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  1. jahlxx

    unitreemenu runtime

    I'll try
  2. jahlxx

    unitreemenu runtime

    Hi. I generate a menu (TUnimenuitems) in run time, loading items from a text file. after this, assign it to a unitreemenu, but the treemenu don't dhows nothing. I've tried to generate the unitreemenu directly, without a unimenuitems assigned. with this, all the options are loaded, but can't assign images. some help please. thanks.
  3. jahlxx

    how to enable scroll bar in tunitreemenu

    Hi. Any news about this? vertical works, but horizontal not. I need this. Thanks.
  4. jahlxx

    button css

    Hi. What's wrong here? I'm trying to color some buttons, and put font in white color for the caption. Some help? .myOKboton { background: #006600; border-color: #006600; color: white !important; } Thanks.
  5. jahlxx

    hyperserver backup files

    Hi. With hyperserver usage, I can see some folders named bak, and many files named bak, in the folder of my application in the server. Everything is working fine, but I don't know the reason of these files, and why are not purged. Some of them must be garbage (I think). Is there any config parameter to auto clean unnecessary files and folders? Thanks.
  6. jahlxx

    hyperserver loadbalancing

    is an application more efficient with hyperserver than in isapi dll? Enviado desde mi SM-A500FU mediante Tapatalk
  7. jahlxx

    hyperserver loadbalancing

    Hi. I'd like to know how hyperserver assign sessions. I don't know why I have nodes with 5 sessions and nodes with 1 session. I'd like to know too, the optimal number of nodes to configure in configuration file. I think there must be an optimal number of nodes, depending the max number of concurrent sessions expected. Thanks.
  8. jahlxx

    tunidblookupcombobox listsource open

    as commented before, I use to do like this in vcl apps, but with lookups, the user experience is better. I have changed for the lookups, and set remotequery to true. with this, the form is shown very fast
  9. jahlxx

    tunidblookupcombobox listsource open

    right now, meanwhile I test other options, is there any way to set keyvalue and have text too? as commented before, when set keyvalue of the field, the text property is blank. thanks.
  10. jahlxx

    tunidblookupcombobox listsource open

    Yes. I used to do this in that way, but the application is more usable for the users using lookups. I'll try to test more ways.
  11. jahlxx

    tunidblookupcombobox listsource open

    As workaround, I don't open the listsources at form show event. I'm testing to open them on demand. I'm testing to open the list source in the onenter event of the lookup, and now the form is shown quickly. The only problem is that before show the form I set values to the lookups, for example myfield.keyvalue := '3'; With this, the keyvalue is set ok, and when enter in the lookup, the values of the fields are shown ok, as expected. The only problem is that the form is shown with the lookups text set to blank, even when I set the keyvalue. I hope you understand to me. When set keyvalue, text is still blank. That's my problem. Any idea? Thanks.
  12. jahlxx

    hyperserver multiple aplications

    Hi. How to proceed when have a phisical machine, and more than one application as hyperserver? As I can see, there are problems when mantaining default values in config file for every application. Changing the value of start_port=16384, the problem seems that is solved, but I don't know if I have to have in consideration more things. Thanks.
  13. jahlxx

    hyperserver app version

    Hi. I'm startting with hyperserver (great step). I've activales version control in my app, but un hyperserver monitor, allways shows in binary file version Have I forgotgten something? Is this really important? Thanks.