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  1. Within my Secondary Form Create Event I re-populate a RadioGroupBox at runtime based on entry parameters as follows:- grOptions.BeginUpdate; grOptions.Items.Clear; if fMain.BuildProtocolFlag = True then begin grOptions.Items.Add('ADD To Custom Protocol'); grOptions.Height:= 50; grOptions.ItemIndex:= 0; grOptions.EndUpdate; end else begin grOptions.Items.Add('ReName Custom Protocol'); grOptions.Items.Add('ReEdit Custom Protocol'); grOptions.Items.Add('DELETE Custom Protocol'); grOptions.Height:= 90; grOptions.ItemIndex:= -1; grOptions.EndUpdate; end; // btnProcess.Top:= grOptions.Top + grOptions.Height + 10; btnCancel.Top:= grOptions.Top + grOptions.Height + 10; // Height:= btnProcess.Top + btnProcess.Height + 45; All works exactly as intended. QUESTION: As my development PC is a Microsoft Surface Notebook which runs at a super high screen dpi, I am questioning my padding values in red for non server low resolution renditions, is there a universal way to do this effectively - that is, cater for all sorts of dpi rendered browsers (without flex) ?
  2. I guess a shell project reproducing this problem would help.
  3. Not sure if this will help but this is how I get my desired results:- MainForm.Create ... InfoHTMLFrame.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Clear; s:= 'beforeInit=function beforeInit(sender, config)'#13#10+ '{ '#13#10+ ' config.minHeight = 1850;'#13#10+ // a requirement for me ' config.minWidth = 800;'#13#10+ // a requirement for me ' config.overflowX = true;'#13#10+ //' config.overflowY = true;'#13#10+ '} '; InfoHTMLFrame.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Add(s); ... Elsewhere in code:- After updating html script at runtime I call InfoHTMLFrame.ReCalculateAligns;
  4. Thank You. Well finally got it compiled Do you have an example of "in servermodule just create module, create ws , destroy ws , free module" where one can test the working functionality of the ws ?
  5. Not trying to be difficult but which files represent which files ?
  6. Where do we find the following pas files:- mormot.net.server, mormot.core.zip, mormot.lib.winhttp, mormot.net.http
  7. Thank you, in addition to the ServerModule code do you have a simple project tying it all together demonstrating it's use ?
  8. "zhyhero" Do you have an example project using THttpApiWebSocketServer ?
  9. If I execute ShowMessage() in ajax event "contextmenu" is shown, if no ShowMessage() in ajax event then works as expected.
  10. Please advise. I need "AfterRender" and MouseDown Button 2 InfoHTMLFrame.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Clear; s:= 'afterrender=function afterrender(sender, eOpts) '#13#10+ '{'#13#10+ ' sender.getEl().dom.addEventListener(''contextmenu'', function(e) '#13#10+ ' { '#13#10+ ' e.preventDefault(); '#13#10+ ' }), '#13#10+ ' sender.getEl().dom.addEventListener(''mousedown'', function(e) '#13#10+ ' {'#13#10+ ' if (e.button == 2) '#13#10+ ' { '#13#10+ ' e.preventDefault(); '#13#10+ ' ajaxRequest(sender, ''_Right_Click_'', {x: e.offsetX, y: e.offsetY}); '#13#10+ ' } '#13#10+ ' }), '#13#10+ ' ajaxRequest(fMain.InfoHTMLFrame, ''_AfterRender_'', []); '#13#10+ '}'; InfoHTMLFrame.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add(s);
  11. Just keep in mind SSL, I have found some Browsers refuse to do https over any other port other than 443.
  12. You can use BeforeShow on LoginForm, fetch local storage data, make a decision, continue with user interaction -or- go straight to MainForm etc. etc. etc.
  13. I use nothing but ElevateDB, have done so for decades and it works perfectly with UniGUI (extremely fast and scale-able) - however for my style of coding there is a lot of manual setup code (which I personally like [no hidden automation code in DFM Forms for me]).
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