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  1. t4ufiq

    Ajax Error Message

    ooww probably ... and because you can open it, Network Probem is the only reason why this happened... (at least i'm not worried about my code, the way i upgrade it to latest version, and setup of my iis server anymore ... ) the next question is.. > which Network that Truncates it? And why?? <<--- is there any member here from Indonesia or someone whos have VPS located in Indonesia, > is there a way/tips to prevent this?
  2. t4ufiq

    Ajax Error Message

    what about "Java 8 Update 181 (64bit)" and "Jaca SE development Kit 8 Update 60 (64bit)" installed on my laptop ...
  3. t4ufiq

    Ajax Error Message

    no.. im not familiar with JS... or could it be accidently installed by other app, like Android Studio ??? or others ?? still confusing, because when it open locally (remotely on vps where i deploy it).. it work fine this other app i put there : ( use this user ID: taufiq password: p4ssword ) .... error message after click side menu
  4. t4ufiq

    Ajax Error Message

    no custom js about plugin... if it is mean component i use then i used it with Unidac and Fastreport
  5. t4ufiq

    Ajax Error Message

    Yes.. did it.. still same... try from mobile phone also meet the same error...
  6. t4ufiq

    Ajax Error Message

    Hi, i get this ajax error message:"Unexpected end of input" ..... after upgrade to 1.50 (already did clean & rebuild code) i deploy it on iis server 7.5 on windows 7, please take a visit to this link z<<----- on login form - tab "pengguna umum", just input any char!! ) link above user hyperserver if it run on localhost browser (either ISAPI dll or Standalone Server)... it work fine over internet with standalon server ... ir work fine too may be it related to IIS server setting, but dont know which one so please, need help here last,.. sorry for my bad english thank you