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  1. I have tried to do this in OnCreate Event, but it didn't work. And unfortunately, DBListGrid on Mobile doesn't have the OnDrawnColumnCell event which will be possible to change the color of the rows using Attributes from the grid (color or font, for example)....
  2. Excuse-me if i asking you 'how to do' other things... But, now i'm trying to change some specifically row from the grid in run-time according to the status. For example, if status = 5 then *change the 7 column of the grid in run time to color red* in this case. Because the color that you're currently see, its just defined in html. So i pretend to change according to the status... There's some event of the grid that i can do this? If Yes, how can i supposed to do? Thanks again!
  3. First of all, thank you for your help. It works, but parcially. I pretend to put some images to display in a grid in under circustances. There's 5 images, but only 2 has appeared to display... Here's my source. Hope you can help me to solve this, i can't find where is the error... - DataSource (OnCalcFields): procedure TDmNFe.SQL_Lista_NFeCalcFields(DataSet: TDataSet); var APath : String; begin if SQL_Lista_NFeid_status.AsInteger = cNFeFaltaEnviar then begin if not DirectoryExists(APath) then begin DataSet.FieldByName('status_mobile').AsString := '/file
  4. I've already chose the column to display the image... Unfortunately, did not work.
  5. Ok, do you have any example of how can i use some images to attach on the grid? I mean, in the 7 index of my grid, i want to display some different images to distinct the row status. But, i'm using the Event OnFieldImage direct from the grid. Here's my scenario, hope you understand: - Grid: function beforeInit(sender, config) { function randomIntFromInterval(min, max) { return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1) + min); } config.selectedCls=''; config.deleteRow=function(indx){ ajaxRequest(MNotaFiscal.window,'deleteRow',['index='+indx.toString()]);
  6. Same here... There's any workaround for this?
  7. Someone has discovered how to attach some images?
  8. I made a test case for this issue. Unigui_Mobile_Listview.rar
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm using the component UnimDBGrid to create some ListView according to this tutorial created by Mohamad Sadek. But, unfortunately, seems not working using UnimDbGrid, under the BeforeInit Event... The Grid seems not to render the custom html... What could possible i can do for this? Ps: see the attachment below. Thanks!
  10. it will there any update to fix this issue on mobile? Thanks!
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