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  1. Thank you for the info. I have linked my login email to our account and the downloads are working 100%.
  2. Hi I'm trying to get some ZIP files that are attached to some of the discussions, but none seems to be available, or I don't have access. Can the admin maybe assist? Regards Stiaan
  3. stiaan

    Update pricing

    Hi We have a professional UniGUI license. I'm looking for upgrade pricing as we need to complete our budget. Much appreciated! Regards Stiaan Pretorius
  4. Hi Is there a quick way of getting the change log for the released versions. We have purchased UniGUI pro last year, and I also don't see the change log on that website. Regards Stiaan
  5. Hi This worked perfectly! Thanks for the excellent input! Regards Stiaan
  6. Hi Thanks for the reply, but I'm looking more for the ability to scroll programmatically to the last line. Regards Stiaan
  7. Hi Can anybody please assist: I'm busy developing a UniGUI system that captures the realtime output of a console application and is then displayed it in a TUniHTMLMemo control. I need to be able to scroll as the text comes in from the console app. The application successfully captures the output, but I need to scroll and show the latest line. Much appreciated! Regards Stiaan
  8. Hi How many users are you expecting to have? Which database are you planning to use? Regards Stiaan
  9. Again, a great addition to a great product! Thanks!
  10. Thaks for the answer. I think you did cover most of my questions. Again, great product!
  11. Hi Farshad We are interested in buying the UniGUI complete Pro version. The questions i have is: 1. Do we get all the source code? For UniGUI and UniGui Mobile? (Sorry, but I could have missed this info.) 2. How many users can use UniGUI for development? 3. The ExtJS license, is that a company license? How many user can user ExtJS and ExtJS Mobile? Your support is much appreciated! Regards Stiaan
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