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  1. This is the sorting in Excel: You are sorting it as string and that is the correct order for a string. Either you name it "Code-01", "Code-02", ... or must sort by it an integer column or calculated integer value.
  2. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/services/interactive-services
  3. Why not just create Delphi classes TInvDetail = class public seqNo: Integer; productCode: string; description: string; qty: Integer; price: Double; end; TInvoice = class public invNo: string; invDate: TDateTime; customer: string; invAmt: Double; invDetails: TArray<TInvDetail>; end; And then use var Invoice: TInvoice; begin Invoice := TJson.JsonToObject<TInvoice>(...) ???
  4. Oliver Morsch


    see https://docs.devart.com/sdac/faq.htm: Are the SDAC connection components thread-safe? Yes, SDAC is thread-safe but there is a restriction. But the same TCustomMSConnection object descendant cannot be used in several threads. So if you have a multithreaded application, you should have a TCustomMSConnection object descendant for each thread that uses SDAC
  5. But there is no SessionManager.Sessions.Lock That is definitely needed.
  6. I would call the function SendUniSessionsToLicenseAPI(SessionText.Text) AFTER the s.unlock. So the Sessionlist is only locked for a short time.
  7. Increases the memory on creating Report or on showing the PDF?
  8. You can use Apache (isapi Module) under Windows, but compiling for Linux works only with Enterprise...
  9. IP whitelist can be different from CORS list. You can see CORS in the header of the response.
  10. I think CORS is normally active by default. Maybe they can confirure your IP to be allowed.
  11. CORS is for security. So that no website can access the content of a foreign website.
  12. If you have the target server under control, then you can configure CORS there...
  13. To make a Call try this: <a href="tel:5554280940">Call us at 555-428-0940</a>
  14. Why do you want to run notepad client side? User can edit text in browser!?
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