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  1. mierlp

    Is it posible work barcode scanner?

    That would be a nice and usefull component. Would it be part of unigui?
  2. mierlp

    ShutDown previous runnings automatically

    I use the code below in the servermodule (thanks to d.bernaert) procedure ExploreWeb(page:PChar); begin ShellExecute(0, 'open', page, nil, nil, 1); end; procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleBeforeInit(Sender: TObject); begin if ExtractFileExt(ExtractFileName(ParamStr(0)))='.exe' then ExploreWeb(pchar('http://localhost:'+ IntToStr(port))); end;
  3. mierlp

    UniMemo Count Chars

    procedure TMainForm.UniMemoChange(Sender: TObject); begin uniLabel_Char.Caption := IntToStr(Length(StringReplace(StringReplace(UniMemo. Lines.Text, #10, '', [rfReplaceAll]), #13, '', [rfReplaceAll]))); end; sorry...wrong post
  4. mierlp

    Is it posible work barcode scanner?

    Hi, You can use an onkeydown event from the editbox where the barcode is read. if (key = vk_return) then begin // Step 1: // Search the database using a filter or query and check the barcode // only occurs once with a record count // Step 2: // Now do what you want to do now that the barcode has been found // Step 3: // Clear the field and focus on the edit field end;
  5. mierlp

    UniMemo Count Chars

    Hi, Take a look at my example of sending text messages, I think that's what it is all about
  6. Hi I was wondering if someone has a small example of some kind of room scheduling (database-aware) and would like to share. What it must do: have a table with resources (roomID, Name, Seats) have a table users (which can make a reservation) calendar (calendarID, ResourceID, StartDateTime, EndDateTime, UserID, Subject, Visitors) view per resource, day, month view
  7. mierlp

    Help desk ticketing system

    You can also setup a WordPress site + helpdeks ticket system (https://supportcandy.net/ WordPress hosting € 2,50 per month https://www.strato.nl/hosting/wordpress-hosting/ More Helpdesk systems here https://themeforest.net/search/helpdesk ticket
  8. mierlp

    Distance between icon in dbgrid action column

    Thank you Sherzod...works like a charm
  9. Hi Is there a way to expand the distance between the icons in a action column. I have 3 icon in 1 column
  10. Hi, Is there a visual report builder like fastreport or.... which works with uniGui So the user can design his own reports with database fields. I know that some of you are using TMS Flexcell but was wondering if there's something else which works. Regards Peter
  11. hi I was looking for a component for building Multi-langauge application. I wanted a component which support both,- Win32 + UniGui. I tried several components and some of them are not working with uniGui or very expansive. So i ended with LangMan PREMIUM (http://regulace.org/index.php?cPath=26) and it's working great AND it's supports Win32 + uniGui for a very nice price of € 52,00 or $ 75,00 Just for sharing with all of you. Regards Peter
  12. hi Lot's of us here on the form are using uniGui from the beginning. I was wondering how you're application GUI looks ..for seeing and inspirion what can be done with uniGui...some screenshot would be wonderfull. Regards Peter
  13. mierlp

    Newly released FastMM5

    Hi Be aware that the license has been changed at the same time. You now have the option of commercial (from $ 99 per dev) or GPL-v3. The fact that he is going to ask for money is not so bad, it's the way how
  14. mierlp

    Remove nav bar from DBGrid

    uniDBGrid.WebOptions.Paged = false
  15. Hi The forum website is very slow..also searching... and if found and move to next page...it takes about 10-15 seconds for next page. Not my internetspeed
  16. mierlp

    Problem With ISAPI

    Hi Mysql depends on the wait_timeout parameter on the server-side .For example, I use myDac components to connect to MySQL. A common error is Lost Connection to MySQL during query. Not only with MyDac but also php or everything that connects to a MySQL server. This is caused by 2 parameters: 1. on the mysql server side, that is wait_timout parameter 2. on the software / component / connection side there is often a parameter regarding connection time-out These 2 values must be coordinated and the value on the software side must always be lower than the value of mysql server.In addition, a timer can be used to ping or re-connect to provide the time-out of the software side.
  17. Hi, How to set the (background) color of the Treeview. Set the property 'Color' to my color it changes only at designtime but on runtime it's white. ParentColor is False It seems an old issue (#1016)
  18. mierlp

    MenuButton font size

    Hi I have placed a menu button on a page control as a menu. How can I change the font size otherwise you will get very large menu bottons to display 2 lines of text Regards Peter
  19. mierlp

    License manager & Software Protection

    Hi There are several solutions in the market for securing software, but it is precisely what you want to use it for. You can also make something yourself in combination with a subscription model. For example, you can also create an encrypted file with customer data that is always displayed, which also uses a machine ID or mac address of the server or another unique key. For example, a key that you generate based on customer data or a random code. You can use a GUID in your application and include that code as a unique code in an encrypted file. You regularly check whether the GUID is equal to the content of the file and you also do a check in your online license manager. Here you arrange your subscription and determine whether the application can run or not. If you turn off the subscription in your license manager, you also change a parameter in the encrypted file so that the application does not work if they turn off internet traffic or apply a firewall rule. You can also use the registry as a fall-back of the encrypted file if, for example, they restore a version. Pay attention when using unique hardware data as this may change again. Certainly when your customer starts using virtualized servers, for example with VMware and a VMotion takes place to another server. https://avlock.av-soft.com/ see the documentation section for info http://www.jproductivity.com/ http://www.ssware.com/index.htm https://www.oreans.com/ https://agilis-sw.com/
  20. mierlp

    save and load File in Database: Has someone a Demo??

    True ... every variant has its advantages and disadvantages. When you apply clustering, I can also assume that the database environment is also clustered. You can use load balancers for high availability and realize redancy. By using virtualization in combination with hyperconverged or converged server and storage platform, you can now build beautiful, stable and fast systems.
  21. mierlp

    save and load File in Database: Has someone a Demo??

    See my older answer:
  22. Hi In VCL you can use this code to format a field. Within uniDBGrid this event is not available
  23. mierlp

    Format field with DBGrid.OnDrawDataCell property

    Hi You're solution works fine...thanks. I have created in the main table a lookup field for showing a TIME value from a other table. When i created the lookup field and set the type to TIME or STRING then you can't format it with this code. Then i got a exception error. When leaving the code it show the time value but Always in HH:mm:ss I think it's not possiblie to format a lookup field this way. But thanks for the solutions
  24. Hi Within my application I use block-time. A block-time is a time period in which volunteers work. For a block of time I want to register the start and end time after which the duration must be calculated. The date is not important but I do need it to calculate the correct duration. Now I use the following fields: - StartDate (date field) - StartTime (time field) - EndDate (date field) - EndTime (time field) With a new record, the current date is stored in the StartDate and EndTime fields. Calculating the duration goes well when I am in a period between 00: 00-00: 00. When I specify a time between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM, the duration is calculated as 2:00 AM. When I specify a time between 10.00 and 2.00 p.m., the duration is calculated at 8 p.m. but should actually be 4 p.m. Question: - which type of field can I use best, DateTime or a separate date and time field - how can I correctly calculate the duration when the start time <00:00 and the end time> 00:00 Now i use this code to calculate duration: iAmountMinutes := MinutesBetween(TypeBlockTime.Fieldbyname('EndTime').value,TypeBlockTime.Fieldbyname('StartTime').Value); TypeBlockTime.FieldByName('showTotalHours').value :=Format('%2.2d:%2.2d',[iAmountMinutes div 60,iAmountMinutes mod 60]); Regards Peter
  25. mierlp

    Calculate duration between time values

    Hi Sherzod Simple test case added testcase - calculate time.zip