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  1. M.Ammar

    hijri datetimepicker

    Thank you mohamed for reply my issue is not converting dates or checking correct dates I am doing that using SQL server. also I can use API for that as well. my problem with users that enter incorrect dates (or incorrect date format) that's why I need DateTimePicker to make it easy for them to make less mistakes like this one http://hijri-datepicker.azurewebsites.net/ best regards
  2. M.Ammar

    hijri datetimepicker

    hi my new application is based heavily on hijri date. 1- is there any compatible hijri DateTimePicker or calendar that I can use in my UniGui Application. 2- can I use the flowing Bootstrap Hijri Date picker https://github.com/balbarak/bootstrap-hijri-datepicker if yes how can I do so, any suggestions are welcome. Regards
  3. M.Ammar

    Close form when clicking outside it

    Hi on formA on click event formB.close; or formB.hide; Like so procedure TMainForm.UniPDeskTopClick(Sender: TObject); begin formB.show; end; procedure TMainForm.UniPDeskTopDblClick(Sender: TObject); begin formB.Hide; end; Regards
  4. M.Ammar

    best approach to create a assistant/wizard unigui app

    Hello , I have used the first Approach in 2 wizards , it is working fine with organizing each step code in {$REGION}, but I don't recommend it. in another wizard I mix between 1 and 3 (Especially good if you going to use existing forms and use them inside taps) I think you will be better off with no 3 it will be more manageable like Mohamed Nasman said regards
  5. M.Ammar

    UniTreeMenu changing font at runtime

    this is working perfect if you can direct me to sources to understand jsCode in UniGui it will be great Thank you
  6. M.Ammar

    How to add component in uniGUI project.

    Hi you can use components paletas to search and add any unigui component
  7. M.Ammar

    How to change UniTreeMenu's background color?

    Hi in ServerModule CSS file add the flowing CSS .treemenu .x-treelist, .treemenu .x-treelist-row{ background-color: #10044a; } .treemenu .x-treelist-row-over, .treemenu .x-treelist-nav .x-treelist-item-selected > .x-treelist-row{ background-color: #40366e !important; } .treemenu .x-treelist-item-text, .treemenu .x-treelist-item-icon, .treemenu .x-treelist-item-expander { color: #e8dff7; font-size: 14px; } then in your uniTreeMenu> layoutConfig > Cls > treemenu you can select any colors you want Regards
  8. M.Ammar

    UniTreeMenu changing font at runtime

    based on another topic of yours i added this link in server module <link href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cairo' rel='stylesheet'> this is the font https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Cairo?subset=arabic
  9. M.Ammar

    UniTreeMenu changing font at runtime

    Sorry I did not understand what you told, can you give example please.
  10. M.Ammar

    UniTreeMenu changing font at runtime

    yes please, I already can use it by adding a css below .treemenulavender .x-treelist, .treemenulavender .x-treelist-row{ background-color: #10044a; } .treemenulavender .x-treelist-row-over, .treemenulavender .x-treelist-nav .x-treelist-item-selected > .x-treelist-row{ background-color: #40366e !important; } .treemenulavender .x-treelist-item-text, .treemenulavender .x-treelist-item-icon, .treemenulavender .x-treelist-item-expander { color: #e8dff7; font-family: Cairo; font-size: 14px; } what i need is to be able to change it at runtime with some code like this UniSession.AddJS(UniTabSheet.JSName + '.tab.btnInnerEl.setStyle("font-family", "'Cairo'")'); that works with UniTreeMenu regards
  11. Hi I use google fonts, and i need to change font family at run time, I managed to do it for all component except for UniTreeMenu, I need like the flowing code which works on UniTabSheet UniSession.AddJS(UniTabSheet.JSName + '.tab.btnInnerEl.setStyle("font-family", "'Cairo'")'); regards Ammar
  12. M.Ammar

    Screen Mask And TUniDBLookupComboBox

    Sorry I cannot find out what the Couse of this except for clicking too fast on another button after changing the item from the list , otherwise if I waited one sec the application is working fine that's why I need to enable screen mask to prevent this from happening i can make a video showing the crash if it would help regards
  13. Hi I have TUniDBLookupComboBox that i want enable screen mask because of long prosess. when I enable the screen mask it works when I click the TUniDBLookupComboBox dropdown list button and don not allow the list to show I want to enable the screen mask after the item is selected not before can that be done ? if not what is the alternative to block the user from selecting any other option manually? Side note : before the last update I had no issue with this list but now if the user select an item and then clicked another button fast the application crashes for unknown reason and give blank page and no debugging feedback in Delphi. regards ammar
  14. M.Ammar

    Chart FSkendoUI ( align problem)

    Hi if I understand you correctly it is better to use layout than normal align, but if you don't use layout, you also can use the Anchors to achieve the required result you can check the chart demo to see how it is done C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\ChartDemo regards
  15. M.Ammar

    Sencha 7-1-0 UniGUI 1-90-0-1528 Update Issues

    Thanks that fixed the problem , I found out that below line in UniServerModule 'CustomeFiles' was the cause of the issue <link rel="stylesheet" href="files/fontawesome-free-5.12.0-web/css/all.css"> it was added before to support font awesome V5 manually in older builds, before the last update and may have conflicted with the new update side effect that some other icons that used this was not displayed but I will replace them no problem issue fixed thanks again best regards