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  1. aristeo

    How to remove or modify form's close button hint?

    Yes, this works OK. I assign this event in every TUniForm in the OnNewComponent (when the classtype of AComponent parameter is TUniForm) of TUniMainModule Thank you very much
  2. I want to remove or modify the form's close button hint.... Anyboydy could help me? Thanks.
  3. Has anyone had problems deploying two UniGui dlls in the same IIS ApplicationPool? I happen that when a UniGui dll is running, and another dll is uploaded and I try to run it in the same ApplicationPool, it is hanged. Do this also happen to someone else? Thank you.
  4. aristeo

    Communication between 2 UniGUI.dll

    Try websockets Enviado desde mi Nexus 5X mediante Tapatalk
  5. In the attached file.... Main.zip
  6. aristeo

    OmniThreads and UniGUI

    To implement a ProgressBar try the attached code. Main.zip
  7. aristeo

    Change TUniDBGrid title height?

    Is there any way to change the TUniDBGrid title height?
  8. aristeo


    WebSockets is your solution. I use this components and iit works very well http://www.esegece.com/websockets
  9. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks
  10. aristeo

    start procedure in other session???

    I'm using http://www.esegece.com/websockets/ For websockets and works perfectly Enviado desde mi Nexus 5X mediante Tapatalk
  11. aristeo

    Is posible wrap a TUniMainMenu?

    Perfect! this works! Thank you very much.
  12. aristeo


    I use IPWorks to access to a SSL SOAP. Webservice, and ir works perfect Enviado desde mi Nexus 5X mediante Tapatalk
  13. aristeo

    Path to "uni" and "extjs"

    In the OnCreate event of UniServerModule yo can assign the ExtRoot and UniRoot property yo the paths. Enviado desde mi Nexus 5X mediante Tapatalk
  14. aristeo

    Is posible wrap a TUniMainMenu?

    If the the TUniMainMenu width is higher than TUniForm width, is possible wrap the TUniMainMenu? FIit the TUnIMainMenu in more than one row? Thank you. Enviado desde mi Nexus 5X mediante Tapatalk
  15. If the site is configured to ask for a client certificate, we would want get the client certificate in server, like $_SERVER['SSL_CLIENT_CERT'] in PHP. Thanks.