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  1. Boa Noite. Voce conseguiu colocar uma checkbox dentro de um UniStringGrid.

    Tem como compartilhar seu conhecimento, estou precisando.


  2. adragan

    Print PDF direct to Printer - Help

    On LAN there are solutions. On WAN it's more complicated unless you create a VPN with the remote clients.
  3. adragan

    send sms

    First of all you have to choose a service provider that receives messages on TCP/IP and converts them to SMS. There are lots of options and all have their interface different from each other. You format your interface based on their specification how the message should look like. Most use either SOAP or REST. More rare they use http so you can use TIdHttp to send the message. I used the RESTClient, RESTRequest, RESTResponse objects to handle the messages. Best of luck
  4. adragan

    Loading Data on demand...

    Browsing through 10000 records is meaningless. Using a significant result set from a query is something one needs. If it's about testing the performance of the framework, I can understand, but for a real world application it's a waste of time and resources.
  5. adragan

    Fastreport problem

    frRichView is not threadsafe. I got it. Tested ! I used TFrxMemoView with AllowHTNLTags:=True and inserted tags in text. Not the same thing but close .
  6. adragan

    FireDAC Transactions commited when onClose ?! BUG ?

    With MyDac you can work in 2 ways. If you put in the connection object Autocommit:=true it does the job by itself. Even if you have Autocommit:=True , if you explicitly start a transaction , you have to commit it the same way. If you start it and don't commit it it's anybody's guess what's happening, but by closing the query it will try to commit it anyway.
  7. adragan

    Get list of sessions users

    To save the time, I got it from an example var S : TUniGUISessions; U : TUniGUISession; i , nr: Integer; ASessionList : array of TUniSessionInfoRec; begin S := UniServerModule.SessionManager.Sessions; nr:=S.SessionList.Count; S.Lock; // Using Lock on session manager should be used with extreme care. // We should keep this "Lock" active as short as we can. Session Manager stops working until lock is released. // Excessive use of lock/unlock or keeping the lock active for a long period will make uniGUI server slow/unresponsive. try SetLength(ASessionList, S.SessionList.Count); // Here we do a fast copy of list to another array for later use. nr:= S.SessionList.Count - 1; for i := 0 to nr do begin U := S.SessionList; ASessionList.ASessionId := U.SessionId; ASessionList.AIP := U.RemoteIP; ASessionList.ALastTime := U.LastTimeStamp; end; finally S.Unlock; // ... and finally don't forget to release lock! end;
  8. adragan

    How to increase the data query speed

    Speed of a query depends of a lot of things and I think the last one is UniGui. Run and optimize the query first from the administration console of the db server, Some DB engines load only a no of pages in memory and retrieve the rest only on demand. Try to check the processor load with users on if you can. That's only a few of the thing that can go wrong. In my case with 60 users connected and on a table in excess of 100 milion records an indexed search "paints" a result set of 216 records in less than 3 sec. So figure.
  9. Why don't you define 2 different sites on the same machine. One to be adressed as http://localhost/first_app and the second http://localhost/second_app I used this approach and it works.
  10. adragan

    Menu.Hide ?

    Hi all, I am trying to use the Menu object on tablet app. It has a Menu.Show property but as far as I can tell no Menu.Hide . Is there a way to hide the menu after pushing a button ?
  11. adragan

    Capturing camera

    It's so simple : Use TUnimUpload UnimUpload.Accept:='image'; UnimUpload.Capture:='camcorder'; //For some reason 'camera' did not work UnimUpload.Execute; and OnCompleted CopyFile(PChar(AStream.FileName), PChar(DestName), False); where DestName is where on the server you want the picture saved. That's all
  12. adragan

    Server Web

    Check the firewall if it accepts inbound connections on the port of your application. If it's a exe then standard is 8077. If you tried ISAPI then standard is 80.
  13. If it's a mobile app don't forget the "m" at the end of the URL. I got it that way allready. Try to read parameters at OnCreat event of the main form. In case of Apache + ISAP module and mobile app the URL should look like : https://yourdomain.com/alias_from_httpd.conf/name_of_isapi_module.dll/m/?param1=.....&param2=......
  14. adragan

    Printing directly

    Solution for Lan Solution 1 Share the local workstation printer. Declare the printer as a "local" printer to the server. Create a table like IP, Server_Printer_Name ( actually the local printer) When you push the "Print" button swich to the local printer based on IP ( IP evidently must be fixed ) Generate and print the report, bar code etc. Solution 2 System service on server polling a table for "to be printed" reports, bar codes etc. In the table you specify which report, parameters, to what printer etc. WebApp inserts the respective information in the table. System service generates and prints it . After print, service deletes or marks as done the respective record from table. I saw this solution work 24/7 for 5 bar code label printing applicators in a factory. Maybe you can replicate it.
  15. adragan


    Question : Can we install , from the point of view of licenses, Themes package on client server ? How can we install on a production server the Themes package so that the theme manager can find newly installed themes ?