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  1. albertovesx

    Flip Card Example

    Thank you
  2. I am learning a lot. Thank you.
  3. albertovesx

    spliter in client side mode

    Never mind I found it in border sample, sorry
  4. albertovesx

    spliter in client side mode

    I cant use splitter when i set layout in client side. how can achive this? best regards
  5. albertovesx

    Use of TTask with mainmodule error

    Can someone tell me why this code generate an exception? I can´t call components stored in unimainmodule. Ttask.run( procedure begin unimainmodule.Query.open; end ); or Ttask.run( procedure begin TThread.Queue(nil, procedure begin uniMainModule.Query.open; end ); end ); Best regards.
  6. Thank you for all your demos and help.
  7. albertovesx

    infinite scroll unimDBgrid problem

    Hi Build, the problem is in uniMdbgrid touch, but the sample using client dataset works fine, do I need to configure something else? about test case its kind of difficult because the data.
  8. albertovesx

    infinite scroll unimDBgrid problem

    Hi I am having some issues with unimDBgrid. This are the properties for the grid: Buffered Store{ Enabled: True; LoadingBufferZone: 200; PageSize: 100: } WebOptions{ FetchAll: False; Paged: False; PageSize: 10; } I make a query like this in UniDAc query: Sql.Text := 'select * from nacimiento limit 1000'; The grid keep a mask over dbgrid with loading message (cargando in spanish) I verified the answer for the get transaction and it has100 records, so it worked well, but they never are shown in dbgrid because loading mask never finish
  9. albertovesx

    TreeMenu SEARCH / CLEAR

  10. albertovesx

    responsive Design Question: Placing TuniPanels

  11. albertovesx

    Cytoscape in UniGUI

    Is it possible to integrate cytoscape with UniGui? https://github.com/cytoscape/cytoscape.js https://cytoscape.org/ Best regards
  12. albertovesx

    TUniTreeMenu - Problem cleaning items.

    Try UniTreeMenu.refresh.
  13. albertovesx

    uniGUI does TinyMCE (revisited)

    Thank you, again.