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  1. I am trying to change TitleButton Icon at runtime with the following code but it paints BLANK instead of icon - please advise - thanks. UniSession.AddJS(GPSmForm.TitleButtons[2].JSName + '.setIconCls("add")');
  2. andyhill

    Google Maps Marker Listener Event - Read Title - How

    Thanks, I tried this earlier but missed it's results in my coding cycle.
  3. I have a need to read the Title of the Marker being dragged but all my attempts fail, everything else works as expected - please advise how to read the Title inside the Listener Event - Thanks in advance. ' marker.addListener("drag", dragEvent);'+ ' function dragEvent(event)'+ ' {'+ ' var latitude = event.latLng.lat(); '+ ' var longitude = event.latLng.lng(); '+ ' var myTitle = marker.title; '+ // this.title(), this.getTitle(), event.title(), event.getTitle(), marker.title(), marker.getTitle() ' ajaxRequest(GPSmForm.UnimHTMLFrame1, "_BgnDragPoint", ["Lat="+latitude, "Lng="+longitude, "Title="+myTitle]);'+ ' }'+
  4. andyhill

    Mobile Google Maps Polylines - Help ?

    Thanks Gerhard, I checked out Leaflet and found that with Australia data it does not show house locations like Google and others. My goal is to use Google Maps with Polylines (all good now). Additionally I want the option (I will call it edit mode) to Add Points into the Polyline, Delete Points from the Polyline and most importantly Drag Polyline Points to new positions whilst viewing the map.
  5. andyhill

    Mobile Google Maps Polylines - Help ?

    Gerhard, I am so sorry that it was a typo - I put it down to old age - thank you. I am however interested in your leaflet project to see if it has good coverage. Also, at present Google seems to have the most exhaustive coverage so probably in Australia we would have to stick with Google. My dream would be to have Interactive Google PolyLines (add/delete/drag points) then retrieve point info for DB storage.
  6. andyhill

    Mobile Google Maps Polylines - Help ?

    Thanks Gerhard, your solution is to use a GoogleMap Component which I do not do. If I can add Markers, Circles and Images without a component surely I can add PolyLines ? I would appreciate getting my sample code above to work.
  7. I have been able to draw markers and circles fine but am having problems with polylines, can someone please advise - thanks. UniSession.AddJS('var gm = googleMap; '+ 'if (typeof gm == "object") '+ '{ '+ ' var PathCoordinates = '+ ' ['+ ' {lat: -37.842521707298296, lng: 144.6705822349851},'+ ' {lat: -37.84328847009031, lng: 144.6718965174024},'+ ' {lat: -37.84340920273167, lng: 144.67219424260304},'+ ' {lat: -37.84345580124215, lng: 144.67245307577298}'+ ' {lat: -37.84412353348225, lng: 144.67519362283394},'+ ' {lat: -37.84445395544746, lng: 144.67542965722726},'+ ' {lat: -37.84683464430723, lng: 144.67503269029305},'+ ' {lat: -37.846206649771126, lng: 144.66954341367773},'+ ' {lat: -37.84302853810139, lng: 144.67027782310845},'+ ' {lat: -37.84251570967168, lng: 144.6705956648767}'+ ' ];'+ ' var MyPolyline = new google.maps.Polyline'+ ' ('+ ' {'+ ' path: PathCoordinates,'+ ' geodesic: false,'+ ' strokeColor: ''#FF0000'','+ ' strokeOpacity: 1.0,'+ ' strokeWeight: 2'+ ' }'+ ' );'+ ' MyPolyline.setMap(gm);'+ '} ' );
  8. The following code adds a button to the slider as expected. with UnimSlider1.JSInterface do begin JSCode(#1'.bodyElement.insertSibling('+ BitBtn.JSName +'.element, "after");'); I need to set the Buttons Height to 48 pixels, please advise how - thanks in advance
  9. andyhill

    Work in Progress: Mobile / Modern themes

    Looking Good Gerald, when will it be available ?
  10. I appreciate your suggestions Ralf. As I wanted a permanent returning user identification system (not using current sessions) I have opted for an encrypted cookie (stored on the user's device with the decryption key stored on my HTTP Server DB that only my webapp knows how to use and decode) with a short term expiry of course. Yes it is flawed if Cookies are disabled but then again UniGUI uses Cookies so what happens then (check it out, walk through the cookies).
  11. dan602, I used this messy work around:- Paint only first column's captain, if necessary add the second column's description to the first column's captain.
  12. andyhill

    Cookies Used By Theme

  13. andyhill

    Cookies Used By Theme

    I notice the UniGUI Framework uses Cookies to store the Theme. Question: If Device disables cookies how will this effect UniGUI ?
  14. This only uses the current session ID and not the Device Hardware ID, therefore it is useless to interrogate the returning device to the website (not using cookies).
  15. elGringo, How did you go with Tokens ? I want to store a reproducible Unique Token from the users Device (Mobile and Desktop [Mac Address ?]) to validate user - not cookies - can you help ?