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  1. Hello: I try to show screenmask while fileupload. In OnUniFileUploadCompleted different tasks are performed, which can take several seconds and I would like to show a screenmask. I have tried with: unifileupload3.ScreenMask.Message: = 'uploading'; unifileupload3.ScreenMask.Enabled: = true; UniFileUpload3.Execute; but screemask is not shown. Only the progress is shown, if the file is large, and the upload form is still displayed until the UniFileUploadCompleted code is finished. I need that once the file has been uploaded the upload form is closed and the screenmask is displayed, but I don't get that result Regards, Alfonso
  2. Hello all: What would be the best option of Windows Server to install 2 Unigui applications running under IIS attending 2 different domain names? Regards
  3. Hello all: Any example about the IIS configuration running 2 UNIGUI applications on the same server attending 2 different domain names? Example: 1st application: www.data1.com 2nd application: www.data2.com Server : Windows 2016 Datacenter Regards,
  4. PALF

    play video

    Hello: I try to play wmv video with this code, but not show in Chrome or Firefox: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <video width="400" controls autoplay> <source src="media/2.wmv" type="video/x-ms-wmv"> </video> </body> </html> Thank's
  5. Hello: I have developed an application that generates PDF and shows them in TUnimURLFrame. The PDF is larger than the space of the TUnimURLFrame, but scrolling, it looks good in Android , PC, Ipad and Windows Phone , but in Iphone, only the screen area is shown, not allowing to scroll of the content. The application and PDFs are the same ones that look good on other devices and bad on Iphone. I try to set scrollable=True in TUnimForm , but don't work in Iphone. Thank's in advance.
  6. PALF

    play video

    Yes. In Firefox works ok. Is it possible to fix it in Chrome??
  7. PALF

    play video

    Hello I try with <video id="myVideo" controls autoplay> <source src="files/traza.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video and show video ok. But, if try with position time trackbar, don't advance or rewind. How do i change video time position? Thank's in advance
  8. PALF


    Hello: How to check in Delphi code strength(meter) of this component?? Thank's
  9. Hello all: I'm trying to call a form from the login form. Use it to register users who are not resgistered in the application. Any example about this? Thank's in advance Alfonso
  10. PALF

    Isapi dll show loading but never load

    Unigui framework it's necesary to deploy????.... I install Unigui Sencha extjs. Alfonso
  11. PALF

    Isapi dll show loading but never load

    Unigui framework it's necesary to deploy????.... I install Unigui Sencha extjs. Alfonso
  12. Hello: I try to deploy my Unigui DLL in a new server Windows 2008 R2 IIS 7.5 . I try deploy step by step deploy guide but when a try load page show loading message but never load. Thank's Alfonso
  13. Hello: I've URLFrame to show a IP Camera url. Because data loading is delayed, I would like to display a screenmask until show IP CAM page.. How to show screenmask while all data it's loading? Thank's Alfonso
  14. PALF

    File Size upload problem

    This is not a Unigui Problem. It's a IIS 7 and above. To solve this: Open IIS 7 Console Select the website you want enable to accept large file uploads. In the main window double click 'Request filtering' once the window is opened you may see on top a list of tabs eg: file name extensions, rules, hidden segments and so on... regardless the tab you select, in the main window rightclick and select "Edit Feature Settings" and modify the "Maximum allowed content length (bytes)" Restart IIS. Now you can upload files larger than 30 MB .... Thank's Alfonso