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  1. That works, but I think, I'll never be able to solve those things by myself 😞
  2. This seems to work - but I have the same problem with TUnimMemo, so I've tried the same code: if (AComponent is TUnimMemo) then (AComponent as TUnimMemo).JSInterface.JSConfig('style', [(AComponent as TUnimMemo).Font.ToString(True, False, True)]); But this won't work. Why?
  3. That's quite easy. You can use any of your demos and add 5 labels with font sizes 20, 19,18,17,16. As an example I add the Form-Controls-Demo which is modified (5 labels are added).FormControls.rar I've tried it with different devices (Tablet, Desktop...) and different browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari).
  4. Hello! I'm using the font Tahoma in different sizes (depending on the resolution of the frontend device). In Delphi it looks like this: But on all devices it looks like this: The font with size 16 is much too small in comparison to the other font-sizes. Any idea, what is reponsible for that behaviar and how to fix it? Best regards Mike
  5. Hello! Can you reup the file, please? Regards Mike
  6. Hello! I read a lot about the use of [http_transport] in Hyperserver when more than 1 application runs on the same server. e.g. : But where can I set the start_port when using Windows services? Is it obsolet here? I've tested it with two apps. They seem to work well... BTW: changing of parameters in hyper_service.cfg or hyper_service.ssl.cfg doesn't have any effect. Regards Mike
  7. Hello! The theme is "triton" (TouchTheme) and "classic" (Theme). I looked here and search for "SegmentedButton", but what I found didn't help me anyway. If you find a solution, please tell me and perhaps you can describe, how to find those issues in the future. Thanks
  8. Hello! The theme is "triton" (TouchTheme) and "classic" (Theme). Hope that helps!
  9. Up - isn't there anybody you know, which parameter is responsible for the color of the pressed button?
  10. You can buy the code here: unigui.com.br (Pack 4)
  11. My dirty solution is: do without CSS and use a an UnimImage in a UnimPanel with margins:=3 and set the panel color to red at runtime. I think, that CSS is only assignable during creation. (but maybe there is a better solution...)
  12. Hello! I want to write a border around an image when user clicks the image. I use this on the OnClick-event: UnimImage1.JSInterface.JSConfig('cls', ['borderImg']); where "borderImg" is the corresponding CSS: .borderImg img { border: red; border-style: solid; border-width: 4px; } I get the error message: When I set the JSConfig on the OnCreate-event of the image, all works fine. So the question is: How can I change the CSS during runtime. Thanks in advance Mike
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