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  1. docjones

    Unipackage-themes how use it ?

    * Solved. I Copied manually F:\XXXXX\Lib\COMUN\UniguiFramework\uniGUI\unipackages-6.6.0 , to F:\XXXXX\Lib\COMUN\UniguiFramework\Framework\uniGUI\ , and now it's working. But the problem i'ts that uni-package installer install it in diferent folder (tested again) i don't know why...
  2. docjones

    Unipackage-themes how use it ?

    they are in diferent folder. unigui in F:\XXXXX\Lib\COMUN\UniguiFramework\Framework And unipackages in F:\XXXXX\Lib\COMUN\UniguiFramework\uniGUI\unipackages-6.6.0 They are in diferent folders. , May be thats the problem. but i don't know why theme-pack installed in diferent folder., theme-pack installer don't ask where.
  3. docjones

    Unipackage-themes how use it ?

  4. docjones

    Unipackage-themes how use it ?

    Hi I'm using latest full registed version (1.7.x) Installed FMSoft_uniGUI_Theme_Pack 1.7.x, but this themes not showing in unimainmodule themes property, only list default themes. And if i set one of theme pack in UniGUIMainModuleCreate(Sender: TObject) like theme:='carbon' or theme='uni_carbon' , not working.., i don't know what happend. How can i use theme-pack ?
  5. I think it's not possible at the moment.., and i don't know if this functionality will be included in the future. now nodes are limited to same hyperserver machine. and another question about escability.. ¿ how many connections can handle hyperserver ? , becouse if hyperserver need create and maintain a thead (and session) in every connection we have the same thread's proccess limitation, and that can not be very efficient if we want to have a lot of users (3k or 4k ?¿)
  6. hi Hyperserver it's limited to balacing in only one machine becouse nodes only can spawn in the same machine as hyperserver, right? what happend if i want balancing a 20.000 concurrent users in unigui app width hyperserver? , one machine it's enough? ¿ there are any way to balacing unigui app in several machines ? . will be nice and better improvement if nodes can spawn in several and diferent machines
  7. docjones

    Change theme after user login.

    thx, using cookies to store user theme preference it's a good solution, and only need to reload app if diferent user with diferent theme do login on same browser.
  8. docjones

    Change theme after user login.

    I know, but i don't want all users have same theme. I want change theme after user logged, becouse is when i know who is logged and which is the prefered user-theme (every user can have a diferent prefered theme). then, it's not possible that diferent users have diferent themes...., becouse when user login i must reload the app to apply the user-theme, and then user must be loggeed again.
  9. docjones

    Messaging Push Notify etc.

    I think that you can use mormot framework server / client. Create a mormot server that have the services / push notifications. add a mormot client to your form, or unimainmodule or easy way , your server save your data in a table , and unigui refresh data-table / unicontrols in unitimer.
  10. docjones

    Change theme after user login.

    Hi I can change the Theme when main module is created, but, if i try change the theme after user login (in Tuniloginform) then not works. I want that diferent users have diferent theme , but it's not possible if only can apply the theme in onmainmodulecreate. there are any way to do this ? thanks.
  11. docjones

    How to internationalize ?

    i'm using gnugettext several years, tested and working in some unigui projects. https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxgettext/ it's easy to use, free source, and there are 3d party tools to translating to other languages like poedit.. etc.
  12. docjones

    Is it posible work barcode scanner?

    it not necesary put the focus in edit control, there are several ways to do it, you can show new form to read, or read in focused control, or read all keys presed in active form / all controls. See attached example. , it capture all keys pressed in all controls (no necessary focused on edit), and determine if all keys are pressed fast (when reading from scanner all keys are typed very fast) there are not diference using a non unigui app, the method is the same, you must capture all key's pressed and control when or where keys are pressed. unitestscanread.rar
  13. docjones

    Is it posible work barcode scanner?

    sorry, i don't understand what are you asking. open a notepad or word, then scan the codebar and see what happened For your unigui app is the same, it's like if you are typing the code and pressing intro with the keyboard.
  14. docjones

    HowTo : Send (Fast)report directly to local printer

    you can not access the printer on the client side. it's a general browsers security, client browsers don't allow that web page have access to local hardware like printers, disks, etc. U must have clear that unigui app is running on the SERVER side, and this app never can access to the 'client printer side', only can access to the SERVER printer becouse is running on the same machine. Your unigui app must export your report in pdf format, and load it in a unihtmlframe. (there are a several examples in the forum). The client browser show the pdf report, and user must click on print button, that's the only way.. If you have several pdf's that same client/user must be print, fist compose a big pdf with all the pages to print (or generate a composed report and export to pdf), then load only one pdf instead several's.
  15. docjones

    ¿ cuantos utilizan unigui en españa ?

    Usar BPL o módulos DLL donde se implementen diferentes funcionalidades , o segmentar el aplicativo en diferentes módulos, ya es cuestión del aplicativo y la arquitectura elegida. Pienso que en un aplicativo unigui, no tiene mucho sentido utilizar BPL's, creo que aportaría mas inconvenientes que ventajas. Yo lo que hago es que cuando la web es muy grande y hay módulos que puedo separar y diferenciar, lo separo en varias webs (varias app unigui), y desde una web principal, enlazo con las url's de los diferentes módulos, pasando parámetros al llamarlas y mostrandolo en un htmlframe Por ejemplo, podrías tener una app unigui, que únicamente se encargue de los reports y que generará el informe / pdf en función de los parámetros que le pases, o una app unigui que contenga determinados formularios cargando uno u otro al pasarle un parámetro, por ejemplo http://localhost:8079?page=clientes&empresa=1&token=************ Además de esta forma la aplicación es mas escalable, pudiendo tener diferentes módulos en distintos servidores.