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  1. M.Ammar

    TUnimDatePicker Selectin Bug

    working perfect as expected One last thing, i need this code at Runtime so I can switch Back to defaults when language is English. Best Regards
  2. M.Ammar

    TUnimDatePicker Selectin Bug

    thank you for your help as always you save me, can you please give the code for this at runtime to change with language function afterCreate(sender) { sender.getPicker().getDoneButton().setText("Done!"); sender.getPicker().getCancelButton().setText("Cancel!") }
  3. M.Ammar

    TUnimDatePicker Selectin Bug

    Hi I have 3 points regarding UnimDatePicker 1- TUnimDatePicker have a bug sometimes show selection menu at year 2039 although the selected date as in the screen shoot show 27/06/2019, this mainly happen after the form leases focus by showing a side menu or something like that. 2- how can I prevent typing into TUnimDatePicker only allow selection 3- if any one can help me how to translate buttons and months names to Arabic. Regards
  4. M.Ammar

    How To Fix RTL issue UniTreeMenu ?

    Thank you Very Much For the Perfect Solution.
  5. M.Ammar

    How To Fix RTL issue UniTreeMenu ?

    yes to enable it when it is RTL and disable it when it is not
  6. M.Ammar

    How To Fix RTL issue UniTreeMenu ?

    Thank you for this fix, it fixed the issue when RTL Is True , but when English is enabled and RTL is false the extender icon is in bad position , how can I use this at runtime regards
  7. M.Ammar

    How To Fix RTL issue UniTreeMenu ?

    Hi How can I fix UniTreeMenu in RTL 1- the extender overlaps the Menu Icon. 2- the Sup Item Space is missing, needt to defer from the main node. I have Tried the flowing 1- ExtenderFirst. 2- BodyRTL. 3- InputRTL. I used to not use icons in the main nodes but now I need the micro option and I have to use icons for that or if not possible to fix this right now how can I show / hide item icon at runtime Knowing that I create Items dynamically Regards
  8. M.Ammar

    Right To Left Run time Problem

    Hi I use inherited frames and forms for all may project in the parent frame/form I use procedure TFrameName.UniFrameCreate(Sender: TObject); Begin // Adjust RTL RTL := UniMainModule.RTL; End; Edit if I understood you correctly you need to change the RTL at Run time
  9. M.Ammar

    UniDBGrid Filter Too Small

  10. M.Ammar

    UniDBGrid Filter Too Small

    Hi all after updating To uniGUI_1.90.0.1499 Only some UniDBGrids happen to have Small Filter Fields Like Screen attached, why this happened? How To Fix It? best regards
  11. Hi All I used the code below For an Email Client Side Validation UniEdit1 -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents add the following beforeinit code: function beforeInit(sender, config) { Ext.apply(sender,{allowBlank:false,vtype:'email',msgTarget : 'side'}); } it is working fine, but I have 2 questions - 1-How to translate the message coming as hint " This Field Should be an-email Address Format … " -2 - How To use this Client Side Validation In Delphi code to know before saving the query if it is valid or not. Best Regards
  12. M.Ammar

    IIS 10 problem

    Hi I don't Know if it is relevant but all I did deferent than the documentation in Application Pool Advanced Setup I did not make the option "Enable 32-Bit Application" True but I kept it false because I run 64 Bit application. also I run hyper_Server.dll after renaming it to the same application name with Application.exe >> not dll Also make sure that you use the 64-Bit Hyper-Server.dll and configuration not the 32-Bit ones I hope that help but I don't know much about IIS, as I still need help myself in enabling Https Regards
  13. M.Ammar

    SSL certificate And hyper-server

    what additional settings for hyper server I am missing ? it is working on http. to be clear I am testing SSL on standalone mode (Application.exe , and hyper-server.exe) and on IIS (Application.exe, and hyper-server.dll ), all was working fine on http without SSL after installing the SSL certificate I only managed to get Allication.exe working but not the others. meaning Stand alone application.exe working http and https Stand alone with hyper-server only working http not https IIS (Application.exe, and hyper-server.dll ) only working http not https is there any other setup needs on (ISS or hyper-server) to Enable https? best regards
  14. hi I have 2 questions 1- after installing SSL certificate on the application, when testing https://localhost/ on standalone setup it is working fine "after the worning message because the name is deferent" but the application don't open if using with hyper-server "I changed the port to 443 in both the server module and the hyper-server configuration file". 2- is there any more setup need to be done on the iis server after installing the certificate on the application to enable https? regards
  15. I wasted 2 days in this because some easy to avoid mistakes, read these to save some time 1- IF you Are going To install the Certificate on a stand alone Exe application Flow these 1- Before you start buy or install certificate you must read this first. a. http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/ssl_configuration.htm b. http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/getting-a-ssl-certificate-from.htm c. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/8380-eidosslgetmethoderror-in-ssl-enable/&do=findComment&comment=43321 2- Don’t generate req.csr file using IIS as godaddy instructs , install and use openssl as the document above describes to generate 2 files. - download openssl from http://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html 3- Keep key.pem in safe place IE don’t lose it. 4- When downloading Certificates files from godaddy don’t select Server Type: IIS, but select Server Type: Other. -- rename the downloaded 2 files as described in the document above . 5- Use the right DLL files 32 or 64 according to your application type. Edit 2- IF you Are going install the certificate On IIS Server Flow below: - Generate csr.txt file using IIS as GoDaddy instructs. - VIP- When you copy the csr.txt Be very Carful there is a space at the end of the file don't uses select all or it will corrupt the certificate. -When downloading Certificates files from GoDaddy select Server Type: IIS regards