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  1. Color of modern theme can be symple changed with global tag. How I can set this in unigui? Here instruction https://www.sencha.com/blog/material-and-css-variables-in-ext-js-6-2/ Fashion.css.setVariables({ "base-color-name": "blue", "accent-color-name": "orange" }); where put this ??? Also See: https://www.sencha.com/blog/materializing-the-ext-js-modern-toolkit/ Simply change your $base-color-name and Fashion will handle recalculations and set the proper CSS variables At runtime we can set dark-mode via CSS variable dark-mode .. PS: In file /m/ext-6.5.3/build/modern/theme-
  2. How can change font color, bold style and bold size (+1 or 120% ...) for a UnimLabel1 thanks
  3. ldb68

    CSS in runtime

    One possible solution as in this post: http://forums.unigui...lor/#entry48483 with UniPanel1.JSInterface do begin JSCode(#1'.setBodyStyle("border-color", "red");'); JSCode(#1'.setBodyStyle("border-width", "5px");'); end; Can you find a solution for a UnimPanel. This dosen't work. Thanks
  4. The ExtJS 6.5 mobile themes certainly help to write single web apps that can be used on desktops, tablets or smartphones. But you are limited to only 2-3 themes available that not everyone likes. Having the possibility to change colors / fonts would be a further help but at the moment we have to do everything via JS and know exactly what to declare to acces EXTJS api. However, a nice step forward compared to before ...
  5. The last of February 2018 with Delphi 10.2.1. I do not remember the number ...
  6. You can do somethink nice with new mobile theme. See here: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/10031-reponsive-webapp/&do=findComment&comment=53167 Demo http://energiazero.org/app/responsive.dll/m
  7. Only standard componenent
  8. Here source. http://www.energiazero.org/private/mobile.zip All standard unigui with mobile theme. Only some code to adapt panel size and menu.
  9. I'm sorry but I did not find them. In the last 2 years I moved to c # and I deal only with mobile applications and I did total cleaning of Delphi projects for which I have not requested any more for years.
  10. With ExtJS 6.5, touch templete has improved. Even if the choices are limited and there are few possibilities (at least with ease) to change colors and fonts you can create a responsive web app that is unique for both mobile and desktop. Here a first attempt. To try on vertical / horizontal smartphone and on PC: http://www.energiazero.org/app/responsive.dll/m
  11. I could not find the project in question on my PCs. As soon as I have a moment, I look for old backups.
  12. A responsive template must render well on either a pc, a tablet or a smartphone and adapt automatically if you rotate the device. I do not know that currently there is a theme suitable for both the desktop and mobile in unigui. I am wrong? The themes implemented in unigui are definitely ugly compared to current standards and definitely unusable on a 5-inch smartphone.
  13. Also for me to be able to create a responsive web page is a priority. But at present it is not possible with Unigui.
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