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  1. jahlxx

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Hi. Please, can you share that custon css to override some colors of neptune theme? Thanks.
  2. jahlxx

    htmlfrane with html form

    Hi. With URLFrame instead of HTMLFrame, it works as I need. Thanks.
  3. jahlxx

    htmlfrane with html form

    Hi again. I really need a solution to this. I've people waiting for this, and need a solution. I heve made some different tests and can't find the way to do it. Please.
  4. jahlxx

    htmlfrane with html form

    Hi. Still waiting for this. Is there any solution? I need this. Thanks.
  5. jahlxx

    how change panel title color?

    Hi. How can I change the panel border too? Thanks.
  6. jahlxx

    unipanel visible

    Sorry, my english is not very good. When I hide the panel, I generate an ajax event. In the ajax event, I execute a query, but the screenmask is not shown. I have 2 options: - do it in the way you told me in the prior post - set the screenmask.enabled of the panel to true tested the second way, it works, but I don't know if its is the best way. But now, works, thanks.
  7. jahlxx

    unipanel visible

    Well. Setting the panel screenmask.enabled to true, works. I don't know if is the best way to do it. Thanks.
  8. jahlxx

    unipanel visible

    Where you put " Your logic "
  9. jahlxx

    unipanel visible

    Hi. Here, my code is execute a sql statement to load a grid, but screenmask is not shown. The same code, in a button click, shows loading in screenmask, but ajaxevent doesn't. How can I do this? Thanks.
  10. jahlxx

    unipanel visible

    Ok. Thanks.
  11. jahlxx

    unipanel visible

    well. I do this in run time: UniSession.AddJS('ajaxRequest('+ unipanel1.JSName +', "bok", [])'); It works, but thene is a little delay in the action. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. jahlxx

    unipanel visible

    Yes. Or something to monitor when is shown or hidden
  13. jahlxx

    unipanel visible

    Hi. How can I know when a panel is setted to visible yes/no? Something similar to onshow or onhide (for example). Thanks.
  14. jahlxx

    htmlfrane with html form

    How can I solve this? Thanks.
  15. jahlxx

    dbgrid checkbox problem

    Any solution? Thanks.