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  1. Hi Sherzod / Farshad excellent, sorted, thank you.
  2. Hi Sherzod / Farshad Is it possible to implement Ajaxrequest fot uniURLFrame? The issue I have the same code that works good on browser however using uniURLFrame is partially working the map works and the search is good except I can't send result back to UniGui. The same code in uniHTMLFrame doest work although it displays the map the search is not working. If Leaflet map also initialized at the same time as the UniHTMLFrame, then uniHTMLFrame works 100% and everything works well except there is an error from google complains about two maps. It appears that UniHTMLF
  3. Hi Appreciate help with a problem using URLFrame or HTMLFrame. Trying to use google search, using URLFrame, search works good but the AjaxRequest not working, HTMLFrame search is not working however AjaxRequest work OK. Appreciate help in sorting any solution. Please find attached a test app. urlFrameLink.zip
  4. MOGSY


    HI That is correct and the line is var URLFrame = Ext.getCmp('_URLFrame'); The space is not showing for some reason here. Same code works fine in UniHTMLFrame, however in UniURLFrame the "Ext" is not defined. Regards
  5. MOGSY


    Hi Fredrik What you mean by 'You need a space in varURLFrame'? Regards
  6. MOGSY


    Hi Larsson Thank you for your reply, The issue I have it seems it not understanding the "Ext" and can not resolve the reference to sancha.
  7. MOGSY


    Hi How is possible to send the ajaxrequest from the HTML in uniURLFrame. It is giving errr on "Ext". How should be the function to post request from the uniURLFrame? If url used how the site should send the ajaxrequest? function sendRequest(data) { console.log(data); varURLFrame = Ext.getCmp('_URLFrame'); var params=[]; params = ["val="+JSON.stringify(data) ]; if (params.length > 0) { ajaxRequest(URLFrame, 'eventName', params); } } Thank you.
  8. MOGSY


    Hi How is possible to send ajaxRequest from UniURLFrame? Regards
  9. MOGSY

    Invalid URI: /m

    The issue was ESET anti-virus
  10. MOGSY

    Invalid URI: /m

    Hi I have an app which is running good on some PC's, however on customer PC's it get stuck on loading. I am connecting with http://localhost:6077/m, however it is compaling about invalid URI. Any suggestions what may be the issue? TaxiButler.exe: 00000DBC: 11:55:34 []:>--------------------------------------------------------------< TaxiButler.exe: 00000DBC: 11:55:34 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. TaxiButler.exe: 00000DBC: 11:55:34 [TUniServerModule]:Starting HTTP Server on Port: 6077... TaxiButler.exe: 00000DBC: 11:55:34 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Started on Po
  11. I have attached two here webcam.7z www.unigui.com.br-Capture Image.rar
  12. The camera samples on forum works on desktop not mobile.
  13. Hi How is possible to access the camera on unigui mobile? Thank you in advance. Regards
  14. Hi How to implement tool tips for stringgrid cells? Much appreciate your help? Regards
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