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  1. thank you so much boss
  2. Hi all can you plz help me how i resolve syntax problem in this function function filterchange(store, filters, eOpts) { if store.isFiltered() MainForm.UniLabel1.setText('Filtred') else MainForm.UniLabel1.setText('Not Filtred'); } thanks in advance
  3. Hi Sherzod, thanx for help Can i get filter string from Plugin to apply it to dataset because after applying the filter the grid does not update the dataset and change filter mode to Delayed Search
  4. Clear Filter and hide menu option work perfectly thank you so much us usual good and fast support
  5. Hi All Since Mr Sherzod gave us a very very useful gift ( see link below ) , i use it production to filter in UniDBgrid ( many thanx ) my problem is, if some one can help me,i thank him in advance - how can i detect if UniDBgrid is filtred or not and maybe deactivate filter by code if True - In UniDBgrid with WebOptions.paged is True how can recalculate total page to show data filtred - how i can hide only Colonnes menu option like this thank you for your help
  6. Hi maybe this can help you UniPanel1.ClientEvents.UniEvents.Values['beforeInit'] := 'function (sender, config) {config.cls="myrow"}';
  7. Hi When i try to install FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.90.0.1539 i have this error : [dcc32 Erreur fatale] uniTools27.dpk(52): F2048 Format de l'unité incorrect : 'C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniTools\Dcu64\Delphi2023\InstDecode.dcu' - Version attendue : 34.0, Windows Unicode(x86) Version trouvée : 34.0, Windows Unicode(x64) Data: - Unigui licensed version - Os : Windows 10 / 64 Bit - Delphi 10.4.1 Sydney
  8. Hi gastelumri try UniDBGrid1.Columns[0].Visible:=false; UniDBGrid1.Columns[0].Menu.ColumnHideable := False;
  9. bdiri

    Our Portal design

    شكراً Abaksoft, i will share later my source code of IHM Design
  10. +1 51 years old start with turbo pascal and Delphi 1 for 16 bit app in university !!! From Tunisia
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