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  1. Fábio Matte

    Detect browser in IIS or Apache

    How do I detect the browser that is running the application? Because this code only works right when I run in debugger: var C: TUniClientInfoRec; begin label_ra.Caption: = UniApplication.RemoteAddress; C: = UniApplication.ClientInfoRec; label_bt.Caption: = C.BrowserType; label_bv.Caption: = IntToStr (C.BrowserVersion); label_os.Caption: = C.OSType; But when I run inside Apache or IIS, it is not returning me anything, it comes in white.
  2. Fábio Matte

    MultiDetail List with Unigui Mobile?

    You can give me an example of how to use it, because I could not understand very well how to use tpl with the <table> tag.
  3. Is it possible to make a MultiDetail list with Unigui Mobile similar to what we do with the listview dynamicappearance of FMX?
  4. Fábio Matte

    CSS Style in TUnimList ?

    Thank you, that was exactly it.
  5. Fábio Matte

    CSS Style in TUnimList ?

    Is it possible to apply a CSS Style in TUnimList to be different from the Unigui / Sencha pattern?
  6. Fábio Matte

    IconCls size

    Image attached. I would like the icons to be bigger, examples: 24px or 48px, because it would make a better appearance in my application, because currently the IconCls are very small.
  7. Fábio Matte

    IconCls size

    Is it possible to increase the size of IconCls in mobile?
  8. Fábio Matte

    Possible error in TUnimBitbtn's IconCls [ SOLVED ]

    Very good, I tested it and it works in build 1469.
  9. Possible error in TUnimBitbtn's IconCls Good morning, I've set up my TUnimBitbtn with the IconCls property inside the Mobile App, but the icon is only displayed if the Caption property has a filled character. If the caption property is null or blank, the IconCls icon is not displayed, is this correct? Is there anything I need to do? Or it's a component bug! Attachments: Image with the location of the information. Image with Caption filled in appears the icon. Picture without Caption filled in does not appear icon.
  10. Fábio Matte

    How do I let UnimNumberEdit allow me to put a '0' on the left?

    Thank you, that was it, it worked.
  11. How do I let UnimNumberEdit allow me to put a '0' on the left? For example: I have two situations. 1st Situation: I need to put in a field the prefix of the phone 069, but when I leave the field it is only 69. 2nd Situation: I have a vehicle registration, and in this register I inform him of his license as follows. In a UniEdit I inform the letters of the board: NBH and in a field UnimNumberEdit I must inform the numbers of the board: 0985, but when I leave the field UnimNumberEdit automatically it converts to 985. The final result should be NBH-0985, but it's getting NBH-985. So I need the UnimNumberEdit field to accept 0 on the left. Is there any way to do this?
  12. Fábio Matte

    Error in the UnidbGrid popup menu. [ SOLVED ]

    Problem solved. My code was like this: Suboption Person.Popup (X, Y); And then I added the name of my dbunigrid in the code and it worked. suboption.Popup (X, Y, gridData);
  13. Fábio Matte

    Error in the UnidbGrid popup menu. [ SOLVED ]

    You have a compressed .pas and .fdm file in the previous comment.
  14. Fábio Matte

    Error in the UnidbGrid popup menu. [ SOLVED ]

    I did the way you indicated, but it still remains in the wrong place. Attached image. Abastecimento.rar
  15. Fábio Matte

    Customizing UnimPanel with CSS

    Thank you, that worked properly.