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  1. Hi Farshad, I put the unMainMenu with UniNativeImageList. 1
  2. I'm testing with our latest version. If you are within the support period, request the latest version on our channels.
  3. HI Frederick, I just upgraded to the latest version of unigui and did a test, look at the result:
  4. Hi @Frederick, This is not our support channel, use the channel you informed at the time of purchase, but I add that on our website where the sales are made, we say that the button themes are not compatible with extra uniGUI themes from the beginning , only extJS default themes. In its print including there are places that are not related to our components. Remembering that in the new version of uniGUI you need to configure the correct version of fontawesone, because the error you presented is related to the icons. Once again I would like to point out that we do not provide support on the uniGUI forum. Best regards
  5. For purchases that have more than one year without renewal you must purchase again. All users who were in support of Delphi Rio release have compatible versions.
  6. Yes and chat, please remove my email so I will not get spammed.
  7. Yes it is included the source code according to our demo. Doubts please email us, we do not support the unigui forum.
  8. Hello, Jim. OK thank you. The data has been sent to your email. Any questions please contact us by email or in our chat. Schedule we are working on: Monday to Friday from 11:00 AM UTC to 3:00 PM UTC and 4:00 PM UTC to 8:00 PM UTC Best regards
  9. Hello, Purchase information can be found in our online demo, please go to: http://app.fenixerp.com.br/unigui (Just click the buy button and choose paypal) Best regards
  10. Hello Jim We do not have components for mobile, I can only create components for mobile if I had any projects using this technology in our company, our projects in mobile are developed in another language and as sales do not generate enough return to pay the cost of development / Analyze / Research , we do not have to invest at this time in developing components for mobile and the demand is very low, I have been working with unigui for 6 years and only 5 or 6 people have asked me for components for this platform. Best regards
  11. Hi GoldLine, We do not support the forum, use the options offered at the time of purchase, only licensed users are supported and I can not verify this here. Best regards
  12. Hi Eric, If you are our customer, you must contact us by email informing you of the registration data, if you want to purchase the components, access our online demo (http://app.fenixerp.com.br/unigui) that you have the option to purchase. Regards
  13. Hi delagoutte, -TUniSFComboMultiple : is it possible having Checkbox for select items ? No, the available resources are as they are in our online demo. -TUniSFHold : is there methods show and hide Yes, but hide runs automatically when complete the process. Please review the PAS tab code from our demo. Best regards
  14. Hello, Purchase information can be found in our online demo, please go to: http://app.fenixerp.com.br/unigui Best regards
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