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  1. dkeene


    Hello could someone please help me with an example (not using javascript modifications) to make the Edit Mask work? aUniDBEdit.Mask.Text:='999.999'; when user types a number, the input mask is validated with the first number such that: '2__.___' is not a valid floating point number. error occurs...
  2. dkeene


    Hello, all. If I create a new unigui component at runtime: var aNewUniComponent: TObject; begin aNewUniComponent:=TUniDBMemo.Create(self); ... then I wish to associate it with a Data Field. I know it's a data-aware control, so I should be able to do the following: TUniDBEdit(aNewUniComponent).DataField:='aFieldName'; whether it's a TUniDBEdit, TUniDBMemo, TUniDBNumberEdit, etc. This fails, however, with an access violation, although I am not sure why, and only works with the exact same class: TUniDBMemo(aNewUniComponent).DataField:='aFieldName'; otherwise I may get an Invalid Pointer Operation error. My Question is if there is a Class from which all data-aware unicontrols descend such that I can typecast without access violations, such as TUniDBControl(aNewUniComponent).DataField:='aFieldName'; Other wise I need to use a series of if then else statements like: if ClassName='TUniDBEdit' then TUniDBEdit(aNewComponent).DataField:='aFieldName' else if ClassName='TUniDBMemo' then TUniDBMemo(aNewComponent).DataField:='aFieldName' else if ClassName='TUniDBNumberEdit' then TUniDBNumberEdit(aNewComponent).DataField:='aFieldName' else etc. or perhaps there is a better way? Thank you in advance Doug
  3. dkeene

    UniMemo not updating correctly

    Thank you. Please, while you're checking this, please try setting "underline" and "strikeout" to the control. once a font is Underlined or strikeout=true, updating the font will not get rid of the strikeout or underline.
  4. dkeene

    UniMemo not updating correctly

    actually, it does show every size EXECPT 8... when it's set to 8, it does not update the control.
  5. dkeene

    UniMemo not updating correctly

    it seems that, by experimentation, the uniLabel, uniMemo (at least) only change font when the font size is >=9. While Size 8 seems to be displayed as a default, the control can't be "set" to size 8. Is this by design?
  6. dkeene

    UniMemo not updating correctly

    Thank you. The line height seems better with this, but still, the font size does not change when the umLabelTextEditor.Font.Size is changed. Do you have a suggestion?
  7. dkeene

    UniMemo not updating correctly

    I set the following on FormCreate Self.umLabelTextEditor.JSInterface.JSAddListener('afterrender', 'function(){this.inputEl.setStyle("line-height", this.inputEl.getStyle("font-size"))}'); So in use, when I set the Font to something different, say Tahoma, size=24, Color=clGreen, etc., the text changes, but the font, size, color, etc., does not change and the line height is overlapping. Should this be called each time the font is change?
  8. dkeene

    UniMemo not updating correctly

    Here I set the Font of the control, "umLabelTextEditor": function TToolPaletteForm.MSetScreenFont(aFont: TuniFont): integer ... Self.umLabelTextEditor.Text:='hello'+intToStr(trunc(100*random)); Self.umLabelTextEditor.Font.Size:=55; Self.umLabelTextEditor.JSInterface.JSAddListener('afterrender', 'function(){this.inputEl.setStyle("line-height", this.inputEl.getStyle("font-size"))}'); Self.umLabelTextEditor.Font.Size:=aFont.Size; Self.umLabelTextEditor.Update; Self.umLabelTextEditor.Repaint; i dont think i was adding the JSInterface.JSAddlistener correctly. do i add this each time the font is changed?
  9. dkeene

    UniMemo not updating correctly

    Hello All I am using uniMemo and I set the text, adjust the font, height color, etc, and it displays correctly once. Any changes programatically to the Font, Size, Color, etc, are not refreshed. I tried Repaint, Update, Refresh, and while the text updates, the Font/Color etc. do not. I tried varying the size of font, etc., but it does not seem to repaint with the new font characteristics. Am i Missing something? Also, despite using the following: Self.uniMemo1.JSInterface.JSAddListener('afterrender', 'function(){this.inputEl.setStyle("line-height", this.inputEl.getStyle("font-size"))}'); as per a suggestion in the forum, the font text overlaps with multiple rows, or the first row is cut off. i would prefer a solution that does not rely upon css jscript touch-up... Any suggestions? Thank you doug
  10. dkeene

    Possible in Unigui ?

  11. dkeene

    Possible in Unigui ?

    All I see is the login screen.
  12. dkeene

    Label Z-Order

    anyone have any answer here?
  13. dkeene

    UniCheckBox Transparent

    You can set the caption of the checkbox to '' (nothing) and add a TUniLabel next to it in the position that you want and set ITS transparency to TRUE.
  14. dkeene

    Custom Property Editor for TUnPropertyGrid

    I am wondering, unless I am doing something wrong, why the property editor doesn't show all of the properties of a component -- such as Font, etc.?
  15. dkeene

    Custom Property Editor for TUnPropertyGrid

    Thank you Freeman 35