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  1. andyhill

    Scan 1D/2D Code from Video Camera

    iOS 13.2.2 https ZXing not defined ?
  2. andyhill

    Scan 1D/2D Code from Video Camera

    In the code you posted no, but in my own websites - yes, I will test there.
  3. andyhill

    Scan 1D/2D Code from Video Camera

    Apple iOS Cannot enumerate devices, method not supported. Win10 Desktop Chrome Cannot enumerate devices, method not supported.
  4. andyhill

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    No, Mobile is missing a Canvas Object. My mockup skeleton app above starts out as a blank image on which I draw Polylines/Polygons at runtime with optional bitmap layering. I used Mobile Image but all X/Y Mouse/Tap only accurate if Image is 100% non scalded/non rotated and non panned - totally useless. All requests fell on dead ears, now many years later and still no canvas.
  5. andyhill

    Mobile TUnimSelect PreSelect in code Before Dropdown

    Persons (TUnimSelect) After many restless nights and hundreds of tests I have finally come up with a work around as follows using only the events that are fired (remember most Ext Events do not work) and of course pre seeding the SelectedIdx variable before expanding, Note Timing is critical:- ... procedure TMainmForm.PersonsDropDown(Sender: TObject); begin // TUnimSelect is unstable here so we defer our request for 500ms UniSession.AddJS('Ext.defer(function() {ajaxRequest(MainmForm.window, "_PersonsDroppedDown_", []);}, 500)'); end; ... procedure TMainmForm.UnimFormAjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); begin if SameText(EventName, '_PersonsDroppedDown_') then begin if SelectedIdx > -1 then begin with Persons.JSInterface do begin JSCall('getPicker().setValue', [Persons.Items[SelectedIdx]]); end; UniSession.Synchronize(100); end; end; ...
  6. andyhill

    Mobile TUnimSelect PreSelect in code Before Dropdown

    It appears that TUnimSelect is only half functional ? I want to PreSelect in code the opening focused item on or before Expand. Setting before expand only makes item bold but does not focus it with the DropDown Selection List, it is as if you have hardcoded the ItemIndex to 0 (" ") or -1. // NEVER FIRES s:= 'store.load=function store.load(sender, records, successful, operation, eOpts) '#13#10+ '{ '#13#10+ ' ajaxRequest(MainmForm.window, "_PersonsStoreLoad_", ["Operation="+operation]); '#13#10+ '} '; Persons.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add(s); // FIRES (After JSCall('expand', []);) s:= 'expand=function expand(field, eOpts) '#13#10+ '{ '#13#10+ ' ajaxRequest(MainmForm.window, "_PersonsExpanded_", []); '#13#10+ '} '; Persons.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add(s); // NEVER FIRES s:= 'beforeshow=function beforeshow(sender, eOpts) '#13#10+ '{ '#13#10+ ' ajaxRequest(MainmForm.window, "_PersonsBeforeShow_", []); '#13#10+ '} '; Persons.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add(s); // NEVER FIRES s:= 'show=function show(sender, eOpts) '#13#10+ '{ '#13#10+ ' ajaxRequest(MainmForm.window, "_PersonsShow_", []); '#13#10+ '} '; Persons.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add(s); // FIRES (After Close if selection is made) s:= 'change=function change(sender, newValue, oldValue, eOpts) '#13#10+ '{ '#13#10+ ' ajaxRequest(MainmForm.window, "_Persons_", ["val="+newValue]); '#13#10+ '} '; Persons.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Add(s);
  7. andyhill

    Mobile TUnimSelect PreSelect in code Before Dropdown

    Persons (TUnimSelect) contains 300 Items, before DropDown we want to seed the selected/focused item using SelectedIdx and SelectedText Persons.ItemIndex:= SelectedIdx; // Does Nothing, Always Positioned at First Item Persons.Text:= SelectedText; // Makes Bold In DropDownTumbler List but not focused Persons.Invalidate; // Does Nothing UniSession.AddJS(MainmForm.Persons.JSName+'.setValue('+Chr(39)+SelectedText+Chr(39)+')'); // Does Nothing Persons.JSInterface.JSCode(#1'.setValue=new "'+SelectedText+'";'); // Errors UniSession.Synchronize; Persons.JSInterface.JSCall('expand', []); // Opens Always Positioned at First Item
  8. I have a TUnimSelect (Persons) that I want to PreSelect the Focused Item in code before DropDown. My code below makes bold the matching item but the Tumblers do not focus this item with Persons, Persons.JSInterface do begin ItemIndex:= Idx; // This Makes Item Bold but not selected if Idx > -1 then begin // Makes No Difference Text:= SelectedText; Refresh; UniSession.Synchronize; end; JSCall('expand', []); end;
  9. andyhill

    Unigui GoPro 1

    Kind of you to share. Some food for thought to make this a mega example:- Footer: Rec 1/340, Paging (First, PrevPage, NextPage, LastPage), Summary Columns etc. Grouping Options Parent/Child Nested (expand/collapse) Grids etc. Record Editing Form (Like DevExpress [auto generate from grid row data])
  10. andyhill

    iPhone iOS 13 Web Page Session Timeouts

    Sherzod, If the Session has timed out and we catch it at MainModule.OnSessionTimeOut event, it is already too late as all of the session critical variables are now defunct (void) !
  11. andyhill

    what timeout to use?

    This has been a problem for some time and is amplified (worse) on iOS. See my older post "iPhone iOS 13 Web Page Session Timeouts"
  12. andyhill

    iPhone iOS 13 Web Page Session Timeouts

    Please see personal correspondence
  13. andyhill

    iPhone iOS 13 Web Page Session Timeouts

    I have wrestled with this problem for some time now with what appears little help or interest from UniGUI. We pay good money on a yearly subscription (many years now) to use UniGUI and I believe that UniGUI owes it to it's customers to get a modern iPhone for it's own testing. This may even be a Sencha problem, has Sencha been advised by UniGUI ? I see no real effort to solve this problem. I have set all my timing values in code (remember this all worked flawlessly until iOS 13):- ServerModule SessionTimeout:= 1000 * 60 * 60 * 3; // 10,800,000 = 3hrs AjaxTimeout:= 1000 * 60 * 3; // 180,000 = 3mins Should I make this bigger ? HTTPServerOptions.MaxAliveSecs:= (60 * 60); // 1hr HTTPServerOptions.MaxPoolSize:= 600; HTTPServerOptions.DisableKeepAliveInDebugMode:= True; // UseGlobalImageCache "It instructs the uniGUI server to use the global image cache to improve image access performance" what happens when set to false, please explain in detail ? MainModule EnableSynchronousOperations:= True; TerminateOnBrowserClose:= False; iOS Server Timing ON Blank anchor target implies rel=noopener OFF
  14. andyhill

    iPhone iOS 13 Web Page Session Timeouts

    Yes, in the foreground while one is using it (not idle), it is as though there is an iOS set timeout irrespective of what the Server says and irrespective of activity. This is urgent.