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  1. Hi ! it is possible to understand before close event for Frames and Browser ? I mean, if Data modied ? i want to show a message 'Data changed! want to save it. Y/N" ? Best Regards,
  2. Thank you, Sherzod, It works as the picture. You are the best. Best Regards,
  3. i am trying .. until now, not success Best Regards,
  4. Thank you very much, Sherzod. Honestly, during 2 days, i was trying to find a solution. And you showed me a correct way in a few minutes. Thanks again. it works as the picturue. and one more questions. if i want to use this font only one column of the uniDBGrid, same way ? Best regards, Selim
  5. Hi I need to use Y14.5M-2009 font for uniEdit and for uniDBEdit. how can i do ? use Y14.5M-2009 font for uniEdit or for uniDBEdit (Y15.5M-2009 is an engineering font) At the attachement, i put the font (Y15.M-2009) Y14.5M-2009.ttf Best regards,
  6. Hi to everybody, When i call the fram for new record. as the picture, align do not work. (*Frame, call for new record*) But, after i saved the record and then i call the same frame from record lists(record list is also another frame) Everything is very good. And Align works as i want how it is possible ? (* same frame, after save record, i call same frame, from the record list frame*) Best Regards, Delphi 10.2-Tokyo uniGui : Tested only Chrome Tested default theme and also uni_mac_yosemite
  7. Thank you Sherzod. It works. Best regards.
  8. Okay, i will try Thank you very much Best Regards,
  9. Sorry, what i will try ? i did not understand, Best Regards,
  10. and Sherzod i would like to ask you This is possible because of themes ?
  11. Thank you very much, Sherzod, Yes in classic theme, everything is okay as the picture. what it needs to do for other themes ? i need to wait next build ? or i need to use only classic theme ? on my projects Best Regards,
  12. Hi to all in uniDBGrid, i have memo field when i write something to memo field, i use Editor=uniMemo1 and on display mode, (i mean, when i do not edit the cell) . I see all lines without any problems. but, when i edit the cell of the grid, i see only 2 lines.. and i need to use up or down key why ? i did something wrong ? or it is a bug? Best Regards, Delphi 10.2-Tokyo uniGui : Tested only Chrome
  13. Thank you very much Sherzod... Best Regards, Ticket : http://jira.fmsoft.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/4/FSD-2061
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