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  1. Ajax error with this: UniSession.AddJS('Ext.util.CSS.swapStyleSheet({url: "'+UniServerModule.STartPath+'files\custom2.css'+ '"})'); Ajax error: malformed hexadecimal character escape sequence
  2. Sorry. Taking this: UniSession.AddJS('Ext.util.CSS.swapStyleSheet(''/ext-'',''/ext-'');'); How can I load UniServerModule.StartPath + 'files\custom.css' ? Thanks.
  3. Hi. How can I load customcss in run time? I can't find info about this. I load a custom.css file in servermodule init, but I don't know how can I do it in run time. Thanks.
  4. Ok. for me, unigui26 Now, installing, [dcc32 Fatal Error] UniGUIOS.dpk(50): F2063 Could not compile used unit 'UniOSPaypalButtons.pas' ??
  5. Hi. I need to check UniQZ, but can't find the unit. Is there a demo version? Thanks.
  6. jahlxx


    Hola a tod@s. Lo pongo en español. Alguien en España tiene desarrollado algún módulo o librería o algo para el intercambio de información con la AEAT en lo que se refiere al SII? Gracias.
  7. Hi. This works, but not when Micro = true. Is possible? Thanks.
  8. Ok. This almost works. I tried something like this some weeks ago, and the problem is the same. Works when you close the form, but dont work when you close the application. Thanks.
  9. Hi. The components are created in design time, they are in the form, and the owner is the same form.
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