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  1. mika

    Lazarus/FPC Support

    I can almost guarantee that when uniGUI provides support for Lazarus/FPC, we will renew our subscription. We really would like to hear some positive news about this topic.
  2. mika

    buy UniGui Prof

    UniGUI is excellent framework to develop web applications incredibly quickly and efficiently. That was and still is reason for us to keep using it. After we started using UniGUI, we haven't even looked for other solutions. I suggest you download evaluation version and see for yourself why people here are so keen to recommend it
  3. mika

    Disabling automatic component creation

    Thank you for your answers. I was thinking about frames. Frames will introduce some other issues but that might still be the way to go. Tokays option might also be useful in some situations. Thanks
  4. mika

    Disabling automatic component creation

    Yes I could but that would be very cumbersome task as each panel I would have to create dynamically contains many components (anywhere from 2-3 to 20-30). That's why creating each component dynamically isn't viable option. However, if I can only create parent panel containing all of those components, that would solve my problem.
  5. Is it possible to prevent certain components to be created automatically? I have fairly large forms (ie. they have lot of components) and they are too slow to load because of that. It would be great if, for example, I could prevent certain panels and their children not being created automatically when the form opens but instead create them by myself when they are actually needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. mika

    uniGUI update and cache

    I reverted back to 4.2 version and everything now works as expected. However, I'd like to know what went wrong because we obviously want to upgrade in the future. So, any information about this?
  7. mika

    uniGUI update and cache

  8. mika

    uniGUI update and cache

    It was that "old" one, now it's 6.5.
  9. mika

    uniGUI update and cache

    Follow up to this problem. It's not only the cache or it might have nothing to do with the cache at all. There are bunch or really weird problems. For example... uniDBGrid header widths differ from column widths, setting labelX caption cause labelY caption to change and so on. There are many of these. I don't have any other option but to revert back to old uniGUI. If someone could tell what's going on here I'd be very greatful. // Mika
  10. mika

    uniGUI update and cache

    Some of our customers are having weird problems with our uniGUI software. I updated uniGUI to the latest version yesterday and at least some customers are getting AJAX-errors, duplicate entries in uniDBGrid and so on. I troubleshooted the problem with one of our customers and I asked him to clear cache or try another browser (He was using IE 11). He tried to use Chrome and everything worked as expected. One another customer cleared cache and that seemed to solve problem for her. I can't reproduce any of the errors and problem they're having so it's really difficult to fix something that doesn't seem to be broken. Is there something I'm missing here? What can I do to to solve this issue? Is there a way to instruct clients browser to fetch all the uniGUI files again effectively refreshing them? Is this cache related at all? If not, what should I do to prevent these kind of situations in the future when I update uniGUI to new version? Please advice. // Mika
  11. mika

    Loading... message

    This is unbelievable but also absolutely hilarious Not only he's requesting support for pirated copy but he doesn't even try to hide it... You just can't make this shit up
  12. mika

    Compressed DLL

    Really? That's odd because I have used UPX only couple of times and at least on one occasion, virus scanner went off because of it. It was years ago and if I remember correctly, I used Norton Antivirus back then. Anyway, in my opinion, saving few megabytes is not worth it.
  13. mika

    New themes...Work in Progess

    I'm also interested about these themes. Do you have estimation how much these themes will cost?
  14. mika

    New forum section?

    I'd like to propose new forum area for general Delphi coding related questions. I'm aware that there are already 'General'-section, but in my opinion, that should be reserved for uniGUI related questions. My reasoning for this is that there are often very basic beginner level coding questions that don't have anything to do with uniGUI. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be such questions, but I think that they should be placed in their own section. What do you think? Bad idea? // Mika
  15. mika

    How to get the full file path???

    uniFileUpload -> OnCompleted event -> AStream.FileName