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    How to center the form in this example

    Hi Mierlp, my suggestions: - in frmAccount form, set AlignmentControl to uniAlignmentClient for each panel - UniPanel_Main Layout = fit LayoutAttribs.Align = stretch - add a new panel inside a UniPanel_Main and move inside UniDBEdit_Name and UniLabel_Name - for this panel Layout = 'vbox' LayoutAttribs.Align = center LayoutAttribs.Pack = start LayoutConfig.Flex = 1 - optionally for UniDBEdit_Name and UniLabel_Name add a top margin with LayoutConfig.Padding = '10 0 0 0' see in the attached file the changes. regards Cesare frmAccount.zip
  2. Hi wprins, if you dont'have found a way, I'm working with this one: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3236-unidbgrid-pagesize/?p=15025 regards
  3. cbr

    How to use ImageList in high-dpi display

    Hi Skepsis, a simple (server side) way to use the Google Material Icons is: 1) add the reference to Material Icons in ServerModule procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); begin ... CustomMeta.Add( '<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons"rel="stylesheet">' ); end; 2) Insert in the form a TUniLabel with AutoSize: False Caption: the icon name; see in https://design.google.com/icons Font.Name: 'Material Icons'; You can set the color and the size. See the page https://design.google.com/icons for available icons. In the TUniLabel caption property, replace the space contained in the name with the char "_": if the icon name is "shopping cart", write shopping_cart in the caption. Cesare GoogleMaterialIconsDemo.rar