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  1. Fábio Matte

    Display Panel over dbGrid

    I already found the solution, they can close the Topic. I just checked the Floating option and to move it over the grid and other controls, I pointed the Draglable to True.
  2. Fábio Matte

    Display Panel over dbGrid

    Display Panel over dbGrid Good morning, how to make a Panel stay above a UniDbGrid, because in the designe it gets normal, but when it runs the application it gets behind the Grid, how can I solve it? Attached images.
  3. Fábio Matte

    Remove PageControl borders [ RESOLVED ]

    Thank you, my problem has been resolved.
  4. Fábio Matte

    Remove PageControl borders [ RESOLVED ]

    Attach a test file. PageControlBorder.rar
  5. Fábio Matte

    Remove PageControl borders [ RESOLVED ]

    Follows post. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/12263-remove-pagecontrol-borders/&do=findComment&comment=65460
  6. Fábio Matte

    Remove PageControl borders [ RESOLVED ]

    See the video where I show the screen where the PageControls are bordered to the end on the sides of the pages. I'd like to remove those edges. video border.mp4
  7. Fábio Matte

    Remove PageControl borders [ RESOLVED ]

    Remove PageControl borders Good afternoon, How do I remove these borders (see attached image) that appear around the PageControl components, to make the look more elegant? Is it possible to do via CSS, if so, how should I do it? Or what other way is that possible?
  8. Fábio Matte

    Copy Text from the dbgrid column to Clipboard

    As I speak Portuguese, I already researched several terms but I could not reach a link to help me. Is there a forum link to tell me or give me a direction?
  9. Good morning [RESOLVED] It was the HyperServer port that is the same for both applications. I made the changes at start_port = 16384 for each app and it worked correctly. Thank you!!!
  10. I need to copy the text that was selected in the UnidbGrid, through the option of a PopUp menu. I am using the following code: var col: Integer; TextCopy: string; begin col: = gridSenhasLiberadas.CurrCol; Clipboard.AsText: = gridSeedLibrary.Columns.Items [col] .Field.AsString; TextCopy: = Clipboard.AsText; If I give a ShowMessage, I see the Clipboard, however I can not paste it anywhere else. Apparently it's not on the clipboard. How do I then get that dbGrid value and actually put it in the clipboard through a popup menu?
  11. But did I do it that way, or is it incorrect?
  12. Problems with two Unigui Applications on the same IIS Server Good afternoon, I have two Unigui applications running on IIS. One at port 81 and one at port 82. But if I open http: // localhost: 81, and then open a new window and try to open it to http: // localhost: 82, it keeps loading http: // localhost: 81 and in that situation I have to keep giving Ctrl + F5 several times until it opens at http: // localhost: 82. Once you have opened http: // localhost: 82 it is the APP http: // localhost: 81 which gives the same problem. How do I fix this? I already researched but could not find material or a solution. Note ..: PHP sites work normal, the problem is with applications made with Unigui. This happens if you try to open in the same browser (Tested in Chrome) Follows the images of the Pool configuration of the two applications APP 01 APP 02
  13. Fábio Matte

    Detect browser in IIS or Apache

    How do I detect the browser that is running the application? Because this code only works right when I run in debugger: var C: TUniClientInfoRec; begin label_ra.Caption: = UniApplication.RemoteAddress; C: = UniApplication.ClientInfoRec; label_bt.Caption: = C.BrowserType; label_bv.Caption: = IntToStr (C.BrowserVersion); label_os.Caption: = C.OSType; But when I run inside Apache or IIS, it is not returning me anything, it comes in white.
  14. Fábio Matte

    MultiDetail List with Unigui Mobile?

    You can give me an example of how to use it, because I could not understand very well how to use tpl with the <table> tag.
  15. Is it possible to make a MultiDetail list with Unigui Mobile similar to what we do with the listview dynamicappearance of FMX?