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  1. For what it is worth, I mostly develop using the UniGUI Mobile Components that can be emulated in Desktop Mode (\m), unless of course I need a quick and nasty desktop solution. So no more scale down issues trying to fit into phone real-estate - yes I know some code self adjusts but it is never as good as mobile specific code. In this way when rendered on phone everything is finger friendly and screen size correct.
  2. I had a quick look and found:- ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ' function sendRequest(data) {'#10+ ' console.log(data);'#10+ ' //var URLFrame = Ext.getCmp(''_URLFrame'');'#10+ FAILS ??? ' var params=[];'#10+ ' params = ["val="+JSON.stringify(data) ];'#10+ ' if (params.length > 0) {'#10+ ' //ajaxRequest(URLFrame, ''findaddress'', params);'#10+ FAILS NO AJAX FUNCTIONS ' //ajaxRequest(MainForm.UniURLFrame1, ''findad
  3. andyhill


    Process UniURLFrame OnAjaxEvent (add Listener if necessary).
  4. I have 7 IP's bound to 1 NIC. Each IP is assigned to a Domain with its own Digital Certificate (SSL). I use 7 StandAlone Servers, one for each IP - all works fine. On one particular Domain (IP) hosts my Accounting WebApp, the user has to fill in a Database Name (which I use localstorage to remember) along with his/her own User Credentials and this identifies the DataBase (Book Of Accounts) to use. Thus unlimited Company Books on one IP/Domain with multiple users are catered for.
  5. Yes, back then off memory it was 4bit processors, 4K RAM and tape recorder Read/Write (known as Hexadecimal Monitors - not computers). While CashBook was not an identity back then the ASM Library Logic I developed is in this project today.
  6. A long time ago Mobile PDF Viewer would crash iOS to the metal after zooming in/out panning. It had something to do with UniGUI/JS canvas spilling out of it's Parent Form into the hidden master form with all viewport scaling broken.
  7. I have been working with UniGUI for many years now and have built many projects - Desktop / Mobile / HyBrid. Below is a few screen grabs from my Desktop CashBook (a UniGUI port from a legacy Delphi 7 project) - yes I know it lacks pretty pictures BUT there is a lot going on under the hood - one day I may make it pretty. Un-Limited CashBooks, Multi-Currency, Individual User Privileges, Customer Specific Discounts, Un-Limited: Suppliers, ItemsForSale, Customers, PurchaseOrders, SalesInvoices plus AustralianBAS, PDF Generation, eMailing, BankStatementImport and many many Reports etc. e
  8. Can we have the corresponding CSS too ? Thanks
  9. Sherzod, this creates a new grid in a panel, I want to use an already built grid and feed it json data - please advise.
  10. I have created the following store at runtime, how do I assign this store to my grid ? UniSession.AddJS(grdUsers00.JSName + '.store = "Grid1Store"; '); does nothing ? MyScript:= 'var Grid1Store = new Ext.data.JsonStore( ' + '{ ' + ' root: "users", ' + ' fields: ["id", "name", "email"], ' + ' autoLoad: true, ' + ' data: ' + ' { ' + ' users: [ ' + ' { "id": 1, "name":"John Smith", "email":"jsmith@example.com"}, ' + ' { "id": 2
  11. I am using Native Sencha objects - not Delphi UniGUI AuxControl objects.
  12. Here is an extract from one of my forms - the only problem is I have not worked out yet how to change the dates outside of the Date Grid Ajax Events, that is I can get Date Changes via their respective events but I want to access these date objects when the Sync Button is pressed, in other words get date from FromDateID and Set ToDateID with the same date. Happy for some help. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Grid Uni Events (Buttons/Ajax) with grdSupplierB01 do begin ClientEvents.UniEvents.Clear; MyScript:= 'pagi
  13. Has anyone used Sencha's FROALA HtmlEditor ? How can we use with UniGUI ? https://fiddle.sencha.com/#view/editor&fiddle/2l30
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