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  1. Hi Sherzod. Version: When the unidbgrid has a column locked, this code doens't work UniSession.AddJS(UniDBGrid1.JSName + '.headerCt.move(1,5);' + UniDBGrid1.JSName + '.view.refresh();'); This error is displayed.. I was trying to find the error in the ext-all file and the error occurred here, because it is empty Without a locked column, this works normally.
  2. This doesn't work when dbgrid has a locked column. Any idea?
  3. Which language are you exporting? Is it not ansi characters?
  4. Hi, your problem is linking the file into your project. 1) Did you put the UExportExcel into uses of frmcontact? 2) Did you add UExportExcel into your project?
  5. hi

    please help me for this subject


    1. deljavan


      Problem resolved
      But the output is unclear
      If you want to provide utf8 help please


  6. I already use ClientEvents but I would like to encapsulate my method. Which method ClientEvents is loaded? Is there a way to override it?
  7. JSAddListener('afterrender', GetJSInputMaskDate);
  8. Hi, I want to put a javascript encapsulate on a customDateTimePicker. function afterrender(sender, eOpts) { $("#"+sender.inputEl.id).inputmask("99/99/9999",{placeholder:"__/__/____"}); I'm trying to add the method on WebCreate but it give me error 'There is no Default JavaScript Object. [ : TUniSmDateTimePicker]'. If I put it in LoadCompleted, it doesn't work. Is there any other method to add the listener that could be encapsulate?
  9. Sherzod, did you try unzip the file?
  10. Can't download it too. File may be corrupted or deleted in server.
  11. I can't right now. This is the current version on my company.
  12. I found a solution that is not so elegant. 1) set dbgrid with Visible = false. 2) On UniDBGrid AfterLoad put this code: UniSession.AddJS('ajaxRequest(frameName.FramePanel,"UniDBGrid1",[])'); 3) On UniFrame AjaxEvent put this code: if (EventName = 'UniDBGrid1') then begin UniDBGrid1.Visible := true; end;
  13. I'm having the same problem. To reproduce the scenario, follow the steps below. My unigui version: 1) Create an empty project. 2) Put a UniSimplePanel with Align = alClient 3) Create an Unigui Frame 4) Put some simplepanels into the frame as Align = alTop and a unidbgrid below. 5) The dbgrid must be binded with a datasource and dataset to reproduce the scenario 6) Increase the height so that it will be greater than your screen 7) On FormCreate of MainForm, use the code below to create the frame. var Frame1: TUniFrame1; Frame1 = TUniFrame1.Create(Self);
  14. Yes, I did. Thank you.
  15. Thanks for replying. What I was trying to do is writing directly html inside the cell to create a listview using the unidbgrid. What I did was writing directly in my dataset mixing html and values.
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