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  1. Wicket


    I had a similar issue to this. As far as I can remember my work around was to unhook the click events on the menu items, then hook them back up in a finally block after the loading process had finished.
  2. Wicket

    Design question / your experience / advice

    /sub - I'm really interested to see some of the answers too.
  3. Wicket

    JS Library

    I generally make a component, descended from UniHTMLFrame. I then use this frame to execute the JavaScript in the session, adding any ajax events I need to intercept. Don't forget to add the JavaScript libraries your using to the customfiles in the servermodule. I am not at home at the moment, so can not give you code examples - but search the forum for UniHTMLFrame and you should see something that will help. Also check out the JQuery demo that comes with UniGUI.
  4. Wicket

    Firebird 4.0 Beta

    I also use Firebird for all projects - it's great
  5. Wicket

    Custom controls

    Yes - You can create your own controls by inheriting from existing controls.
  6. Just in case anyone missed it, a nice piece from Farshad about the UniGUI Ext JS migration. Good work Farshad! https://www.sencha.com/blog/migration-of-unigui-from-ext-js-4-2-to-ext-js-6-5/
  7. Wicket

    *EDIT* solved - Fabric.js

    Still working on the project that uses the component - I should have something to upload over the next couple of weeks.
  8. Wicket

    Screen examples of you're application designs

    Very nice Zemorango! - how did you change the theme to all use grey? What did you need to change?
  9. Wicket

    *EDIT* solved - Fabric.js

    Hi Andy , once I've finished the project I'm working on, I will upload the component that I've created.
  10. Wicket

    *EDIT* solved - Fabric.js

    *EDIT* - solved - by using client events. As soon as I have finished the project , I will upload the component I have created.
  11. Wicket

    UniCanvas moving entities

    Thanks hph - I will take a look
  12. Wicket

    UniCanvas moving entities

    Hi All, Is it possible to move entities around on the canvas, for example if I create a rectangle - UniCanvas1.BitmapCanvas.Rectangle(X1, Y1, X2, Y2); How would I go about selecting this rectangle and moving the position of it on the canvas with the mouse? Thanks for any suggestions Infact what I am trying to to is create a simple tool to allow a user to build a 'layout' diagram. I need to be able to add entities - shapes, lines and maybe some text. I also need to be able to select ,move and delete items. I then need to save it as an image. It only needs to be very basic - what is the best way to go about this?
  13. Wicket

    I am sure your uniGUI1480 have some wrong

    Firstly, I am only hijacking this thread, as it seems this issue and the one I am having could possibly be related. I couldn't really fully understand the issue described above, however - I read enough to think the issue could be related to the issue I have with 1480. 1. I edit/insert a dataset row from a form 2. I change the value in a TUniDBEdit 3.As soon as focus is taken away from the control - it blanks my input and cancels the edit/insert I can not pin point this to a property, which I know is frustrating, however I assure you it is the case. I can show you remotely if that helps? I rolled back to 1472 - and the issue has gone away, and working as before. I have also logged a bug report -
  14. Wicket

    HyperServer - server status form

    I knew about the hyper server tab, just wasn't sure about the status tab, thanks for clarifying! FWIW - the hyper server migration from classical, was straight forward. A big thanks for the obvious hard work your putting in!