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  1. Bypassed UniGUI and coded it in Sencha, now works. '' Returns 'null'
  2. Unfortunately it is still intermittent - Need FIX ASAP
  3. I have come up with the following work around that uses the CloseUp Event with a deferred reading of the new select value via an ajax event:- // OnCloseUp Event Bug Work Around procedure TMymForm.MySelectOnCloseUp(Sender: TObject); begin // if ByPassMySelectFlag = True then begin ByPassMySelectFlag:= False; Exit; end; // UniSession.AddJS('Ext.defer(function(){ajaxRequest(MymForm.ContainerPanel, "_mySelect_", []);}, 500)'); // end; ... if SameText(EventName, '_mySelect_') then begin ...
  4. unim- UnimSelect.Items.Add(''); // or ' ' UnimSelect.Items.Add('1'); UnimSelect.Items.Add('2'); UnimSelect.Items.Add('3'); if UnimSelect.ItemIndex was 2 ('2') and user select 0 ('') the ItemIndex is not updated to 0 due to the blank string
  5. I know this is the Desktop Forum but I am tired of the Mobile Forum postings being overlooked -or- not addressed regularly enough. As stated, My Mobile Application uses TUnimSelect and If the First Item = '' (blank string) then it Fails To Show In Desktop Emulation ? It works as intended on Mobile Platforms. Yes I know I can have a clearable button but it is too close to the select button and fat fingers fires it when it should not. Please advise.
  6. Please see Technical Support Case FSD-1166
  7. My code AV's at runtime, please advise - thanks. SystemMenu.BeginUpdate; SystemMenu.Items.Clear; // FAILS TO CLEAR TreeMenu !!! //SystemMenu.SourceMenu.Items.Clear; for i:= 0 to Length(UniMainModule.MyTreeMenuItems)-1 do begin // Parent Nodes if ( (i < 15) or (i = 19) or (i = 25) or (i = 32) or (i = 39) ) then begin pNode:= SystemMenu.Items.Add(nil, 'Parent'); pNode.Text:= UniMainModule.MyTreeMenuItems.Name; pNode.SelectedIndex:= i; end; // Child Nodes (uses previous pNode eg. i=14=pNode, i=15=cNode) if ( ((i > 14) and (i < 19)) or ((i > 19) and (i < 25)) or ((i > 25) and (i < 32)) or ((i > 32) and (i < 39)) ) then begin cNode:= SystemMenu.Items.AddChild(pNode, 'Child'); cNode.Text:= UniMainModule.MyTreeMenuItems.Name; cNode.SelectedIndex:= i; end; end; SystemMenu.EndUpdate; UniSession.AddJS(MainmForm.SystemMenu.JSName+'.Refresh;'); UniSession.Synchronize; Above compiles and runs but throws abstract errors. I know it may have something to do with reusing pNode and cNode objects ???
  8. I maintain an array of TreeMenu Items and create TreeMenu Nodes at runtime from this master list. Please show me how to Create Parent Node (with no children) and Parent Node with Children Node - thanks. for i:= 0 to Length(UniMainModule.MyTreeMenuItems)-1 do begin case i of // Parent (no children) 0..2: begin SystemMenu.Items.Add(UniMainModule.MyTreeMenuItems.Name); end; 3..4: begin SystemMenu.Items.Add(UniMainModule.MyTreeMenuItems.Name); end; 5..8: begin SystemMenu.Items.Add(UniMainModule.MyTreeMenuItems.Name); end; 9: begin SystemMenu.Items.Add(UniMainModule.MyTreeMenuItems.Name); end; // Parent (with children) 10: begin SystemMenu.Items.Add(UniMainModule.MyTreeMenuItems.Name); end; // Child 11..14: begin SystemMenu.Items.AddChild(10, UniMainModule.MyTreeMenuItems.Name); end; ...
  9. A quick test shows it fails on Mobile iPhoneX
  10. The author says "SSL under non - Windows platform is unstable, please do not use it in production environment"
  11. andyhill

    How to Set FieldLabel Alignment To Right ?

    In Mobile it puts all of the FieldLabels to the Right of the Form, we need Caption Alignment not just FieldLabel alignment.
  12. Although I can use UnimHTMLFrame.HTML.Add to accomplish this, as a learning piece can I have help to do this via the UnimHTMLFrame aftercreate Event as well. I have been having intermittent API Key Registration Failures (iPhoneX) with Google Map API (initialised in ServerModule CustomFiles) so I am trying to simulate the adding of CustomFiles with the UnimHTMLFrame aftercreate Event in order to execute the following URL (API Key Registration) but I get the following error (see attachment) - please advise - thanks in advance. function aftercreate=aftercreate(sender) { window.location = "https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=mykeygoeshere&callback=initMap"; }
  13. I have A Complex Table (minimised here for simplicity), Please advise how I can set each row color in the itemTpl based on a DBListGrid Data Value. ListGrid.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Add('beforeInit=function beforeInit(sender, config)'+ '{'+ 'config.itemTpl='+ '<table style="width:100%; white-space: nowrap; vertical-align:middle;">'+ ' <tr bgcolor={[this.getColour(values)]}'+ ' <td "Test Data"/td>'+ ' </tr>'+ '</table>,'+ ' {'+ ' getColour: function(values)'+ ' {'+ ' if(values[1] == true) return "#FF00FF";'+ ' else return "#00FF00";'+ ' }'+ ' };'+ '<img onclick="javascript:xxxxx"/>'+ '}' );