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  1. Thank you very much, resolved: Here's a mini tutorial to help anyone who comes in the future. Tutorial: 1º ClientEvents > ExtEvents in DBGrid: Code: function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { var edPl=sender.editingPlugin; if (edPl && edPl.isRowEditor) { edPl.saveBtnText='Confirmar!'; edPl.cancelBtnText='Cancelar!'; }; } 2º Ext.grid.Panel > AfterRender: 3º - Result:
  2. I looked it up but couldn't find the correct search term, thanks for the tip.
  3. Good Evening, how can I translate or change the Caption of these buttons that are loaded when using the RowEditor function in the DBGrid?
  4. Very good friend, it worked here. Where could I find all this information that I could use to customize ??
  5. Hello, how are you guys? How do I define a CustomCSS in UniDBGrid.HeaderTitle. I was able to do it in the rest of the UniDBGrid, but the HeaderTitle property does not apply, how could I do it ??
  6. Good Morning! Thank you very much for the clarification, I suspected it was start_ports, but the links you sent me helped me with a few more situations. Thank you very much, friend.
  7. Guys, with insistence I ended up discovering that the reason for appearing Titles of the APPs exchanged, was that the two APPs had the same properties [http_transport] start_port=17384 in the index.cfg file, this caused confusion between the APPs. I believe that's it, but I'm still testing. Att. fabio
  8. Good afternoon people! I have two systems hosted on the same IIS server, and from time to time an Application opens the Title with the Description of the other Application, and they keep alternating between one and the other. At times APP 01 opens with the Title of APP 02 and other times APP 02 opens with the Title of APP 01, and they are in this dull joke that I don't know how I should solve it. If anyone has any idea what I can check I'd be grateful.
  9. Code: for i := 0 to Self.dbGridSQL_Resultado.Columns.Count - 1 do begin if (Self.dbGridSQL_Resultado.Columns[i].Filtering.Enabled) and (Self.dbGridSQL_Resultado.Columns[i].Filtering.Editor <> nil) then begin if Self.dbGridSQL_Resultado.Columns[i].Filtering.Editor is TUniEdit then TUniEdit(Self.dbGridSQL_Resultado.Columns[i].Filtering.Editor).Clear else if Self.dbGridSQL_Resultado.Columns[i].Filtering.Editor is TUniCheckComboBox then TUniCheckComboBox(Self.dbGridSQL_Resultado.Columns[i].Filtering.Editor).ClearSelection else if Self.dbGridSQL_Resultado.Columns[i].Filtering.Editor is TUniDateTimePicker then TUniDateTimePicker(Self.dbGridSQL_Resultado.Columns[i].Filtering.Editor).Text := ''; end;
  10. Thank you friend, it worked perfect, it came out better than I expected.
  11. In fact, it's the way you suggested it to me, but I'm still wrong. I do this by clicking on a Button, TUniButton.
  12. But at what point would I put this? Because I would need to pass in my column 0, a filter, according to what I type in UniEdit. FGrid.Columns.Items[0].Filtering.Editor := UniEdit; But that doesn't work, it gives the same error returned in the error image I posted.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to put the Filtering.Editor option on dynamically created columns in a UniDBGrid, but it doesn't work at all, in all the ways I try, I get the message "Argument out of range" when running. Here is the code I used to apply the filter: dbGridSQL_Resultado.Columns.Clear; if optControl = 1 then begin with dbGridSQL_Resultado do begin DataSource := dsFDMemTable; Columns.Items[0].Filtering.Editor := TUniEdit(Self.FindComponent('UniEdit1').Name); Columns.Items[0].Filtering.Enabled := True; end; end; Image Error:
  14. Excellent resource, it worked here for me, it was a lot of show.
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