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  1. Skepsis IT


    Works great! I appreciate it!
  2. Skepsis IT


    Hi, I am facing the same problem, do you remember the procedure?????
  3. Thanks Farshad! Of course DLL only!
  4. Hi, does hyperserver works on apache? Regards
  5. Hi, there is no a significant gain but using IIS is better for managing application when there are more than one. For example if you use services and running more than one applications you should define a different port for every application and make the appropriate changes on the firewall, router etc. On the other hand IIS uses one port and every app is a subdomain/subfolder... Regards
  6. Hi, there is no UniNumberEdit layoutconfig properties. Regards
  7. Hi, I'm in front of a strange problem. I have a unidbgrid with a memo column that I have set an editor unimemo. Only at the first time that I load data on the grid I get the following error and the problem came from the specific command at unidbgrid.pas . If I comment it out works ok (without an error). The strange thing is that I make the same to other frames and work ok without an error Does anyone has a clue what's going on? Regards
  8. So it is a bug..... Must work both ways correct
  9. @Sherzod if you want to play with it just paste the following sample code procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); var dchart:TUniChart; radarseries:TUniRadarSeries; begin if assigned(dchart) then dchart.Free; DChart:=TUniChart.Create(self); DChart.Parent:=MainForm; DChart.Showhint:=True; DChart.TitleVisible:=False; DChart.LayoutConfig.Flex:=1; DChart.LayoutConfig.Width:='100%'; DChart.LayoutConfig.BodyPadding:='10'; DChart.Animate:=True; DChart.SeriesList.Clear; radarseries:=tuniradarseries.Create(dchart); radarseries.Parent:=DChart;
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