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  1. LoadModule isapi_module modules/mod_isapi.so AddHandler isapi-handler .dll <Directory "D:/Arvin/MyProduct/DPMS/Source/FrontUI/Win32/Release"> Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI AllowOverride None Allow from all </Directory> Alias /ws "D:/Arvin/MyProduct/DPMS/Source/FrontUI/Win32/Release" hi, Farshad Everything is working fine for apache2.2, bug not working for apache2.4. why ? thx.
  2. delete System.Generics.Collections unit in main.pas
  3. ECharts http://echarts.baidu.com/index-en.html UniGUI Delphi XE6 ECharts0514.rar
  4. hi, LoginDemoProject How to change the background color ?
  5. Copy the markerclusterer_compiled.js and markerwithlabel_packed.js in the /files directory . it works fine again. thank you.
  6. hi lema My project no problem with uniGMap.v.1.3.5, but i got these error "Cannot call method 'clearMarkers' of undefined" with 1.3.6 version. Thanks!
  7. Hi, The function GetNextChild of a TUniTreeNode is now missing, I need use GetNextChild function. Thanks.
  8. Has received License。 Thanks Farshad.
  9. I think the problem maybe with the version higtchart.
  10. UniServerModule.CustomFiles with: files/Highcharts/jquery-1.4.4.min.js files/Highcharts/highcharts.js files/Highcharts/modules/exporting.js Highcharts.rar
  11. Here is my code snippets UniHTMLFrame.html with: <div id="container" style="width:98%; height:100%"></div> ... script := TStringList.Create; try script.Add('Highcharts.setOptions( {'); script.Add(' global : {'); script.Add(' useUTC : false'); script.Add(' }'); script.Add('});'); script.Add('var chart;'); script.Add('$(document).ready(function() {'); script.Add(' chart = new Highcharts.Chart({'); script.Add(' chart: {'); script.Add(' renderTo: ''container'''); script.Add(' },'); script.Add(' title: {'); script.Add(' text: ''Monthly Average Temperature'','); script.Add(' x: -20'); script.Add(' },'); script.Add(' subtitle: {'); script.Add(' text: ''Source: WorldClimate.com'','); script.Add(' x: -20'); script.Add(' },'); script.Add(' xAxis: {'); script.Add(' type: ''datetime'','); script.Add(' dateTimeLabelFormats:{'); script.Add(' second: ''%M:%S'','); script.Add(' minute: ''%H:%M'','); script.Add(' hour: ''%H'','); script.Add(' day :''%Y/%m/%d'','); script.Add(' week: ''%Y/%m/%d'','); script.Add(' month: ''%Y/%m/%d'','); script.Add(' year: ''%Y'''); script.Add(' }'); script.Add(' },'); script.Add(' yAxis: {'); script.Add(' title: {'); script.Add(' text: ''111''');//11111111111111 script.Add(' }'); script.Add(' },'); script.Add(' tooltip:{'); script.Add(' crosshairs : true,'); script.Add(' xDateFormat : ''%Y-%m-%d %H:%M'''); script.Add(' },'); script.Add(' series: [{'); script.Add(' name: ''当前值'','); script.Add(' type: ''line'','); script.Add(' marker:{enabled:false},'); script.Add(Format(' data: %s', [data])); script.Add(' },{'); script.Add(' name: ''最大值'','); script.Add(' type: ''line'','); script.Add(' data:[[1349020860000, 8.5],[1349189220000, 8.5]]'); script.Add(' },{'); script.Add(' name: ''最小值'','); script.Add(' type: ''line'','); script.Add(' data:[[1349020860000, 6.5],[1349189220000, 6.5]]'); script.Add(' }]'); script.Add(' });'); script.Add('});'); UniSession.AddJS(Script.Text); finally script.Free; end;
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