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WebCmd: Start a command line / console app in Browser - interactive

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With this app you can run a cmd or console app in an interactive way. Just like sitting in front of a "cmd" on a PC.

This project is similiar to "PHP Shell" (http://www.tecmint.com/linux-shell-access-on-browser-using-php-shell/), but "WebCmd" is interactive and uses UniGui instead of PHP.

It is also helpfull, if you use console apps on the server to perform something (creating PDF's, converting Files, ...). If such a process runs very long, the user get results (output) at every time with WebCmd; if you use a standard "CreateProcess()" instead the result is only available after process has finished.

If you want to use interactive input (optional) you must enter the command / input into the edit field below and then press enter (no "inline" edit/ input possible).

Use "exit" command to close a cmd, just like in a normal cmd.






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delphi XE5 last unigui I get error starting   "class TUniPanel not found!"

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