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  1. MOGSY


    HI I am using UniGui version Unfortunately this is happening occasionally and is difficult to repeat, however it does happen regularly. Regards
  2. MOGSY


    Hi I get the following error from one dbgrid and can't find what is the cause. The grid is connected to a datasource that generally returns less than 50 rows. "TUniDBGrid: Argument out of range." I appreciate any clue what may be the cause. Regards
  3. MOGSY


    Thank you Andy, I have tried your code, however it is the same. The standalone exe works fine it is when run with hyperserver is not running. Regards
  4. MOGSY


    Hi My standalone app works on localhost, however when running with HyperServer it fails with error message "Could not bind socket". Attached are the log files. I have updated the UniGUi to the latest version "uniGUI - v1.90.0.1545". What could be the reason? Regards A2021-02-14.log A2021-02-14.log A2021-02-14.log A2021-02-14.log
  5. MOGSY


    Hi No, there is no error at all. If the localhost used then it takes longer for the timer to stop firing. I would like to show you what happens if you can spare few moments. Regards
  6. MOGSY


    Hi I have a TuniTimer which stops firing after few minutes. The timer is enabled but the ontimer event is not called. I have set chainMode to true. The timer in running in a TuniFrame. OnTimer event queries couple of tables and updates unidbgrid and stringgrid. UniGui version Any suggestion what may cause this behaviour? Regards
  7. Hi self.Parent.Broadcast(aParam); There is method to broadcast message to parent of a Frame. Has anyone have an example of how to use it and receive the message at parent. Thank you Regards.
  8. MOGSY


    Hi Farshad / Sherzod To call function on UniHTMLFrame is it different to UniURLFrame?. I was using the following for UniURLFrame but is not working on UniHTMLFrame. UniHTMLFrame1.JSInterface.JSCode(#1'.iframe.contentWindow.showLocationOnMap'+ format('("type,description,job,orange,true", "%S,%S");',[pLatitude, pLongitude]));} Regards
  9. MOGSY


    Hi Farshad Thank you for your help. I have two more issues with this. 1- I woud like to change the parent of the UniURLFrame from one page to other, so the same map displayed with different other information. Changing the parent makes the map disapear. 2- I also get the following error ext-all.js:20 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load 'http://localhost:8077/HandleEvent': Synchronous XHR in page dismissal. See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/4664843055398912 for more details. at ctor.start (http://localhost:8077/ext-
  10. MOGSY


    Hi Sherzod Thank you very much for your email. The problem is UniHTMLFrame is the same code for some reason is not working. Attached project has the same code in UniHTMLFrame, typing anything in the search box produces nothing. but the map remain on screen which is good. Regards ServerModule.zip
  11. MOGSY


    Hi try to use UniURLFrame on UniPageControl, The content will display first, however changing page will cause the content of the UniURLFrame to disappear. I have included a test project. Would appreciate any clues why and how to fix it please. Regards Main.zip
  12. Hi Sherzod / Farshad excellent, sorted, thank you.
  13. Hi Sherzod / Farshad Is it possible to implement Ajaxrequest fot uniURLFrame? The issue I have the same code that works good on browser however using uniURLFrame is partially working the map works and the search is good except I can't send result back to UniGui. The same code in uniHTMLFrame doest work although it displays the map the search is not working. If Leaflet map also initialized at the same time as the UniHTMLFrame, then uniHTMLFrame works 100% and everything works well except there is an error from google complains about two maps. It appears that UniHTMLF
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