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  1. Hello! First you have to add UnimDBGrid->ClientEvents_>ExtEvents->childtap function childtap(sender, location, eOpts) { ajaxRequest(sender, '_cellclick', ["colIndx="+location.columnIndex]); } 2nd you have to add the OnAjaxEvent-method like this: procedure TMainmForm.UnimDBGrid1AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); VAR strClickObject : STRING; BEGIN IF (EventName='_cellclick') THEN BEGIN strClickObject:=Params.Values['colIndx']; //holds the index of the column (from 0 to n) IF (strClickObject='1') THEN BEGIN // for ex. if the 2nd column is clicked : END; END; end; Hope that helps...
  2. Thx a lot.I didn't found that topic. What about the timeformat? Is there a solution?
  3. Hello! In my UnimCalendarPanel the setting of the DayTimeFormat and WeekTimeFormat doesn't effect anything. I've tried HH:mm or hh:mm or HH:nn etc. but the panel always shows the time in am/pm-format. I want to display the time in 24-hour-format. Another issue with UnimCalendarPanel is, that I want to make the insert button (+ button) invisible in the navigation bar. I can disable the complete nav-bar, but the other functions are still desired. Best regards Mike
  4. No! It's like that: To show you, what I mean. I scroll down in the grid (page = 1 - vertical scrollbar is at the bottom): I click on the pageslider (page = 3 - vertical scrollbar stays at the bottom). But I need it to be at the top: .
  5. Hello! You will need a UnimDBGrid connected to a table of a database and set "paged" to true and "pagesize" for ex. to 20. But maybe it's not necessary to reproduce it. Is there a possibility to force UniGui to go to the top of a page after the user changes the page (with the pageslider at the bottom,) of a paged grid?
  6. Hello! I've got an TUnimDGBrid which is paged. If I scroll to the last row of the first page and I go to the next page (using the pageslider) the position of the grid is on the last row on the 2nd page. But I need the position of the grid at the beginning (top) of the 2nd page. I've tried something like that in : UnimDBGrid ->ExtEvents-> pageSlider.change function pageSlider.change(me, newValue, oldValue, eOpts) { pageData.toRecord = 1 } but that doesn't work. Any help will be appreciated Mike
  7. Sorry - I'm only using mobile apps!!
  8. No! Would be nice, if I could set the first row half the height of the second row.
  9. A solution for that would be very interesting. I'm searching a long time for a solution to display grid-rows with different heights. One example is, when you try to display memos in a grid which occupy a different amount of lines.
  10. likemike


    You can use an UniCarousel, too. And use the Onchange-event to allow to slide to the next page or raise some error messages if fileds are not filled correctly.
  11. As Norm has described, the HTML-code is reloaded when executing an Ajax-Event. Therefore the JS is executed unnecessarily a second time. For example: you can't use "const" in JS, because when it's executed more then once an error occurs (because you can't redefine "const"). For me that's a bug and the fact, that it's working correct on desktop-version approves that.
  12. @Norm: Thank you for testing! I've already suspected UnimURLFrame to cause this faulty behaviour. @Sherzod: Could you please open a ticket for that "bug"?!
  13. Hello! Since 3 days I'm trying to solve a strange behaviour of UnimURLFrame in combination with JavaScript. I've prepared 2 test cases to show what I mean. The test cases have both a little HTML (for displaying a button) and a file named error.js which assigns to the button an event and starts an AjaxRequest. Each call of the JS-file shows a "Test"-message in the console as well. Because of that, you have to start the test case and press F12 to see the console. The first test case has only the Mainm-form. When you start it, there is one "Test"-message in the console. If you press the "Start"-button nothing else happens. The second test case has another form, which is called by the button on the Mainm-form. When you start it and you press the button on the main form there is one "Test"-message in the console (equal to the 1st test case). If you press the "Start"-button, another "Test"-message appears (so the JavaScript is executed a second time). Why? This causes al lot of side effects and my app doesn't work as it should. I've tried a lot of "tricks" to prevent the 2nd execution, but nothing worked for me. Any help would be appriciated Unigui1.rarUnigui2.rar
  14. Hello! I've tried to change my programming from UnimFileUploadButton to UnimFileUpload, but the popup-window of UnimFileUploadButton looks much better and if you chose one item, you are directly for ex. in the camera mode (and not in an "ugly" file upload window). So it would be very nice, if I could integrate the microphone capture in the menu of UnimFileUploadButton. BTW: none of both ways show the possibility to use the microphone on Apple smartphones. Is there a solution? Regards Mike
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