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  1. For embedding images you can use Data URI scheme.
  2. Hello, I'm interested in your MessageServer proyect. It is open source? Can be downloaded from some site?


  3. Hello,

    can you send or upload again the Webcmd.zip file?



  4. This is a global var which you cannot use in UniGUI. It is the same for all sessions.
  5. You could use 64bit or make a download link ( <a href="...">Download</a> )
  6. If you do that, the exe starts on server. => You must install the exe on client machine.
  7. You must give the form and the components a (unique) name.
  8. It is possible to use emojis in edits. Where is your problem?
  9. They are companion apps to uniGUI programs. They are not in google play. We install directly on customers devices.
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