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  1. Perfect!!! As usual ... Thank you very much... Please, could you take a look at this one? http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/14036-no-scrollbars-when-mfpagetrue-and-autoscrolltrue/ It is more important to me than it seems ... Thank you in advance...
  2. Hi, I need to add a title or convert first item into one in a popup menu. Has anyone a sample of how to do so? Thanks in advance...
  3. estrify

    Questions about Hyperserver

    Or not to use Hyperserver everywhere , because in this type of applications, the concurrency is very low since here UniGUI acts only as management interface. This type of application is extremely portable because it only needs the unigui runtime installed on the machine. Perhaps a property like "force kill" could be useful in Hyperserver configuration, or a "timeout to kill" property. Please keep it in mind if you have time to think about it and doesn't take much effort to implement it. Another mechanism that could be useful is to deploy a new binary using a ServerModule method (with a path to the new binary as an argument), in addition to the current manual procedure. This can be used to update the app automatically when it receives a message to do so. Thank you very much for clarifying how this mechanism works. I like it very much, and I am looking forward to Server Farm feature. It can be just amazing.
  4. estrify

    Questions about Hyperserver

    This is exactly what I do, i.e. to exit the application., But some times, some threads could need several minutes to finish (I.e. making a dump and compression could take about 4 minutes, synchronize with external system could take from 1 to 10-15 minutes, depending on the volume of data to synchronize). So the recycling process will wail or will force killing the process?
  5. estrify

    Questions about Hyperserver

    Dear Hayri, I have one more question: I have one application that manages several tasks in background with threads periodically launched from ServerModule (those tasks do not interact with GUI, only perform tasks in database, network drives and interact with other applications). I suppose that I can use "Persistent Node Zero" feature to ensure the control of my threads but, what does "it will be occasionally recycled like any other Node" mean exaclty?. How can I ensure that this recyclement is done when there are no threads in execution? Thanks in advance and regards,
  6. estrify

    Questions about Hyperserver

    Thanks a lot for your answer and recommendation, I will try... As you do, I also think restarting server is only necessary first time to adjust OS parameters. Once done, it is enough stopping, uninstalling, installing and starting. But as this is the first time I will use it in production, I needed to be sure about it.
  7. estrify

    Questions about Hyperserver

    Thank you very much for the answers!!!. Now I have it much clearer... Only one additional question: Is it necessary the restarting of the server after each installation?
  8. estrify

    Questions about Hyperserver

    Dear UniGUI team: I would be pleased if you could replay following questions because I just upgrade to use this feature (Hyperserver) and I need to be sure about some basics: Hyperserver can create, recycle and destroy nodes, so it can move active sessions from one node to another. The sessionId actually has something like the node where it is created at the beginning of the string, has it?. So, when a session is moved from one node to another, it will maintain its whole session Id indicating on which node it was created, is this true? Is there a way for a session or its application to know on which node is running now?. This feature would be desirable, in addition to events in UniMainModule to signal leaving and entering node. This could help a lot when globally managing sessions. When Hyperserver moves sessions from one node to another, does it move each session individually, grouping them or all of them at the same time, in a kind of transaction? If the session to be moved has thrown a thread, will the thread be accessed correctly after the movement? Assuming that the Hyperserver installer was installed once in the deployed machine and restarted, when upgrading the version of unigui, is it necessary to use again the hyperserver installer on deployed machine or it is enough distributing the exe or the dll of the hyperserver? Thank you in advance, Regards,
  9. estrify

    Simple TIP: Tools usage demo

    Updated to work with UniGUI
  10. sender.items.items[10].hide(); 

  11. estrify

    Google Maps for uniGUI

    Simply impressive!!!... This library is spectacular...
  12. estrify

    Changing dbgrid paging properties at runtime

    Thanks for the answer... The plugin is very useful but I need to adjust paging automatically to the available space exactly ... This is why I need the height of different components to calculate the number of lines to be displayed avoiding to show grid's vertical scroll bar... I have already achieved it... Thanks a lot.. Regards,
  13. estrify

    Changing dbgrid paging properties at runtime

    Thanks for response. But by now, this is insufficient... However, I have found a way to workaround this... Please, consider add the dynamic changing of the PageSize as a new feature... By now, here is how to achieve it: dbgrd.WebOptions.PageSize:=iNewPageSize; /* for now this has no effect. Only to be "clean" */ UniSession.AddJS( dbgrd.JSName+'.getStore().pageSize='+IntToStr(iNewPageSize)+';'+ dbgrd.JSName+'.getStore().load({params: { limit: '+IntToStr(iNewPageSize)+' }});'+ dbgrd.JSName+'.getView().refresh();' ); One more question: in UniDBGrid, is there a way to retrieve the total height of headers (considering grouping and so on) and the pager?? Regards,
  14. Hi, I have a paged dbgrid that has akRight and akBottom anchors. At runtime, when I change PageSize of the grid to adapt its content to the available space after a form resizing, the paging bar does not update its initial parameters. How can I update them?. Sure I am missing something trivial but if not, is there a workaround to achieve this result?? Thanks in advance...