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First of all you have to choose a service provider that receives messages on TCP/IP and converts them to SMS.

There are  lots of options and all have their interface different from each other.

You format your interface based on their specification how the message should look like.

Most use either SOAP or REST. More rare they use http so you can use TIdHttp to send the message.

I used the RESTClient, RESTRequest, RESTResponse objects to handle the messages.

Best of luck 

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The easiest way is bulksms.com. my example is based on bulksms and works great. Send every day about  200 sms with a unigui and vgl application.

Just  create an account with  bulksms and use my example. Replace the dummy username and password with your bulksms account and you van send messages

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3 hours ago, j0h4n76 said:

If I Follow Your Step, Can I Have A Sample dan Solved My Problem from you ???

If You Can not Solved my Problem, I Dont want to Follow your Step. is Simple.

are You Sure ?

Explain to me by your logic. make me trust you.


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