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  1. Hi.. 🙂 can we start a "mobile design GUI" -Showcase- Thread?
  2. NOT A UNIGUI TOPIC 🙂 Hy .. has someone a idea what i made wrong in apache config? Multiple domains on one Win2019 Server with Apache/2.4.38 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.1.1a PHP/7.3.2 the unigui app runns allways - just the browser-message of "no valid certification" comes in some situations if i enter follwing adresses in Webbrowser: domain1 -> Not save connection www.domain1 -> Save connection (with 2 "//" at the end in the browser-adressbar) http://domain1 -> Not save connection http://www.domain1 -> Save connection (with 2 "//" at the
  3. hello .. short question - and i know it is not possible to answer .. but i hope someone can give a ESTIMATE :-) HOW MANY USERS CAN WORK (create, edit, update and delete of Records) simultan on such a hardware Hardware: Typ: Dedicated Server L CPU: 4 Core x 3,5 GHz (Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6) RAM: 16 GB HDD: 2 x 1000 GB Software RAID 1 Software: Windows Sever 2019 Apache Webserver UniGui exe (via Hyperserver.dll) with size of 30MB Connection to a MySQL Da
  4. Hello, in the next days i will become a new win10 64 bit Computer .. How can i deactivate my unigui Licence on the old pc - to install it on the new computer ThanX for information 😉 Erich
  5. Hello, i tried to get Websockets to run in Hyperserver-Mode - but didnt get it to run 😞 Has someone a idea how i can make a "chat" ? .. i don´t want to use a timer .. because the user -number can be thousands .. So i think a "push" solution is better whan thousands user make a timer based "pull" request to the server.. a small Example or demo whould be allso very nice 😉 ThanX
  6. i tried triton .. also graphite .. on my local developer-machine are the themes visible .. on the other machine - i see allways just "classic"
  7. Hi, i copied the structure of my apache-webserver (with unigui) on a other computer .. everything works - but only the theme "Triton" is not showed ??? it shows a "Classic" theme i didnt found te reason why this happens .. ????? if i start the SAME dll on my computer it is visible with "Triton-modified" - on the other computer not here a Dev-Tool image of both pc´s .. the 1. loads "theme-classic" the 2. correct the "theme-triton-all" the two win10 pc´s have the same files... the hyperserver config ..
  8. Hi Sherzod, Thanx for the prompt and good help 🙂 Erich
  9. Hi, i want to create a link or button in uniHtmlMemo - and onClick - a AjaxRequest should send to Mainform.memMonitor i tried: <b>hello</b> <a href="javascript:window.parent.ajaxRequest(MainForm.memMonitor,'Action', ['param0=24256']);">action1</a> ..but didn´t work .. 😞 it gives error in chrome dev-tools: Uncaught ReferenceError: MainForm is not defined at <anonymous>:1:27 How is the correct way to do it?
  10. Hy .. is it possible to add Buttons in UniPanel Title Bar ? i have a draggabele uniPanel with Title visible ... and in the TitleBar i want to add some Buttons ThanX for suggestion Erich
  11. i want to move a draggable uniPanel "outside" the parent (allso a uniPanel) as example - i want dragg the unipanel to left = -10 // minus 10 ! but after mouseUp - and the uniPanel is outside of the parent - it jumps back into the parent is where a way to disable this behavior? ThanX Erich unipanel.webm
  12. i create and free a lot of times ... i have anxiety that someting could go wrong Serverside with memory if 1000 users are working with this ?? now i made: objekt[object_counter] := TUniPanel.Create(self); objekt[object_counter].Parent := UniContainerPanel1; objekt_bild[object_counter]:= TUniImage.Create(objekt[object_counter]); <- the owner is now the created TUniPanel objekt_bild[object_counter].Parent :=objekt[object_counter]; if i write objekt[x].free -> everything what is created for this control should be set free - or ?
  13. Hi .. basic delphi question .. but i am not sure at this moment: must i "free" sub-components of a component? i create in a loop (while not table.eof do begin..) something like this: object_counter:=object_counter+1; objekt[object_counter] := TUniPanel.Create(self); objekt[object_counter].Parent := UniContainerPanel1; <- the UniContainerPanel is the basic Parent of all "objekt" created Controls objekt_bild[object_counter]:= TUniImage.Create(self); objekt_bild[object_counter].Parent :=objekt[object_counter]; <- the objekt is the parent
  14. Hi .. is where a timeline for hyperserver and "multiple machines" ? Serverfarming would be great 🙂
  15. Hello, it is not a real UniGui-Question - but: I need a just-voice-only (no video) Chat with different "rooms" for 1000+ Users ??? the "rooms" are given - no user can create or delete rooms a user should connect to a room - leave a room ..and listen/talk in a room i searched a lot of WebRTC and other things - but didnt found a usefull cost-free solution what i can include in my UniGui-app Has someone an idea? .. a example .. a demo..? ThanX Erich
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