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  1. Как перевести на другой язык пункты Lock и UnLock? Спасибо.
  2. Merhabalar, unidbgrid'de UniDBGrid1SetCellValue olayi ile ilgili sutuna girilen degeri almaya calisiyorum. Normalde tablonun kusuratli deger formati "," olmasina karşın griden Value degerini aldigimda kusurati "." olarak gösteriyor. 12,3 sayisini 123 olarak algiliyor.
  3. In dbgrid, I display the solar calendar with a datetimepicker based on the tutorial at this link(1). But after selecting the date, the date is displayed in dbgrid as a Gregorian date. The codes of this link(2) are also not executed. What should I do to display the solar date in dbgrid cell? (1) : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/1202-jalali-calendar/&do=findComment&comment=72928 (2) : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/6709-jalali-farsi-db-date-picker-calendar/&do=findComment&comment=34122 TestUniDBGridEditorDatePicker.rar
  4. Hi How to get the double-click event of the UniDbGrid column header(only header and not cell or body)? Regards.
  5. Hi, How can I make some of my unidbgrid column title to vertical oriented like the picture shown ? Steve
  6. Dear all, I am using unidbgrid for my project. I am manage to set for 1 group in my dbgrid with summary, but my project need multi group and summary with grand total of the parent group. what we want is like this table A AB W1 500 TOTAL QTY :500 A AB W2 400 TOTAL QTY :400 TOTAL QTY : 900 A AC W1 100 TOTAL QTY :100 A AC W2 200 TOTAL QTY :200 TOTAL QTY : 300 TOTAL QTY : 1200 Can give me advise ?
  7. Hi all any idea how we can have this Grid filter bar like below https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/2fon&view/editor
  8. Hi Farshad, Since 2016 I have followed you and I have followed the ascending progression of UniGui, today your Framework has reached maturity and has become a global benchmark. We have just acquired our first license to start the switchover Our only request if this is possible is to integrate Filter Bar as above https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/2fon&view/editor
  9. Hello, I try to lock all columns in group but not success (may be Javascript can help In this situation ?) Step to test: 1. open Demos\Desktop\GridColumnLocking 2. in Column Editor set GroupHeader = "test group" for 3 Columns (these columns already locked) - CustNo - Company - Contact when running, the column does not locked tested Environment Delphi XE7 UniGui Trial Google Chrome 45.0.2454.85
  10. In an uniDbGrid I need to change the default sort order on some of the columns when a user first clicks on the column header. The default sort order is Ascending, but on column 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 I need to instead have the sort order Descending when user do first click on column (and then if click again Ascending). How can the following Sencha js-code be applied to reconfigure the uniDbGrid toggleSortState function on columns[2..7]? columns: [{ dataIndex: 'id', text: 'ID', width: 50, toggleSortState: function() {
  11. I know drag&drop using two UniDBGrids are discussed and there are even demo about it but how about dragging and dropping inside one grid? I have data in which rows are ordered by indexed row number and I'd like to add feature where user can drag rows to different positions and when user does that, row numbers are updated in the background accordingly. What is the easiest and more importantly, correct way to achieve this?
  12. Hi How can merge two records (rows) in unidBGrid by use Drag & Drop. Best Regards.
  13. Para mudar a cor do fundo da barra de progresso do unidbgrid com o (UniProgressbarWidget) use o css abaixo .x-progress-default .x-progress-bar-default { background-image: none; background-color: #e74c3c; }
  14. Hello! Simple implementation... UniDBGrid.ClientEvents.ExtEvents -> 1. function beforeedit(editor, context, eOpts) { editor.grid.needToClear ? context.value = "" : {}; } 2. function beforeitemkeydown(sender, record, item, index, e, eOpts) { var me=sender.grid; me.needToClear = (e.getKey() !== 13 && e.getKey() !== 9); } 3. function beforeitemkeypress(sender, record, item, index, e, eOpts) { var me=sender.grid; if (!me.editingPlugin.editing) { me.editingPlugin.startEditByPosition({ column: me.uniCol,
  15. Hi, As the title says, I converted a library that Mike Heydon made to export a DataSet to old format Excel file (xls) without OLE or Excel installed. This library now converts an UniDBGrid to Excel. Sample of usage. // Add uses UExportExcel procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); var url, filename, reportname : String; exportExcel: TDataSetToExcel; i: integer; begin reportname := 'ExcelReport'; url := UniServerModule.LocalCacheURL+name+'.xls'; filename := UniServerModule.NewCacheFileUrl(false, 'xls', reportname, '', url); exportExcel := TDataSetToExcel.
  16. Hello, I have a grouped uniDBGrid. (uniDBGrid.Grouping = Enabled) I can Collapse or Expand all groups at runtime, but can't find a way to do it individually. For example. I want the Grid to show me the groups collapsed to a record, and from there on the rest expanded and do it at runtime, by code. Can someone help me to achieve this? Thank you so much. This is an image of the grid as an example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O-D4ngD3RAW0yZ3203-Pi0P2MjjvEhYM/view?usp=sharing
  17. Hello! Need to change the color of selected row in UniDBGrid . What property CustomCss should be changed ? Best regards
  18. Hi all, Is it possible to change column index in the UniGrid runtime? Or How to change order of columns in the grid? example: grid.Columns[1].index:=5; br,mk.
  19. I am looking to automatically center the grid toolbar.
  20. Hi All! PageSize Extension for UniDBGrid: How to use? 1. Download the file from here https://github.com/loiane/extjs4-ux-paging-toolbar-resizer/blob/master/ux/PagingToolbarResizer.js and copy to the directory /files/ 2. Add CustomFiles in UniServerModule: files/PagingToolbarResizer.js 3. Add beforerender function in UniDBGrid: function beforerender(sender, eOpts) { if (sender.pagingBar) { sender.pagingBar.hide(); sender.pagingBar.border = "0 none"; sender.pagingBar.destroy(); sender.addDocked( {dock: 'bottom',
  21. Hi! Is there some solution to put progress indicator in UniDBGrid. I have one"percent" field (10%,20%,30%....100%) and I try to show visualy percents in UniDBGrid with progress indicator. Any solution for that?
  22. I have a TUniDBGrid linked to TDataSource linked to TFDQuery linked to TFDConnection using Postgress (PG) driver with default options. I have two browser instances open with the TUniDBGrid. When I make changes in the TUniDBGrid in one browser instance, it goes all the way through to the Posgress DB. I confirmed this on the server using PGAdmin. However clicking on the TUniDBGrid refresh icon in the second browser instance does not refresh the changes. Only a whole browser refresh (CTRL-F5), loads the changes. What also works is to add a dedicated button that closes and then opens
  23. Hello! Need get field name of selected column in UniDBGrid at just moment, uses mouse. I mean, for example, in UniDBGrid exist Column='MyField' and when I making double click colomn, I must get name of select column. May be, exist something property as UniDBGrid.SelectedField (as in DBGridEh, from Ehlib components). Is it possible?
  24. Hi, I want to know how to read the text in a uniedit or unicombobox during editing when used in a column in unidbgrid. Using extEvent don't give me text except for the event "data" useful for remote queries. I need to manage and change edit text when data is no present in remote query, but ther is no possibility in dbgrid's unicombobox..... There are ways for manage events in controls embedded in grids? jeans_larghi (Sesamo Software collaborator)
  25. sample code to resize automaticaly uniDbGrid columns: thanks to Oleg by the model code. function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, the, eOpts) { Ext.each(columns, function(column, index) { if (!sender.columnManager) { sender.columns[index].flex=1; /*fit width, comment to disable*/ sender.columns[index].minWidth = 150; /*min.size*/ } else { sender.columnManager.columns[index].flex=1; sender.columnManager.columns[index].minWidth = 150; }; } ) } Demo project Attached. uniDBGrid_Column_Au
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