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  1. Hello Sherzod! Works perfect. I wish I could do it by myself!
  2. Hello! I want to change some simple properties in the navigation bar of an UnimDBGrid: I want to change the font color, background color, height of the bar and the font size. I've tried some CSS with .x-scroller and .x-nativescroller, but that had no effect. Any help would be appreciated! Mike
  3. What I try to implement is a diagram with days on the x-axis and names on the y-axis. Something like a holiday planner. I've tried it with UnimCalendarPanel but that doesn't work neither.
  4. But now it's clear? Is there a solution?
  5. OK - I thought that the pictures would explain my problem. If I use an UnimChart with UnimHorizBarSeries the bars always begin at the 0 point of the x-axis (2nd picture). I search a way to let the bars begin at other x-values as shown in the 1st picture.
  6. Hello! I use UnimChart to create something like this (with UnimHorizBarSeries): instead of this: So I need to set the starting point of the bar. Is there a way to do that? Regards Mike
  7. Sorry - but nothing has changed. Still blur.
  8. Your're right. On Android it looks good, but that doesn't help me, because my clients use both mobile systems.
  9. Yes - the display is better than without the settings, but on my iPhone it's too much blur. So isn't there a CSS which reduces the opacity effect of the text?
  10. Please ignore the Win32-directory. Please use the project in the root directory. UniGui.rar
  11. This is, how it looks on mobile devices.
  12. OK - here is a sample project. It's service based but I've disabled SSL. Port is 8078, service name is "TestApp".
  13. Can you give me the CSS for .customDisabledCls because there is no "simple" test case. I have to send you a service based SSL version.
  14. I've done this before, but the result is still the same. Which CSS would be the right? BTW: it works for the field label, but not for the field text.
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