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  1. I have confirmed that this is not only on my laptop. I tried on a friend's Windows 10 64 bit laptop, FireFox 60.0 on the same wifi with the same result (mdemo65.dll same error, mdemo.dll work fine).
  2. Yes, I am on the same laptop
  3. Hello Farshad, Now I am at different place, using different connection than yesterday. Now I open http://prime.fmsoft.net/demo/desktop/mdemo65.dllstill the same error but http://prime.fmsoft.net/demo/desktop/mdemo.dllruns fine!!!
  4. Thanks for your explanation. It is rather weird because my wifi connection seems to be normal for everyday internet use. And the demo used to run fine a few months ago.
  5. Hello Farshad, I'm using FireFox 60.0 64-bit on my Windows 10 laptop. Unfortunately I don't have other PC/laptop to test now, but I test with my Android phone connected to the same wifi with my laptop. I test with Chrome 66.0.3359.158 with the same demo url for desktop Now the Ajax error is different: Unexpected end of input _rsov_(O1D,0); O174=new Ext.panel.Panel({id:"O174_id",bodyCls:"x-uni-tabsheet",itemId:"_2",bodyBorder:false,header:false,border:false,bodyBorder:false,layout:"absolute",title:"Page Control",icon:"/demo/desktop/mdemo65.dll/cache/mdemo65_dll/res/__92FD892CE8FF9
  6. Yes, now it happened again.
  7. Hello, In online demo http://prime.fmsoft.net/demo/desktop/mdemo65.dllclick Tab-PageControl --> Page Control An Ajax error dialog appear with the following message: missing ) after condition _rsov_(O1D,1); O174=new Ext.panel.Panel({id:"O174_id",bodyCls:"x-uni-tabsheet",itemId:"_2",bodyBorder:false,header:false,border:false,bodyBorder:false,layout:"absolute",title:"Page Control",icon:"/demo/desktop/mdemo65.dll/cache/mdemo65_dll/res/__92FD892CE8FF95367BFD0829.ico",closable:true,style:"border:none;",tabConfig:{id:"O174_id_tab"},uniFMask:{beforeclose:true}});O174.nm="O174";_cdo_("O17
  8. Hello, I have successfuly display a map and load a KML file (made with Google Earth) which contains some placemarks. Now I have 2 questions: 1. How to display the name of the placemarks? Like we see in Google Earth 2. When we click on one of the placemarks, how do we know which placemark we have just clicked? I know that in the OnAjaxEvent event we can examine Params. But the difference between one placemark and another is only the lat & lng. Can we identify the placemark by its name? Or maybe some other identification? I am using Delphi 10.2.2 Starter + UniGUI Trial Edition 1.0.0
  9. Hi arilotta, Thank you for the workaround. I have not tried it yet, but looking at your code, I think it will work. I hope someday it will be fixed in UniGUI so programmers can expect same behaviour in UniGUI like in VCL.
  10. Hello, For MVC the benefits would be great if the code is autogenerated instead of hand coded. Too much efforts needed to code by hand. But code/form generator would benefit all kind of programming paradigm. Even more benefits with the Delphi RAD way. Imagine that when we create a database application, we define datasets (sql, which fields shown in grid, which fields included in insert & edit, field labels, default values, etc) and a few clicks later, for each dataset it will autogenerate *.dfm and *.pas of: - a datamodule that contains the dataset - a form with dbgrid to browse, fil
  11. Thank you Delphi Developer. I tried the demo and succesfuly do the same.
  12. Hello, UniGUI uses different component sets for desktop and mobile. If I want to create an application in desktop and mobile versions (for example http://www.myapplication.comand http://m.myapplication.com), do I have to create 2 separate projects? And what is the hosting strategy for this case? Thank you in advance.
  13. Hello, I have not tried UniGUI again in a few months. Do someone have answers for question no 1 - 3? Thanks
  14. Hello Delphi Developer, The code can activate row editor, but double-clicking the grid still triggers editing.
  15. And how to make RowEditing could be activated programmaticaly only? In other words: how to make double-clicking the grid do not trigger editing?
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