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  1. andyhill

    Unique identifier in client browser/machine

    I asked this question via a support ticket years ago with no response even after further prompting. Todate, as a very crude and not ideal work around, I use "User Access Credentials" stored on my back end DB Server with corresponding encrypted tokens stored as local client Cookies. Yes, I know Cookies can be blown away or disabled. I would love a real solution "Ext.device.Device.uuid"
  2. andyhill

    Javascript String ERROR

    See Ticket FSD-1457
  3. andyhill

    Javascript String ERROR

    Hi - Can anyone tell me why this string fails to define inside a javascript function ? It says right ")" missing ??? ' ... ' var ss = "<HEAD><SCRIPT src=\"files/print.min.js\"></SCRIPT><LINK rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"files/print.min.css\"></LINK></HEAD>";'+ '...
  4. andyhill

    UniPropertyGrid / uniAddProperties

    Good to know about ... sourceConfig = {Prop2" ... How can we add "Items" collection editor to the PropertyGrid for respective components ?
  5. A third button would be a last resort as once clicked the Prompt has finished and closed, however a Function Button in the Prompt Edit Box would allow interactive updates by the user of the contents of the Edit Box before OK/Cancel.
  6. A Function Button In Prompt Edit Box
  7. I have a need for a Function Button in the Mobile Prompt Edit Box (right), please show me how this can be done. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you, I look forward to seeing it
  9. Although I have found Desktop Programs never really convert well to WebApps due to the very fundamental differences in presentation, for me it is easier to build WebApps from the ground up than convert old legacy programs. Having said that I would be interested in studying your convert source code if you are willing to share.
  10. andyhill

    HtmlFrame without scrolling with Scroll

    I use a TunimHTMLFrame (not TunimURLFrame but should be similar) inside a Panel and set some Panel UniEvents as follows for a predetermined scroll height:- w:= 750; Panel.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Add('beforeInit=function beforeInit(sender, config)'#13#10+ '{ '#13#10+ ' config.scrollable = true;'#13#10+ ' config.minHeight = '+IntToStr(w)+';'#13#10+ '} '); Perhaps you could drop the height declaration and test accordingly.
  11. OK, I had to add WRAP instructions in the Table Tag as well. <table style="border:none; width:100%; white-space: word-wrap:break-all; vertical-align:middle;">
  12. My mobile WebApp builds HTML scripts dynamically for TunimHTMLFrame - all good. I want to on special data cells (not all) within a table override the Width and WordWrap defaults for the <td> </td>. <td style="width: 500px; word-wrap:break-word; border-spacing: 0px; border:none; font-size:15px; padding-top:3px; padding-left:8px; color:'+TxtColourStr+';">'+MaterialStr+'</td>'+ My style data above generally works except for the width: 500px; word-wrap:break-word; please advise how to resolve - thanks in advance.
  13. andyhill

    UniGUI Theme Pack Update Package (-x30)

    Hi Gerhard, Per a previous discussion (a very long time ago), do we have Mobile Themes now (larger everything) ?
  14. andyhill

    Signature from mobile

    When you get this to work correctly on Mobile UniGUI please share test project - thanks.
  15. andyhill

    HTML Memo HyperLinks - How To Make Them Work ?

    Thanks, I missed the need to be in ReadOnly mode - makes sense.