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  1. aristeo

    Sessions blocked on the Hyperserver node from time to time

    We have same issue... Some sessions are blocked and remain open by Hyperserver. The sessions remains the connection to a firebird Server active, increasing the memory without free It, because the sessions don't close. It's a big problem for us
  2. aristeo

    Options of server module

    The soWipeShadowSessions is explained here....
  3. aristeo

    Options of server module

    Could anybody explain me for what are the soWipeShadowSessions and soTerminateOnSession options? Thanks
  4. I have a problem with my HyperServer, It's not closing all sessions, when these are finished. So I'm trying to figure it out differently ... With a UniThreadTimer in the Servermodule with an interval of 1 minute. I have a code like the following: procedure TUniServerModule.UniThreadTimer1Timer(Sender: TObject); var i:Integer; Sesion:TUniGUISession; begin UniServerModule.SessionManager.Sessions.Lock; try for i:=UniServerModule.SessionManager.Sessions.SessionList.Count-1 downto 0 do begin Sesion:=UniServerModule.SessionManager.Sessions.SessionList[i]; if (MinutesBetween(Now,Sesion.LastTimeStamp)>(SessionTimeout div 1000 div 60)+5) then begin sesion.ReleaseSession; Sesion.Terminate('Ha superado el tiempo de inactividad. Se cerró la sesión'); end; end; finally UniServerModule.SessionManager.Sessions.UnLock; end; end; it goes through all the sessions and the one that since its LastTimeStamp has passed (SessionTimeOut div 1000 div 60) +5 (5 tolerance) minutes. I'm trying to log out. With this solution, there are still open sessions. Could anybody suggest a solution. ?
  5. aristeo

    Sync data from same screen to different users

    Websockets are the solution
  6. aristeo

    How to send a text message to another session

    Use websockets . I use thia component https://www.esegece.com/
  7. Use websockets . I use thia component https://www.esegece.com/ for sending messages from server to clients
  8. aristeo

    Socket error in Hyperserver

    Randomly, in hyperserver we obtain the error: "[SendCommand Error, Node: 2]:Socket Error # 10061 Connection refused" that is logged in the log file of Hyperserver dll. Could anybody help with this? Thanks.
  9. aristeo

    Many nodes in huperserver

    Ok, thanks
  10. aristeo

    Many nodes in huperserver

    In our Hyperserver, a node is created when a new session starts (ScreenShot attached). With this hypersever.cfg i don't know why. I think, one node for all sessions is the correct. [transport] pool_size=0 command_timeout=20000 request_timeout=300000 connect_timeout=20000 [http_transport] start_port=20000 [hyper_server] binary_name=portalsii.dll initial_nodes=2 max_nodes=8 max_sessions=0 sessions_per_nodes=0 prompt_login=1 persistent_node_zero=0 port=8077 url_path= url_referer= ext_root=C:\inetpub\Sitios\portalSII\WebApp\files\js\\ext uni_mobile_root=[unim]\ uni_root=C:\inetpub\Sitios\portalSII\WebApp\files\js\\uni uni_packages_root=[unipack]\ max_requests=500 antiflood_per_ip=0 [node_recycling] enabled=1 recycle_after_secs=3600 recycle_after_sessions=0 recycle_after_idle_secs=300 recycle_when_empty=1 Thanks
  11. aristeo

    iexplore.exe process in HyperServer

    You're right, the problem is this line in the source of the project: ShellExecute(GetDesktopWindow,'open', PChar(''), '', '',SW_MAXIMIZE); to open the browser automatically when running debugging
  12. In the server running as hyperserver, many iexplore.exe processes are opened, and they remain suspended. Is that normal? What is the work of these processes? ScreenShot attached. Thanks
  13. I would like to communicate with the servvermodule of node zero from the rest of the nodes, I think one possibility is through the HTTPCommand event. That is, from another node make a get request to the URL The question is .... the zero node port is always the "start port" of the cfg file? Thank you
  14. When I try to deploy an ISAPI HyperServer, even if I select the neptune theme, I ignore it and select the classic theme. How can I get to select the neptune theme? any configuration in the cfg file of HyperServer? Thank you