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  1. Harry Rogers

    Export Query to Excel

    Great, glad to here its working for you. All the best
  2. Harry Rogers

    Export Query to Excel

    Sorry you misunderstand me. The main module holds the data set and the export component. the form 'frmSQLRes' has a button named 'btn2Excel' it's the onClick of that which is the code I showed above. Good luck
  3. Harry Rogers

    Export Query to Excel

    Hi I have used SMExportToExcel [the components 'about' gives ver 5.0 (b17)]. without issue. I just recompiled an old app (was xe5) using Xe8 and UniGui It still exports fine. The form with a UniDbGrid (whose dataset is on the MainModule) has a button: It simply sets the filename (from a procedure that gets the query details) on a SMExporttoXLS component that is on the MainModule, and runs the export. procedure TfrmSQLRes.btn2ExcelClick(Sender: TObject); var fname : string; begin fname := makeFilename('.XLS'); unimainmodule.SMExportToXLS1.filename := fname; unimainmodule.SMExportToXLS1.Execute; end;
  4. Harry Rogers

    uniGUI DOES QrCode

    This looks great - thanks for posting. On a Moto E4+ mobile (chrome 73.03683.75 Android 7.1.1) I never get a prompt to allow the camera and can't find a way to enable it, the site settings within the browser only provide the option to block camera or prompt for permission (which never happens)
  5. Harry Rogers

    Google Authenticator

    Sorry - Not sure why that failed Here we go again https://tinyurl.com/ybezp8qr
  6. Harry Rogers

    Google Authenticator

    Here is a fresh link https://tinyurl.com/GA-dload All the best
  7. Harry Rogers

    UniDbGrid Current page

    Thanks for that - Works perfectly. As always great support !
  8. Harry Rogers

    UniDbGrid Current page

    Thanks for the reply CurrPage = UniDBGrid1.DataSource.DataSet.RecNo div UniDBGrid1.WebOptions.PageSize + 1 That was my initial thought However my database returns the fixed natural order position with dataSet.Recno - not much use with filters and or indexes. I need currpage to enable the calculation of the 'effective Recno' .
  9. Harry Rogers

    UniDbGrid Current page

    Hi CurrRow returns the integer row number for the current page of a UniDbGrid and weboptions.PageSize gives the number of rows per page. How do I read the current page ? - so I can construct a record counter display. Thanks
  10. Harry Rogers

    How To Show Browser's Vertical Scrollbar?

    Setting a form's AutoScroll property to true for a form that is larger than the browser screen size produces scroll bars when the form is maximised but when the form is displayed as a window there are none.
  11. Harry Rogers

    How To Show Browser's Vertical Scrollbar?

    Just upgraded to build 1481 and vertical scroll bars are now not shown for forms that had them on build 1424. Didn't notice until I was running an app on a clients (1024x768) screen - only option I could find was to zoom browser view, which got me out of a hole but need a solution to this pretty quickly. Thanks FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.50.0.1481 XE8 Enterprise
  12. Harry Rogers

    save Tuniimage picture

    Ok thanks - I'll carry on the way I was then. All the best
  13. Harry Rogers

    save Tuniimage picture

    Thanks for the rapid response Farshad The attached illustrates the issue. The uniimage gets its picture form a google api that draws a QR code. the savetofile method results in a zero length file. Many thanks TestImg.zip
  14. Harry Rogers

    save Tuniimage picture

    Hi Whats the way to save a png image file to disc from a Tuniimage that gets its image from a url? Dragging the image to the desktop from the browser creates a png file in the desktop directory yet the standard programmatic file and stream based methods just result in a zero length file. e.g. uniimage1.picture.savetofile('afile.png') uniimage1.picture.graphic.savetofile('afile.png') uniimage1.picture.bitmap.savetofile('afile.png') So far I've used an additional TidHttp to Get the data from the same url as the Tuniimage and write it to a filestream which works fine but it would be nice to just use the one resource if possible. Thanks
  15. Harry Rogers

    Module cannot be found in the current project

    I have recently had this for the first time. Don't ever remember seeing it previously in 20 plus years of Delphi use. Does appear to be related to adding a reference to a datasource on a different form.