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  1. erich.wanker

    UniComboBox .. save unique Database number to item?

    PERFECT .. Thank you very much :-)
  2. Hy... in a loop - i add Database values to a uniComboBox: while not ZQuery1.Eof do begin UniComboBox1.Items.Append(ZQuery1.FieldByName('customer_name').asstring); ZQuery1.Next; end; Can i save the "unique database Integer" to the item also ? .. i want to read the unique Integer AND the UniComboBox1.Text in procedure TuniForm.UniComboBox1Change(Sender: TObject); ThanX
  3. erich.wanker

    placeholder... empty-text - chang color

    how can i change the font-color of "emptyText in uniedit" to white ? thanks erich
  4. erich.wanker

    uniDBGrid with text-overflow: ellipsis

    Hi, how can i set uniDBGrid with text-overflow: ellipsis ThanX Erich
  5. erich.wanker

    How set CalendarEvent.color?

    Perfect :-) ThanX
  6. erich.wanker

    How set CalendarEvent.color?

    .. perfect .. thank you just another question: UniCalendarPanel in Month-view: the days have all white background .. how can i set the "today"-panel to gray? ThanX Erich
  7. erich.wanker

    How set CalendarEvent.color?

    Hi .. i found out what CalendarEvent has 4 predefined CSS styles... if i create a CalendarEvent with CalendarId 1 - it uses the first css i want to change the colors of the 4 styles .. How can i do this? procedure TS_TOOL_KALENDER.termin_eintragen(wann:TDateTime;was:String;id:Integer;mein_status:integer); var E : TUniCalendarEvent; begin E:=UniCalendarPanel1.Events.Add; E.StartDate :=wann; E.EndDate :=wann; E.Title :=was; e.EventId :=id; if mein_status = 0 then e.CalendarId:=1; // open schedule if mein_status = 1 then e.CalendarId:=2; // closed schedule E.IsAllDay :=true; end;
  8. erich.wanker

    Add Event in UniCalendarPanel

    hi following code doesnt work (i think since update from extjs 4 to extjs 6 ??) procedure TS_TOOL_KALENDER.termin_eintragen(wann:TDateTime;was:String;id:Integer); var E : TUniCalendarEvent; i : integer; begin E:=UniCalendarPanel1.Events.Add; E.CalendarId:=id; E.Title :='Termin:'+was; E.IsAllDay :=true; E.StartDate :=wann; E.EndDate :=wann; end; the code produce no error - but the calendarPanel (Month-view) shows no Events Any Idea ThanX Erich
  9. erich.wanker

    chnage color of css at runtime?

    ui_design.webm ok .. got it :-) but i think - i use a crazy way ;-) .. but it works
  10. erich.wanker

    chnage color of css at runtime?

    hy .. At designtime, i give x-mask a random color: .. different UniContainerPanel´s have the class x-mask .. and if i start the UniGUI App - the UniContainerPanels have a random color... But how can i change the color-value OF THE CSS at runtime with a UniColorButton? ... I ThanX Erich
  11. erich.wanker

    Microsoft Edge: Animate does,t work?

    please, in main -- onCreate .. find line 224 and delete it :-) UniHTMLFrame1.HTML.Append (' background-image: url(files/css/open_icon.png); ');
  12. erich.wanker

    Microsoft Edge: Animate does,t work?

    ?? .. i have no idea WHY this happens .. i made a Dropbox-link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qg48r4hfr6o9mp8/demo.zip?dl=0 hope this way works
  13. erich.wanker

    Microsoft Edge: Animate does,t work?

    hi .. a small demo .. i hope it helps :-) Nice greetings Erich (zip file containig folder "files" .. with images and JS-Library .. please store it to your webserver-structure..) demo.zip Places where you should look: Main->UniContainerpanel->ClientEvents->ExtEvents .. Background thing UniForm1->ClientEvents-ExtEvents ... Animate the form ServerModule->CustomMeta .. load JS Library in TUniForm1.UniFormShow - i animate all uniConatinerPanels WHERE THE TAG value (ObjectInspector) is 1 in TMainForm.UniFormCreate - i copied a lot of my css things in UniHTMLFrame1 ... a lot of css declarations are not important for the demo .. a lot of trash ;-) the basic thing: UniSession.AddJS('TweenMax.to('+the Component and his JSName+'_id,'+Speed of animation+',{left:'+inttostr(position)+'});'); mini_demo.webm
  14. erich.wanker

    Microsoft Edge: Animate does,t work?

    ThanX :-)
  15. erich.wanker

    Microsoft Edge: Animate does,t work?

    ok .. found a solution for chrome, egde, safari, opera ... i changed to https://greensock.com/tweenmax and i animate my things with : Panels: UniSession.AddJS('TweenMax.to('+UniContainerpanel.JSName+'_id,0.4,{left:'+inttostr(x)+'});'); Forms: UniSession.AddJS('TweenMax.to('+self.WebForm.JSName+'_id,1,{autoAlpha:0});'); Works fine :-) Greetings Erich user_interface.webm