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  1. albertovesx

    responsive Design Question: Placing TuniPanels

    Maybe this can help you. resize the webbrowser ejemplo_layout.rar
  2. albertovesx


    Great! thank you
  3. you can get it from this example, the file is opensource /** * eventsource.js * Available under MIT License (MIT) * https://github.com/Yaffle/EventSource/ */ httpp://www.esegece.com:5414/sgcWebSockets.js
  4. A.soltani, use a htmlframe
  5. Maybe using https://github.com/winddriver/Delphi-Cross-Socket this.
  6. albertovesx


    Thank you for you answer. I have not read about the installation of excel.
  7. albertovesx


    Hi, I would like to know if TscExcelExport is thread safe. http://www.scip.be/index.php?Page=ComponentsExcelExport&Lang=EN Best regards
  8. albertovesx

    Here an example for sending SMS

    Thank you
  9. Is this like webbroker but with unigui?
  10. albertovesx

    Create CustomCSS managment component

    It would be great
  11. albertovesx

    client alignment documentation

    I think we need more documentation about client alignment in order to make more responsive applications.
  12. albertovesx

    Simple unit file into unigui project

    Thank you