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  1. TSeba

    UniGroupBox readonly property?

    Hi I did some tests with different components and different themes and the effect is the same. So I will see how to achieve what I want by modifying the css file so I appreciate the time to answer. Thank you
  2. TSeba

    UniGroupBox readonly property?

    Hi, the current theme is the classic. I did tests changing the theme of the project but the result is the same. Thanks
  3. TSeba

    UniGroupBox readonly property?

    Hi, is there any way to put all the components inside a UniGroupBox in read-only mode (or not) instead of doing it one by one? If the property enabled on the UniGroupBox is used, all components are gray and their visualization is difficult. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, There is any update about this topic?
  5. Hi, When I want to use RowEditor in a UniDbGrid and insert a new record, it doesn't show information in the columns with Lookup fields. I need to configure some property or this type of field can't be displayed until I confirm the registration? Thanks
  6. It works perfect!!!. Thanks a lot!!!
  7. Hi Within the Demo projects there is one called GridEditors (gedit.dproj). If in that project I want to insert a new record and in the column "Hire Date" I enter manually for example "45/45/4545" and then press the Tab key automatically cancels the record that I am registering. While I am loading the wrong date, it generates the hint with the error message, but it would be good if I generated that message when I left and did not cancel the registration. The same happens with the modification, if I manually change a date in the "Hire Date" field to an incorrect value, the edition is canceled. Thanks
  8. Hi! I have a UniDbGrid in a project and one of the columns has a TDateTime field and it has an associated UniDateTimePicker in the Editor property. When the program is executed and I insert a new record, in the date field if I report an incorrect date value, the behavior is that I cancel the record that I am loading instead of generating a message informing that the date entered is incorrect. How can I avoid canceling the registration and generating the message with the error and the possibility for the user to correct it?. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, There is any update about this topic?
  10. Hi: Could you help me with the following problem: I have an Editor (UniDateTimePicker component) associated with a column of a UniDbGrid. One of the validations when saving the record is that the Date field ("Comienzo" in the attached example) does not have a loaded date. If it has the loaded date, it generates a message warning the user of this and makes an "Abort" command so that it does not perform the saving. Now, if in the "Comienzo" column I erase the date, leaving the field visually empty, when I want to save the record again, the field still has the original value, it is not deleted even if the data in the column has been deleted. I have attached a small project where I reply a problem (PruebaEditor.zip). I also attach a txt file with the creation script of an interbase table with a single data record (EmFechasLiquidacion.txt). The steps to reproduce the error are the following: 1 - Relate IBCConnection1 with the database where the EmFechasLiquicacion table was added and connect it. 2 - Activate the IbcTable1 component 3 - Run the project, press Edit and then Save in the Navigator Component and the error message will be generated. 4 - Close the error message, delete the date in the "Start" field and then save again and the message will reappear because the "Start" field still has the date originally loaded. Thanks in advance PruebaEditor.zip EmFechasLiquidacion.TXT
  11. TSeba

    Error IsNull function in UniDbGrid

    Totally agree... In my case they are validations using the IsNull function but in different tables with Integer fields I have to verify if something was reported or not. Thanks
  12. TSeba

    Error IsNull function in UniDbGrid

    Thanks for the reply. It is a possibility but I have similar validations in several tables and it would imply changing them all and in this case it would not be the best solution. Thanks
  13. Hi, I have an error detected using UniDbGrid (TUniDbGrid) related to an Interbase table. Also I am using Delphi 10.2 Tokyo with Unigui version 10.0.1472. In a column where Integer type values ​​are loaded (the same happens with Float type fields), if I insert the value 0 (zero) when validating the previous record of its insertion in the table, the IsNull function returns the value True. The exact validation done in the BeforePost event of the table is as follows: If TableName.FieldByName ('AmountFrom'). IsNull then ShowMessage ("You must enter an amount greater than or equal to 0") The problem is that if I charge amount = 0 the, when doing the previous validation I get the message that I must enter an amount because of the IsNull function returns TRUE. If 0.01 is reported (or any value other than 0) the IsNull function returns FALSE. I did the same test using DbGrid (TDbGrid) and the "IsNull" function worked correctly returning TRUE if nothing was actually entered in the column and FALSE if 0 (zero) was loaded so the problem is not at the database level. In this case I am not using querys but I use the TIBCTable and TIBCDataSource components of Devart. Thanks in advance
  14. TSeba

    Function IsNull returns wrong value

    Thank you all for the answers but the problem has to do with the components used and not in particular of UniGui.
  15. TSeba

    Function IsNull returns wrong value

    Thanks for the answer but this does not work for me because if it has the value 0 loaded the length of the field is 0 and it really is not. Obviously this is a problem of the components of Devart that I am using. I'm going to have to consult them. Thanks again