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  1. Hi all, UnimEdit component with inputType date by default make mm/dd/yyy format. I would like to change format in to dd.mm.yyyy Any idea? Best regards, Marko
  2. Hi all it look's that latest Apache installation XAMPP is not available anymore in 32 bit, or maybe missed something? Is that mean that we need to make only 64 bit ISAPI modules in near future? Best regards, Marko
  3. Thanks Abaksoft for your answer. What about, if we use Apache for Windows 10 (without Wine) + Isapi, is stable? Is this workaround 20 sessions limit? Best regards, Marko
  4. Hi all, On Windows 10 professional we are planning to use UNiGUI apps with up to 100 sessions (peak) for production. Database is MS SQL. Can we use WIN 10, is there a problem with max. concurrent connections (Windows 10 limitation)? Is there any difference between IIS vs Apache as isapi dll? Or is better to use as standalone server. Is this idea no go, and must be Windows server edition? Anybody with experience Win10 vs WinServer ? Best regards, Marko
  5. I have to say something about Contabo: - for testing purposes it is usable and of course, is cheap - for real production NOT recommended to use Contabo VPS, they not offer stable reurses. And it is more than clear that will never work stable. It is a simple reason that your VPS share common resources, and what actually get depend from current load of other VPS instances. I used Contabo several years - mission impossible (Windows chrashes, migrating to other hosting systems, hanging from few minutes to 3 hours, funny support). Based on my experience: For production use dedic
  6. markokas


    Yes, you get RD access, you get also Ultra VNC for diagnostic... Option with SSD is better choice - my experience Best regards, Marko
  7. Yea I know, We will buy in near future. But this probably is not reason for problems on Apache?
  8. Hi all, We try to deploy ISAPI dll to Apache PHP Version 5.6.30. On MainModule is placed AdoConnection and connected Queries components to access MS SQL database. From log files I can see that application crash (access violation) just after AdoConnection is open. Of course on server module AutoCoInitialize is set to True. In the same time app run on IIS or standalone server without any problem, but on Apache is crash. Anybody has idea what could be wrong? Development environment: UniGui: Delphi Xe2 DB: MSSQL
  9. Dear all, Any experience about Arabic language. If set in design time UnimainModule.RTL to True application hangs as "loading ..." What is right approach, does it work? Best regards, Marko Delphi: XE2 Unigui: extjs: 4.1.1a
  10. Dear Logisticasoft, If you develop UniGui apps, then you can use only UniGUI Components, that means TUniEdit or TUniDBEdit. TDbEdit is Delphi component and is connected to Dataset and display field value, I don't know how you will pass another value from other form ... only if you change Tdataset/datasource. br,mk.
  11. Dear all, To run Java script is used .. UniSession.AddJS() There is a huge script in more blocks, I would like run next block of scripts after browser processed first block. I can make this by AjaxEvent... is there any other approach? br,mk.
  12. Thank you for your help. It looks that we found the problem - it was Client PC. br,mk.
  13. The UniGUI version is: the log file has many of: tracksw: 00002474: 23:46:38 [CommandGet]:EUniSessionException : invalid session Is maybe some options to make reconnection in UniGUI? br,mk.
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