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  1. Hi Thanks to Farshad I have this sorted out: For any who is new here are the changes you must make to a new form in C++: 1) Under header enter (*.h): TNewForm* NewForm; 2) In the main file enter (*.cpp) TNewForm *NewForm(void) { return( (TNewForm *)UniMainModule()->GetFormInstance(__classid(TNewForm))); } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now call the form from Main Form directly as: NewForm()->Show(); Do not create a new instance with new. Gerhard Stoltz
  2. Hi I am new to uniGUI and a C++ programmer. I have a very simple problem, that is to create a form from my main form. In standard C++ i will do it as follows by calling this function from my main form: //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- void __fastcall TResByWebReservationForm201701::UniButton1Click(TObject *Sender) { TPickItemsForm* PickItemsForm= new TPickItemsForm(this); PickItemsForm->Show(); } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- But I get the error: I notice in Pascal the call
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