works. If True or False ... clear button is always visible. In help is written for this propery : It defines if the control has a Clear button to erase all its content. In application there is cases where it should not be possible for user to clear edit value. How to do that ?
  10. Hi to All In hyper server mode Is it possible to send a http: POST / GET request to a specified node. How to tell to HyperServer to forward request to specific node (for example node "0") Is it possible to send request and this request to be forwarded(broadcasted) to all currently running nodes. It is about custom application commands to nodes , question is not related to client sessions Something like: https://myAppl.com:8077/n0?runbackup=now or https://myAppl.com:8077/broadcast?nodeCmd=some_node_comand Thanks Kamen
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