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  1. if the timers starts ... the server calculates a lot of things this takes 2 seconds or more after the server has finished his work - he sends the result to the uniDGBrid .. the UniDBGrid shows short a loading mask (while the records are transported..) i want to show the loading mask (on clinet) in the moment - when the user clicks the button which starts the timer
  2. Hello, has someone a idea, how to show "LoadMask" of UniDBGrid1 if i set UniTimer.enabled:=true; (the timer starts a sql Thing - and the result is diplayed in UniDBGrid1) ThanX for suggestions Erich
  3. my app has 170 forms .. in 1 i think i have an error.. if i start my unigui standalone app i become error: MON.exe: 000004DC: 11:59:23 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Started on Port: 8077 MON.exe: 00002288: 12:00:15 []:EClassNotFound : Class TUniImageList not found : Addr: $004B6082 i opend all forms in delphi xe4 - no error i compiled my app - no error
  4. Hi: Question-example - i have 2 tables: table1: colors fields: color_id, color_name table2: master_thing fields: painting_id, painting_name , color_id, color_name if a user select a color in a UniDBLookupComboBox (items are from table colors) - in table master_thing should store 2 values (color_id, color_name) ThanX for suggestions Erich
  5. Hello, i can make left Align with following settings: AlignmentControl = uniAlignmentClient Layout = column LayoutConfig.Region = west but i can´t do it with "center" .. How can i realise something like this:
  6. Hello Farshad, The screenshots of Microsoft defender virus detection: its a Server ( Windows Server Version 1809 (Build 17763.1757) - i connect via RDP -> copy/paste my UniGui.exe to Desktop - start localhost/unigui.dll/server and click "load new Version" ... and Defender gives an Alert The screenshots of virustotal.com: Exe files which are all made with my Win10 Professional Developer PC
  7. Question: How big is a typical EMPTY VCL Application (Project1.exe) in Debug mode) Where can i see in Delphi XE4 what Librays are standard included in a compiled EXE file
  8. i updated my Windows i made a empty VCL -App (vcl_Project1,exe) .. and allso a problem
  9. Yes .. the "Project1.exe" was created in 10 Seconds - a empty new Thing with nothing - just a TuniLabel on Mainform with caption "test"
  10. i created a empty new "stand alone" project.. Delphi XE4 / UniGui 😞
  11. i uploaded my unigui.exe to https://www.virustotal.com/
  12. since the new Virus-definition of Microsoft Defender was installed - all my Unigui.exe are deleted ! AND IF I TRY TO UPLOAD A NEW VERSION - THE DEFENDER DELETES IT ALLSO IN THIS MOMENT if i tell defender to make a "exception" for this file - it doesnt help: the Temp-Name of the EXEfile is allways different Can someone confirm this microsoft-defender behavior if i am the only one - i have a Virus
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