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  1. This is the HTML I use in the Error templates: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="pt-br"> <head> <link rel='stylesheet prefetch' href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto:400,100,300,500,700,900|RobotoDraft:400,100,300,500,700,900'> <link rel='stylesheet prefetch' href='https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.3.0/css/font-awesome.min.css'> <link rel="stylesheet" href="www/css/estilos.css" type="text/css"> <title class="msgerro">Patrimonio Web [Encerrado]</title> <meta cha
  2. I put my HTML code in these properties but it doesn't return the personalized page. The same thing I did in TerminateTemplate and it worked, but in ExceptionTemplate and InvalidSessionTemplate nothing happens. Note.: Doing this in MainModule
  3. I found this function here that I believe is a desire to give a Reload / Fresh of the image: { xtype: 'box', imageSrc : 'getImage.do', autoEl: {tag: 'img', height: 60, width: 205}, refreshMe : function(src){ var el; if(el = this.el){ el.dom.src = (src || this.imageSrc) + '?dc=' + new Date().getTime(); } } listeners : { render : function(){ this.refreshMe(); } } } Or is Code: var img = Ext.getCmp('img_a'); img.updateSrc('...'); // or img.setSrc('...'); Ext.create('Ext.Img', { src: 'http://redino.net/xxx.jpg?' + new Date().get
  4. I put it that way, but it still didn't work.
  5. Solved with a conversion function. function ConverteMiniatura(Imagem: TGraphic; W, H: Integer; vTransparente : Boolean; Tipo: TGraphicClass = nil): TGraphic; var B : TBitmap; jpg : TJPEGImage; LogFont : TLogFont; aFont : TFont; Rect1 : TRect; sText : string; lAltura, lLargura, lEsquerda, lDireita : Integer; vIncRect : Integer; ww, hh : Integer; newH, newW : Integer; X, Y : integer; Imagem2 : TGraphic; begin B := TBitmap.Create; try if imgW < imgH then begin newH := W; newW := H
  6. I have a UnimDBListGrid, in which I load some information using HTML via UniEvents, according to this code below: Whatch line: '<td style="width: 5.69044%; height: 43px;"><img src="ArquivosCliente/{7}/{6}/Fotos/Bens/thumbmail/{1}.jpg" alt="{3}" onerror="img/semimagem.jpg" width="50" height="50" /></td>' + Full Code: function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.loadingText='Carregando...'; config.grouped=true; config.selectedCls=''; config.disableCaching = true; config.itemTpl= ' <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 49
  7. When I upload an image using TUnimFileUpload, TUnimImage behaves perfectly by applying the "Proportional" Property correctly, however when I upload the same image using TUnimFileUploadButton, this property does not do what it should do, which is to display the image of proportionally. How should I make this property behave correctly using TUnimFileUploadButton?
  8. Good morning, where did you use this code? I tried here, but it didn't work. Disregard, i managed to solve on account, OnCreate in Form or Frame: with UnimFileUploadButton1.JSInterface do begin JSAddListener('added', 'function(sender){if (sender.labelElement){sender.labelElement.hide()}; if (sender.inputElement) {sender.inputElement.hide()}}'); JSAddListener('change', 'function(sender){getOrientation(sender.getFiles()[0], function(orientation) {ajaxRequest(sender, "getOrientation", ["orientation="+orientation])})}'); JSConfig('border', ['false']); JSConfig
  9. Good Morning! I downloaded the example and component at the beginning of this topic and did not find the option to read Barcode with the camera! Is this resource paid? If so, how do I get it!
  10. Friend, thanks for your tips. It was the 02 things that made it work. 1. Change the PatrimonioWeb.exe Patch 2. And give permission for the IIS user, >> IIS_IUSRS, to be able to perform operations on the newly created folder. Thank you very much, everything corrected.
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