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  1. sender.items.items[10].hide(); 

  2. estrify

    Google Maps for uniGUI

    Simply impressive!!!... This library is spectacular...
  3. estrify

    Changing dbgrid paging properties at runtime

    Thanks for the answer... The plugin is very useful but I need to adjust paging automatically to the available space exactly ... This is why I need the height of different components to calculate the number of lines to be displayed avoiding to show grid's vertical scroll bar... I have already achieved it... Thanks a lot.. Regards,
  4. estrify

    Changing dbgrid paging properties at runtime

    Thanks for response. But by now, this is insufficient... However, I have found a way to workaround this... Please, consider add the dynamic changing of the PageSize as a new feature... By now, here is how to achieve it: dbgrd.WebOptions.PageSize:=iNewPageSize; /* for now this has no effect. Only to be "clean" */ UniSession.AddJS( dbgrd.JSName+'.getStore().pageSize='+IntToStr(iNewPageSize)+';'+ dbgrd.JSName+'.getStore().load({params: { limit: '+IntToStr(iNewPageSize)+' }});'+ dbgrd.JSName+'.getView().refresh();' ); One more question: in UniDBGrid, is there a way to retrieve the total height of headers (considering grouping and so on) and the pager?? Regards,
  5. Hi, I have a paged dbgrid that has akRight and akBottom anchors. At runtime, when I change PageSize of the grid to adapt its content to the available space after a form resizing, the paging bar does not update its initial parameters. How can I update them?. Sure I am missing something trivial but if not, is there a workaround to achieve this result?? Thanks in advance...
  6. estrify

    Drag Form

    Hi, The following might help you: add into Your form -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents -> Ext.window.Window -> window.beforeInit the following line: sender.constrainHeader = true; Regards,
  7. estrify

    TUniCombobox: Avoid line breaking items in popup window

    Please take a look to http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/6119-simple-tip-combobox-wider-drop-down-picker/... Is not exactly what you are asking for but it may help you to make some combos more legible... Regards
  8. estrify

    LoginDemo - why TUniLoginForm1 starts first?

    Are Main form and LoginForm derived from TUniLoginForm?... Make sure that only one form is derived from TUniLoginForm and all your forms (login one also) are correctly registered (initialization section with its RegisterAppFormClass)...
  9. estrify

    LoginDemo - why TUniLoginForm1 starts first?

    Hi, I think that when you derive (and register) a form from TUniLoginForm, this form will be automatically created and shown by framework for each new session, unless you especify "Handled:=true" in the OnBeforeLogin procedure of UniMainModule... Regards,
  10. estrify


    Hi, This was redisigned... Please, look at "Session List" demo to see how it must be managed now... Regards,
  11. estrify


    Hi,I think this is related to a simple namespace problem. This messagedlg you indicate is executing a Dialogs.MessageDlg function, not unigui's one... Look at example suggested by Delphi Developer... Regards,
  12. estrify


    Hi Delphi Developer, Thanks for this plugin, is very, very useful ... Sorry for the daring but how can you associate with a UniTabSheet a UniPageControl instead of a button ??... and with a UniMenuItem??? Thank you in advance...
  13. Hi, For some combobox I am using, I need to make the picker wider than the combo itself (see image). If you need something similar, add the following code to your combo: Within "Combobox -> UniEvents -> Ext.form.field.Combobox -> afterCreate", add the following function afterCreate(sender) { Ext.apply(sender, { matchFieldWidth: false, pickerOffset: [0,-1] }); var picker; picker=sender.getPicker(); picker.maxWidth=sender.width*2; // Here, change the multiplier to adjust it to your needs, // or directly specify a width picker.border=1; } Best regards,
  14. estrify

    Combobox with checkbox

    Meanwhile, take a look to http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5792-simple-tip-checkcombobox-plugin/ Regards,