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  1. jahlxx

    Leaflet OpenStreetMaps Example

    Hi friend, This is great. Good job!! Can I make 2 questions to you? - Can assign some text to markers, and show a tooltip when click? (I'll have some markers and a different message for every one) - Can have satellite view? Thanks in advance.
  2. jahlxx

    calendar year view

    Sure, Attached is the unit. Any enhancement will be wellcome. calendar.zip
  3. jahlxx

    calendar year view

    well, finally I've done with some stringgrids. I don't know if it is the est way to do it, but right now ins enough for me. thanks for all, and hope that in the future, calendarpanel will have year view. looks like the image:
  4. jahlxx

    calendar year view

    Ok. yes, thanks.
  5. jahlxx

    calendar year view

    Ok. thanks. I'm almost where I want, using stringgrid, but I miss cellclick event, and/or capture row and col un stringgridclick, How can I do? Thanks.
  6. jahlxx

    calendar year view

    Hi. I need to have a year view calendar. There is no standard component to do it, and have some options, but none of them covers my need. In the calendar I will have 2 kinds of days, and need to color the cells depending of the kind of day. For employees, will hace vacation days in one color, and hollydays is other color. Option 1: Put in a form 12 calendarpanels with month view, but have the problem that can't have different colors for every kind of days. Option 2: Put in a form 12 calendar, but I dont knot hot to hide the headers (where appears the arrows for change the month). I can only hide the today button. Option 3: Put 12 stringgrids, and bult every one with the days of one month. I know how to do this, but coloring the cells is a heavy process, because I have the calendars in database and ondrawcell procedure I think that is not the best way. Option 4: Use a year calendar in javascript and put in a htmlframe. The 3 first options are with standard components, and the option 4 not. I prefer to use standard components. Options 1 and 2, cloud be the best, but I don't know. I'm making tests with this options, but can't find the best and the easyest way to do it. That's all. I hope someone can clarify to me. Thanks.
  7. jahlxx

    calendar panel year view

    Ok. I will create a new topic.
  8. jahlxx

    stringgrid color cell

    Hi. How to set a color to a cell of a stringgrid. For example, set the cell [4,7] to red. thanks.
  9. jahlxx

    calendar panel year view

    and more tests that I'm doing, please see: I can hide today, but never was able to hide the rest of items narked in the images. could be? thanks.
  10. jahlxx

    calendar panel year view

    is possible? thanks.
  11. jahlxx

    calendar panel year view

    Ok. this works. with thar change in mainform script, works. Only one more thing. As I said in a prior post, can color when a day has an event. Only one color. But now, is I have a calendar panel with 2 calendars, and want to have 2 different colors, how can I do? With this, I'll have what I need. Thanks.
  12. jahlxx

    calendar panel year view

    yes, I'll try tomorrow
  13. jahlxx

    calendar panel year view

    do you mean this? MainForm -> Script: if (Ext.calendar) { Ext.calendar.view.Weeks.prototype.defaultConfig.overflowText='+{0} daha'; } If yes, sorry but don't work. Ir does nothing
  14. jahlxx

    calendar panel year view

    with this work: only need disable de thegend. thanks in advance.