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  1. andyhill

    Signature from mobile

    When you get this to work correctly on Mobile UniGUI please share test project - thanks.
  2. andyhill

    HTML Memo HyperLinks - How To Make Them Work ?

    Thanks, I missed the need to be in ReadOnly mode - makes sense.
  3. andyhill

    HTML Memo HyperLinks - How To Make Them Work ?

    When one clicks on a URL hyperlink it moves the browser to that page, in HTMLMemo it does nothing ?
  4. I am having trouble with HtmlMemo HyperLinks - how does one execute a URL hyperlink within the memo ?
  5. andyhill

    Print google maps

    Added function in the forms 'beforeInit' How do I call it in code not using a button click ?
  6. Your suggestion would show <empty> in the select options (not acceptable), I use a blank line to select a blank line. I have an ajax work around but unigui should be able to show a blank line in the select options -or- offer extra clear button:- [Select] [Clear] [Cancel]
  7. andyhill

    Design question / your experience / advice

    Based on my own experiences. Firstly, I now do all of my web app development in Mobile (unigui has inbuilt desktop emulation) and once complete optionally build desktop versions if deemed necessary (not often). In my opinion it is better to have good looking useable Mobile Screens (phones and tablets) with automatically scaled desktop emulation rather then having good looking desktop Screens with poor finger userbility on auto-scaled down mobile screens. Most of my comments below are based on working with a green unigui (early adopter) but over the years unigui is now slowly maturing. 1) I prefer Forms as in the past there were a few inconsistencies with Frames but there are exceptions of course (HTMLFrame for one). 2) I open Forms with ShowModal (optionally I add CallBack for a very specific purpose -otherwise- the breadcrumb logic is automatically added). 3) Multiple Forms are no issue as the are only created when called (you can destroy after use), if you have many watch your GDI resources (set in SystemModule). 4) Tab Sheets are created on Tab Change with slide in transition, Forms are faster - obviously there are times when Tabs are needed. 5) I have all of my Table / Query logic on my MainModule, in this way it is accessible by all forms in the session etc. The tables / queries are opened / fetched / refreshed when a Form is created or shown (subject to design) that needs access. 6) Looks are subjective. 7) ? 8) Flex 9) All things are possible, some may have excess time and make this for you (check out the examples) but most of us are busy - money always is a good motivator. Note: There is a massive push on the web to have secure websites so please consider a valid Domain Name with a corresponding Digital Certificate.
  8. I would like to assign to a Mobile Editor a URL Image having it Left Aligned Within the Edit Frame. Please advise - thanks in advance.
  9. Bypassed UniGUI and coded it in Sencha, now works. '' Returns 'null'
  10. Unfortunately it is still intermittent - Need FIX ASAP
  11. I have come up with the following work around that uses the CloseUp Event with a deferred reading of the new select value via an ajax event:- // OnCloseUp Event Bug Work Around procedure TMymForm.MySelectOnCloseUp(Sender: TObject); begin // if ByPassMySelectFlag = True then begin ByPassMySelectFlag:= False; Exit; end; // UniSession.AddJS('Ext.defer(function(){ajaxRequest(MymForm.ContainerPanel, "_mySelect_", []);}, 500)'); // end; ... if SameText(EventName, '_mySelect_') then begin ...
  12. unim- UnimSelect.Items.Add(''); // or ' ' UnimSelect.Items.Add('1'); UnimSelect.Items.Add('2'); UnimSelect.Items.Add('3'); if UnimSelect.ItemIndex was 2 ('2') and user select 0 ('') the ItemIndex is not updated to 0 due to the blank string
  13. I know this is the Desktop Forum but I am tired of the Mobile Forum postings being overlooked -or- not addressed regularly enough. As stated, My Mobile Application uses TUnimSelect and If the First Item = '' (blank string) then it Fails To Show In Desktop Emulation ? It works as intended on Mobile Platforms. Yes I know I can have a clearable button but it is too close to the select button and fat fingers fires it when it should not. Please advise.