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  1. Ok. Take the demo: \FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\DBLookupComboBox - Custom Remote Query Add a button in mainform, and in onclick event: UniDBLookupComboBox1.keyvalue:='10001'; This does nothing.
  2. Yes. Thanks. The only problem is for example, unidblookupcombobos.keyvalue := 29, don't work.
  3. Hi. Is possible in a dblookupcombobox set any opcion to match some fields. Now, as I know, match any field = true or false, and match all fields. I need to match only some fields. Is possible? Thanks.
  4. Hi. How can I change colors for buttons in unifileupload? Thanks.
  5. Hi. I need to know the class of TUnimForm, TUnimTabPanel, and TUnimTabSheet. Or, are there any tool or way to know it? Thanks.
  6. ok. form? tabcontrol?
  7. Hi. Any idea? Thanks.
  8. Sorry, solved with Unimscrollbox. But, executting on my cell phone, the scrollbox doesn't fill the screen. A blank space is shown at bottom. Works, but is extrange behaviour. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  9. Ok. I'll try. Thanks
  10. In touch demos, see Form scrollable
  11. Hi. how can I have a mobile simulation in my borwser? Could be very useful, to all the url http://myapp/m, and run like in the mobile (screen size). Thanks.
  12. Hi. How can I set a unimtoolbar allways visible. When scroll the form, the toolbar is no visible, and must go to the start of the form to view it again. And the form title? It happens trhe same. Thanks.
  13. Hi all. Is there any way, in a hybrid applicatios, to disable de "mobile mode". I need this for testing purposes. Thanks.
  14. jahlxx

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    Hi friend. The solucion was hybrid application. Thanks.
  15. Sorry. Works but don't with my custom css. Is there any workaround? Thanks.
  16. Hi. I have the same problem, but that solution dont'n work for me. I have been making some tests, but don´t work. Any idea? Thanks.
  17. Hi. My prublem is with unimnumberedit. Y do this: with FormatSettings do begin DateSeparator := '/'; DecimalSeparator := '.'; ThousandSeparator := ','; CurrencyFormat := 0; CurrencyString := '€'; shortdateformat := 'DD/MM/YYYY'; longdateformat := 'dd/mm/yyyy'; shorttimeformat := 'hh:mm'; longtimeformat := 'hh:mm:ss'; end; this work in desktop applications, but don`t work is mobile apps.
  18. Hi. How can I replicate this piece of code in mobile version? MessageDlg('ELIMINAR REGISTRO?', System.uitypes.TMsgDlgType.mtconfirmation, [System.uitypes.TMsgDlgBtn.mbOK, System.uitypes.TMsgDlgBtn.mbCancel], borrar_registro); Thanks.
  19. Hi. How can I set unimnumberedit DecimalSeparator to . (dot)? Thanks.
  20. jahlxx

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    Ok. I'll try. Thanks. And other question. I have 2 versions of an delphi + unigui application, one for desktop, and one for mobile (touch). Is there any way to run the correct one depending the client device? For example: When go to the url "www.mydomain.com/myapp" in the web browser, if the client is a computer, go to that url as it is, but if the client is a mobile, go to the url "www.mydomain.com/myapp/m". Is there any option to do that? In the server? in the application? ?? I hope I have been clear enough. Thanks.
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