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  1. Hi, I like to use this standardization, it is easy to do maintenance or even transfer the business rule to another layer, it can give a bit of work at the start due to typing a few more codes. There are dozens of articles on the web about this standardization, you can go deeper and see whether or not it makes up for you. Best regards
  2. Hi Beginner, It's in the description of the video on youtube. Best regards
  3. Hello guys, Follow a link from youtube with the presentation I made about uniGUI in 14º Firebird Develop Day in Brazil, although the video is in Portuguese, in the descriptions it has the link has the project (user: fdd and password: fdd) I used to do stress tests and show the potential of uniGUI. I think it's a good example of structure for those who are starting. Who wants to switch to firedac, just change the unit SF.DB.pas Hugs
  4. Thank you Mohammad, great work as always. Congratulation!
  5. I quite like mysql. I have now changed my production environment to MariaDB. Soon I will test with it too.
  6. Hi Chiron, I'm using the unigui stress tool, simulating a process that queries a record in one table and includes the data in another table. My zconnection is created in the mainmodule, remembering that the test is being done with firebird and 2000 was using the local protocol.
  7. Cool, thanks!
  8. Hi Chiron, I evolved my tests, I got 1000 connections with firebird using tcp and 2000 using local protocol without any errors. Regarding MariaDB you need to configure the number of connections you want to allow in my.ini. With firedac, if you use FDManager it will keep the connections closed and open on demand. Best regards
  9. Hi Chiron I did the test here with 330 sessions using the Zeos 7.3 + firebird 3 (Standalone) and there was no memory leak. Best regards
  10. Olá Eduardo, Gostei muito da sua iniciativa, meu objetivo foi apontar alguns detalhes que precisam analisar para não terem problemas futuramente, eu falo por experiencia, tive vários. rsrs Forte abraço.
  11. Olá Eduardo, Lembro que fiz um teste e realmente precisava mudar algumas coisas, o primeiro problema foi dele tentar ler as impressoras assim que inicia e isso causa erro no modo ISAPI. Você fez o teste para confirmar se ele trabalha com thread safe? Considero essa parte a mais importante, faz tempo que fiz um teste com ele. Nos meus testes, uso a ferramenta de stress e salvo os pdf com o codigo da seção na pasta temp e depois confirmo se todos foram gerados corretamente. Abraços
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