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  1. Wicket


    Yes I also get this issue a lot! It seems random - I can’t really pinpoint the cause.
  2. Hi @robinhodemorais - Did you find a solution to this?
  3. I find this happens more often after rotating the device from portrait to landscape.
  4. I’ve also experienced this intermittently - so following this for a possible solution.
  5. @alfr - That's really impressive and elegant! However, I am using the touch controls and some of the layout options like 'table' are not available - so I struggled to get the desired result for the mobile touch controls using the UniGUI method. That is why I went down the route of using a HTML table in a UniHTMLFrame. @epos4u I will post my solution when I've finished. Thanks for the input everyone!
  6. I followed Andy's advice and built up the HTML at runtime - this is definitely the way to go - cheers @andyhill
  7. Thanks for the tips guys - I agree using a HTMLFrame is probably the correct way to do this. However, I have time constraints and I am not familiar with how to implement this. Maybe this is something I can learn when I have a bit more time. As the scorecard format is static - I have been looking at using a UniStringGrid, and populating the data cell by cell manually - I think this will be enough for now.
  8. Hi all, I am trying to create a golf scorecard layout, much like the example image below. What would be the correct control to start with? All of the data required will be stored in a database. Is this possible to do in a UniDBGrid? Thanks for any help.
  9. Wicket

    HBox and Flex

    Thanks, @mhmda this is really useful!
  10. Thanks @robinhodemorais - I was running 1518. I have now updated to latest build and can see the export!
  11. Hi, Has anyone got a solution for this? I need to be able to export a pivot grid to excel.
  12. Thanks for the input guys!
  13. Hi All, I am after some suggestions really - I need a really simple help desk ticketing system that only really needs to do the following: 1. Monitor my custom domain support email mailbox 2.Create a ticket in the help desk system from said email in the mailbox 3. Email the sender saying thanks for your ticket, your ticket number is...etc Everything I've tried so far seems overly complex/more than I need. I would prefer something that has a free tier, but I would consider paying a monthly fee for something that does what I need in a nice simple way. Suggesti
  14. Thanks for your help @Abaksoft
  15. Thanks @Kenneth and @Abaksoft - this is really valuable for me in learning the correct way to construct layouts!
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