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  1. albertovesx

    Here an example for sending SMS

    Thank you
  2. Is this like webbroker but with unigui?
  3. albertovesx

    Create CustomCSS managment component

    It would be great
  4. albertovesx

    client alignment documentation

    I think we need more documentation about client alignment in order to make more responsive applications.
  5. albertovesx

    Simple unit file into unigui project

    Thank you
  6. albertovesx

    Communication with external REST

    Is this UniGUIServerModuleHTTPCommand like having webbroker inside unigui app? Does it creates a thread for each request?
  7. albertovesx

    Simple unit file into unigui project

    hi, everybody. What kind of considerations we must take when using a simple unit in a unigui project? Is it Threadsafe? Best regards
  8. albertovesx

    FieldLabel, FieldLabelAlign to Controls

    It would be nice if FieldLabel could be visualized at design time, it does not metter if the position dont match with the positión defined in fieldlabelalign
  9. albertovesx

    All About YOU

    Thank you, Very useful and interesting.
  10. What I have notice is that sometimes my apps freeze in browser, no delphi, the app inside browser. its beheivor is like an image. none click responds. It happens rarely and normally after closing a modal screen.
  11. albertovesx

    Google Maps for uniGUI

    Hi, what is the price?