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  1. Wicket

    *EDIT* solved - Fabric.js

    Hi Andy , once I've finished the project I'm working on, I will upload the component that I've created.
  2. Wicket

    *EDIT* solved - Fabric.js

    *EDIT* - solved - by using client events. As soon as I have finished the project , I will upload the component I have created.
  3. Wicket

    UniCanvas moving entities

    Thanks hph - I will take a look
  4. Wicket

    UniCanvas moving entities

    Hi All, Is it possible to move entities around on the canvas, for example if I create a rectangle - UniCanvas1.BitmapCanvas.Rectangle(X1, Y1, X2, Y2); How would I go about selecting this rectangle and moving the position of it on the canvas with the mouse? Thanks for any suggestions Infact what I am trying to to is create a simple tool to allow a user to build a 'layout' diagram. I need to be able to add entities - shapes, lines and maybe some text. I also need to be able to select ,move and delete items. I then need to save it as an image. It only needs to be very basic - what is the best way to go about this?
  5. Wicket

    I am sure your uniGUI1480 have some wrong

    Firstly, I am only hijacking this thread, as it seems this issue and the one I am having could possibly be related. I couldn't really fully understand the issue described above, however - I read enough to think the issue could be related to the issue I have with 1480. 1. I edit/insert a dataset row from a form 2. I change the value in a TUniDBEdit 3.As soon as focus is taken away from the control - it blanks my input and cancels the edit/insert I can not pin point this to a property, which I know is frustrating, however I assure you it is the case. I can show you remotely if that helps? I rolled back to 1472 - and the issue has gone away, and working as before. I have also logged a bug report -
  6. Wicket

    HyperServer - server status form

    I knew about the hyper server tab, just wasn't sure about the status tab, thanks for clarifying! FWIW - the hyper server migration from classical, was straight forward. A big thanks for the obvious hard work your putting in!
  7. Wicket

    HyperServer - server status form

    Hi All, I have moved my test system over to use hyperserver - so far so good. I just have a few questions reference the server status form. Is the server status tab still needed/valid? ServerLimits.MaxSessions := 250 on my server module, but shows as 20 on the server status dialogue The sessions value does not increment. The hyperserver tab seems to show sessions correctly. I have attached an image to visually see my questions. I need to know if I should ignore the 'server status' tab when using hyperserver - or if I have an issue causing the values to be incorrect. If i should ignore it - it probably shouldn't be show if using hyperserver. EDIT - I have a default hyperserver.cfg (max_sessions=0 ) and im running on IIS. Thanks in advance.
  8. Wicket

    Unimainmodule Global Variable

    Edit - didn't see farshads post
  9. Wicket

    Speed for UniPDFFrame

    Unigui uses pdf.js to view pdf files, so test in isolation with just using pdf.js. If it's still slow then the problem js pdf.js rendering speed. So you would need to log an issue with them. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  10. Wicket

    Remove favicon from modal forms

    Thanks Farshad
  11. Wicket

    Remove favicon from modal forms

    Thanks, I will take a look.
  12. Wicket

    Remove favicon from modal forms

    Hi All, I want to remove the favicon (Application Icon) from all modal forms - so that top left of the form it does not appear. However, I still want the favicon to appear on the tab of the webpage. Does anyone know if this is possible to do? Thanks.
  13. Wicket

    UniTreeMenu with Title

    +1 Can you share the solution - or the outcome of this please?
  14. Wicket

    End a specific session via code

    Hi All, I have manage to retrieve a session list, each with its unique sessionid and the last time of activity. My scenario - I have a session list of all current sessions (only the admin has access to this) This list populates a ClientDataSet My question - is their a way to disconnect/end/remove/logout another session from this using the id of a particular session? for example, Session.Disconnect(ClientDataSetSessionId.AsString); I realise each session has a timeout, which I currently have set to 10 minutes - but what if I (as an admin) wanted to remove a session manually before the timeout - is this possible? Thanks, Dan
  15. Thanks for the heads up Andy, I will try to do the same. However, in my opinion this should be rectified in the framework - I will add a support ticket within the next day or so - if it hasn't been addressed already.