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  1. MOGSY

    server farm

    Hi I think waiting for anything is not nice, but for HYPERSERVER FARM well, what can I say!!! Regards
  2. MOGSY

    server farm

    Hi It would help if we have some indication of time scale. Thank you.
  3. Thank you and look forward for the next release.
  4. Hi Are we any nearer to the release of the HyperServer for Server Farms? Regards
  5. Interested and would like to cover communications with other apps and https.
  6. HI I get the following error when sending messages to other apps using http request. The request goes through OK, however not sure why this error occurs. appreciate any clue for a solution. Regards uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 15:50:12 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 15:50:12 [TUniServerModule]:Start Path = C:\Dev\UniGui\FT-4\Win32\Debug\ uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 15:50:12 [TUniServerModule]:Global Cache Folder Erased. <268> Files deleted. uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 15:50:12 [TUniServerModule]:Starting HTTP Server on Port: 8077... uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 15:50:12 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Started on Port: 8077 uniguiFT.exe: 000014CC: 15:50:28 [Indy]:EIdHTTPErrorParsingCommand : Error in parsing command. : Addr: $006CCD42 uniguiFT.exe: 000004C4: 15:50:28 [Indy]:EIdHTTPErrorParsingCommand : Error in parsing command. : Addr: $006CCD42 uniguiFT.exe: 00003C44: 15:50:56 [Indy]:EIdHTTPErrorParsingCommand : Error in parsing command. : Addr: $006CCD42 uniguiFT.exe: 00001034: 15:50:56 [Indy]:EIdHTTPErrorParsingCommand : Error in parsing command. : Addr: $006CCD42 uniguiFT.exe: 00003EC8: 15:51:18 [Indy]:EIdHTTPErrorParsingCommand : Error in parsing command. : Addr: $006CCD42 uniguiFT.exe: 00003D4C: 15:51:18 [Indy]:EIdHTTPErrorParsingCommand : Error in parsing command. : Addr: $006CCD42 uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 16:27:44 [TUniServerModule]:Shutting Down Server. uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 16:27:44 [TUniServerModule]:Stopping HTTP Server. uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 16:27:44 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Stopped. uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 16:27:44 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Terminating Session manager. uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 16:27:44 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Stopping Cache Eraser... uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 16:27:44 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Cache Eraser Stopped. uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 16:27:44 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Destroying Worker Threads. uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 16:27:44 [TUniGUISessionManager]:Session manager terminated. uniguiFT.exe: 00002418: 16:27:44 [TUniServerModule]:Server Shutdown Completed.
  7. sorry miss spelling!
  8. Hi Attribs.Color := $FFDDDD; It is possible to set the background colour of the cells that there is a data on that column or row, however if the grid is not filling the area then the rest stay blank "white", how can we make the background of the grid have the same colour regardless of being blank. Thank you.
  9. MOGSY


    Hi Sherzod I think it is difficult to get a test setup, however if possible I can show you on my laptop. What is happening is I have a dbgrid when any row is selected I display some information from the same row which is not displayed in the grid. I come across two issues on the grid, one is the scrolling is not very fast, also at time I get TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number when scrolling fast. I believe this happens as if the underlining data has changed. Regards
  10. Hi I have the same issue, using version I believe this is happening when one scrolling quick and the data is updated may be by another user. I believe the expected row is moved to different page and position is no longer valid. Regards
  11. MOGSY


    Hi I have issues with the Undbgrid, not very responsive to up or down keys to move between rows, also at times when scrolling quickly between rows the focus jumps to a different control! any one come across this issue? Regards
  12. Hi Sherzod Thank you for your reply, unfortunately the effect of this is that up arrow stops working and one can't press up arrow to move back up the records. I have tried using dgRowSelect of the Unidbgrid options property, however the same issue occurs with disabling and enabling of this property, up arrow stops working and it appears that it changes the focus from the unidbgrid. regards
  13. Hi Sherzod I have a result grid that shows the result of a search, it is confusing when a row is highlighted while the grid has no focus, I need to highlight the selected row when the grid has focus, otherwise it gives the impression that the grid has focus. Regards
  14. Hi How is possible to dynamically disable or enable selection. Following code disables selection how is possible to do this dynamically from the code. function beforeInit(sender, config) { sender.disableSelection = true; } regards
  15. This is a function is called from timer event.
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