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  1. Hi all, Can the same HypServer (slave) be used from two HyperServer (master)? br,mk.
  2. Hi all, how to prevent numeric field in Unidbgrid cell from changing value with navigation keys (up, down). If we press key up current cell value increased by 1 one, if we press key down value decreased by 1. I would like that navigation key go to next/previous row on grid, without changing the value ... similar to Excel. br, Marko
  3. Yes. https://googlechrome.github.io/samples/web-nfc/ works fine on Android Chrome. If put this sample code in HTMLframe and send AjaxRequest to Unigui app is right approach? Br, Marko.
  4. Thanks, I have checked Chrome reading NFC tags on Android works. How to get nfc ID info to Unigui app (without Android app)? Use HtmlFrame and AjaxCall to unigui? Br, Marko
  5. Hi all, Any idea how to read NFC tag on Android with Unigui app? Br, Marko
  6. Unigui + MSSQL works like champ. 🙂
  7. This could be a significant error you should solve the issue. With EUREKA you can get additional information. Br, Marko
  8. I hope that Farshad will comment Fred's statements. ExtJS is really not looks promising for future. It looks that everything what Emb./idera tuch dies very quickly. For us as developers is the most important long term view in crazy world of best frameworks. Br, Marko
  9. Hello, Nice work, prorbably many hours spent to make so huge app with many modules. Definitely you need to update to latest UniGui, many features added since 2019, stability improvments, and scalability using hyperservers. And of course be legal, and this way support futher developmnet ! Br, Marko
  10. I do not find any problem on that. Just dnynamically create Tuniform with fastreport components, create pdf file and the free Tuniform. The same way as Demo shows in samples driectory Unigui. Also memory increasing after start process from begining is not realistic until reach some level. Br, Marko
  11. Thanks for insight this works globally, also background on all forms changed when close pressed. But must be that mask works. After that mask classes get effect. .x-mask{ opacity:1; background:red none repeat scroll 0% 0%; } So I made subclass, attached to mask control, and now works fine .maskclass .x-mask{ opacity:1; background:red none repeat scroll 0% 0%; } Br, Marko
  12. Hello, thank you delagoutte for answer. I would like to change only the background Hello square from silver to something else. Also transparent would be fine. Br, Marko
  13. Hello, It looks that setting for ScreenMask has no effect ... also changing class not help .. I always get silver background .. .x-mask { opacity: 0.5; background: rgb(0, 0, 0) none repeat scroll 0% 0%; } Any idea, how to change background? Br, Marko.
  14. Hi, sorry for late response You can check my comment bottom when I was angry, but now is only bad memory on Contabo. So in my case the Contabo used for our GPS tracking system, communication SW store data to MS SQL server, and of course Unigui for end user, approximately 20 sessions (peak) It is good to understand that VPS share resources between users. So when comes very demanding users for processor resurses, it means that somebody other get poor performance. So what Contabo show on their products are only theoretical resources, which probably you never get it (you get disk megabytes, do not forget read/write speed which is crucial). Maybe you have good experience, but you will get real picture when you put some constant load (processor, hdd, ram) for one month, probably you will be very lucky if you do not get at least one Windows crash, and some not responded apps in logs. Check this traumatic experience here: Br, Marko
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