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  1. I have a Windows Surface 2 H/W (Edge or Chrome S/W) Desktop DblClick Issue (fails) on my Desktop WebApp that works on all other Windows PC's except Surface. Please advise. Further research shows that if the WebApp is on LAN/WAN and executed in a browser that is not the server PC we have the same problem ? In summary, Browser CtrlKey, DblClick etc. works only on PC running WebApp, therefore we need Javascript Code to see the KeyBoard and Mouse events (TextEdit/NumEdit etc.) when WebApp is not running on Browser PC.
  2. In fairness to the UniGUI Team, I have used UniGUI Mobile for several years (3yrs now) choosing to write Mobile WebApps that can upscale to Desktop (rather than downscale to phone). True many years ago we had some green issues but every release just gets better and better. My apps are used by many and are working well for me. All of my projects run as Stand Alone Server exe's with ElevateDB SQL as the backend.
  3. andyhill

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    Gerhard, Are we any closer with Mobile Themes ?
  4. andyhill

    Profanity Filter URL and UniGUI Callback

    User enters data into text editor, lets say personal name. As it is the web, strangers can use swear words or use bad words claiming it is their name. I want to (when Process Button is clicked) verify by some sort of web service if it is clean (void of nasties). If clean then process, if vulgar then reject. Something like this old get user IP, a web service to approve it (it would require I submit the user name). UniSession.AddJS('$.getJSON(''//freegeoip.net/json/?callback=?'', function(data) '+ '{ ' + ' ajaxRequest(' + Self.WebForm.JSName + ', "ClientIPAddr", ["ip="+data.ip]);'+ '} );'); NOTE: I do not want to verify this locally, this would require me to keep a vulgar list on my PC and I do not want to do this.
  5. I am after a Profanity Filter Check via a URL (I do not want to store a local profanity list on my Server). I would like to use UniGUI to call a Profanity Checking Service and advise if the word is Clean via a Call Back. If anyone has done this would they please show me how - thanks in advance.
  6. andyhill

    Capturing camera

    Felipe, Mobile (I will assume iOS/Safari in this case) requires a https Digital Certificate off memory.
  7. No, as I said, it had stopped working many many updates ago, out of site, out of mind, and I totally forgot all about it. Where it all came unstuck for me was with DevExpress' IDE Licensing check code.
  8. My recent UniGUI update took out my Tokyo 10.2.2 IDE with no way for me to track down why. With the help of Farshad (thank you Farshad) we tracked down the conflict, that of DevExpress Libraries, but could not explain why, as well as, why now with 6-7-0 ? Numerous unistall/reinstalls of both DevExpress and UniGUI finally exposed the culprit. A long time ago I had downloaded and installed a PropertyEditor for TUniClientEvents which I procured from this forum which had consequently stopped working many updates ago, hence far from my mind, in fact I just plain forgot about it. Incidentally I appreciate the charitableness of the author for the PropertyEditor and it was my fault for not recompiling it with the latest UniGUI but as I was in a catch 22, that being Delphi would crash to the metal with no way of knowing why, I could never had recompiled it through the IDE anyway. Now with the PropertyEditor removed we are running once again. I hope this helps. Andy
  9. andyhill

    Unique identifier in client browser/machine

    I asked this question via a support ticket years ago with no response even after further prompting. Todate, as a very crude and not ideal work around, I use "User Access Credentials" stored on my back end DB Server with corresponding encrypted tokens stored as local client Cookies. Yes, I know Cookies can be blown away or disabled. I would love a real solution "Ext.device.Device.uuid"
  10. andyhill

    Javascript String ERROR

    See Ticket FSD-1457
  11. andyhill

    Javascript String ERROR

    Hi - Can anyone tell me why this string fails to define inside a javascript function ? It says right ")" missing ??? ' ... ' var ss = "<HEAD><SCRIPT src=\"files/print.min.js\"></SCRIPT><LINK rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"files/print.min.css\"></LINK></HEAD>";'+ '...
  12. andyhill

    UniPropertyGrid / uniAddProperties

    Good to know about ... sourceConfig = {Prop2" ... How can we add "Items" collection editor to the PropertyGrid for respective components ?
  13. A third button would be a last resort as once clicked the Prompt has finished and closed, however a Function Button in the Prompt Edit Box would allow interactive updates by the user of the contents of the Edit Box before OK/Cancel.
  14. A Function Button In Prompt Edit Box
  15. I have a need for a Function Button in the Mobile Prompt Edit Box (right), please show me how this can be done. Thanks in advance.