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  1. M.Ammar

    SSL certificate And hyper-server

    what additional settings for hyper server I am missing ? it is working on http. to be clear I am testing SSL on standalone mode (Application.exe , and hyper-server.exe) and on IIS (Application.exe, and hyper-server.dll ), all was working fine on http without SSL after installing the SSL certificate I only managed to get Allication.exe working but not the others. meaning Stand alone application.exe working http and https Stand alone with hyper-server only working http not https IIS (Application.exe, and hyper-server.dll ) only working http not https is there any other setup needs on (ISS or hyper-server) to Enable https? best regards
  2. hi I have 2 questions 1- after installing SSL certificate on the application, when testing https://localhost/ on standalone setup it is working fine "after the worning message because the name is deferent" but the application don't open if using with hyper-server "I changed the port to 443 in both the server module and the hyper-server configuration file". 2- is there any more setup need to be done on the iis server after installing the certificate on the application to enable https? regards
  3. I wasted 2 days in this because some easy to avoid mistakes, read these to save some time 1- Before you start buy or install certificate you must read this first. a. http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/ssl_configuration.htm b. http://www.unigui.com/doc/online_help/getting-a-ssl-certificate-from.htm c. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/8380-eidosslgetmethoderror-in-ssl-enable/&do=findComment&comment=43321 2- Don’t generate req.csr file using IIS as godaddy instructs , install and use openssl as the document above describes to generate 2 files. - download openssl from http://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html 3- Keep key.pem in safe place IE don’t lose it. 4- When downloading Certificates files from godaddy don’t select Server Type: IIS, but select Server Type: Other. -- rename the downloaded 2 files as described in the document above . 5- Use the right DLL files 32 or 64 according to your application type. regards
  4. M.Ammar

    Could not compile used unit Ext

    Hi Andriws Luna I have re-installed windows and Rad studio and it worked for me too, thanks
  5. M.Ammar

    IIS 10 problem

    Hi I am using the IIS 10 with windows server 2016 and 64Bit hyper-server with no issues regards
  6. hi i tried to install the last uniGui V. FMSoft_uniGUI_Professional_1.90.0.1499 for testing, I did the usual steps and I have tried 3 times with no luck 1- uninstalled FMSoft_uniGUI_Professional_1.70.0.1485 2- uninstalled FMSoft_uniGUI_Theme_Pack_1.70.0.1485 3- Deleted the old installation folder FMSoft. 4- restarted the Pc. 5- installed FMSoft_uniGUI_Professional_1.90.0.1499 6- user name, email, password and get the license online. 7- open Delphi and try to install C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\uniGUI_D10_2_Tokyo_StdGroup.groupproj I got the error "Could not compile used unit Ext", now I am stuck and I even cannot get back to the FMSoft_uniGUI_Professional_1.70.0.1485 because I get the same error. best regards Edit : when I try to build All units I got another error File not Found "InstDecode.pas"
  7. hi this is great and working fine but I have 2 questions 1 - where I can find validitychange Event in UniDbEdit. 2- how can i check if it is valid or not in (Pascal Code) before posting the data to database? Regards
  8. Hi What is your recommended windows server security Software, I had ESET File Security And it prevented Hyper-server from working at all, I had to uninstall it from the server in order to make it work. if any alternatives suggestions will be great. thanks and best regards
  9. here is an update in case anyone faced a similar issue after I reinstalled another windows server 2016 VM I had the same issue with the new installation only for my application was not working but the demo was working fine, I tracked the issue by making a new project and finally, I found out that the UnimainModule was the reason for this issue I compared all settings in both modules but I found nothing different in the settings finally, I copied all code and components from the original uniMainModule to the new one and then replaced the files in the original project and now is working fine. regards
  10. hello abksoft thank you for the reply, you are correct, I tested on another VM 2016 and it is working fine, but I can't find out what is wrong with this one, it was freshly installed, I tried restarting and reinstalling runtime but no luck best regards
  11. Hi After upgrading from to on Delphi 10.2.1 1- created a new standalone exe. 2- installed FMSoft_uniGUI_runtime_1.90.0.1495 on the New 2016 Windows server VM. 3- run Application Stand Alone New Exe on the server. 4- I got a blank page on the page.http://localhost:8088/server on both Firefox and old IE when i used FMSoft_uniGUI_runtime_1.70.0.1485 with older exe on the same server everything is working perfectly Please note that FMSoft_uniGUI_runtime_1.90.0.1495 working perfectly on another windows 10 machine with the new exe. what is missing on the server? regards
  12. M.Ammar

    FreeLancer Required

    hi My name is Ammar, I am working on a Hotel management system project which is nearly finished, I need some help regarding integration with a government website via SDK. All documentation and example are in ".net", I need to convert that to Delphi, with working code, and explain how to use it. anyone interested please contact me: ammar.it@ohit.com.sa Best regards
  13. M.Ammar

    Get Server Time

    thank you for the reply this demo code will display client machine date time right? but I want to get server machine date time, this application is time sensitive and client machine time may not be correct. I want to compare, DateTime on both client machine and server machine to make sure that the date is correct and get different in time. can I do that? regards
  14. thank you for reply, I am sorry to say that I have read your comments several times but I failed to understand it, it seems that English is the 2nd Language for me and you. I did take your first advice and removed EventAlerter from the application. - "for firebird, use "postevent"": my database is MS SQL, not Firebird. - "You can access to all mainform": you mean access from where Server Module, if so how server module detects changes in the database without timer? how I detect changes on the table without a timer to check for changes, which is currently working for me. (Abaksoft 1st idea) forgive me I am a newbie in this regards
  15. M.Ammar

    Get Server Time

    hi all, how do I get server machine date and time, thanks