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  1. Masteritec

    UniDBTreeGrid missing beforeedit client event?

    Hi, https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/7.0.0/modern/Ext.grid.Tree.html#events above is not treegrid?
  2. Masteritec

    UniDBTreeGrid missing beforeedit client event?

    Also missing summary
  3. Hi, UnidbTreeGrid missing beforeedit client event, i think current Tree Grid support is not like DB Grid, less useful. I hope UnidbTreeGrid can be enhance strong and useful. Thank you
  4. Masteritec

    Google Authenticator

    Can upload Demo file again? Thanks
  5. Masteritec

    How to Upload/Download File to Google Drive?

    Already Search But Demo link file is invalid, can you provide a demo file. Thanks
  6. Masteritec

    How to Upload/Download File to Google Drive?

    Any sample to download and upload file when use Unigui Web Apps? How to do Google authenticate in Client (Browser) when use Unigui? Thanks
  7. I want upload/download some files to Google Drive use my Unigui Web Apps, but i don't know how to process it. Any idea for it? Thanks
  8. How to change bold text in every row from black color to blue color in grid? below in my ClientEvent-> UniEvent. Please advice me how to change the color . Thanks function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.loadingText='Loading...'; config.grouped=false; config.itemTpl='<table style="width:100%;white-space: nowarap;vertical-align:mdiddle;">' + '<tr>' + '<td style="font-size:15px;font-weight:bold;padding-top:4px;padding-left:5px;">{0}</td>'+ '</tr>' + '<tr>' + '<td style="font-size:15px;padding-top:4px;padding-left:5px;">{1}</td>'+ '</tr>' + '</table>'; }
  9. Masteritec

    vertical scrollbar

    Thanks. Submit feature request. http://jira.fmsoft.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/4/FSD-1909
  10. Masteritec

    vertical scrollbar

    Can make it standard properties?
  11. Masteritec

    vertical scrollbar

    Actually, Tab Sheet can add Autoscroll option. TabSheet - Scrollbar Issue.zip
  12. Masteritec

    vertical scrollbar

    Inside frame I use page control and multiple tab sheet, problem is tab sheet can't auto resize the frame.
  13. Masteritec

    vertical scrollbar

    Can help. But if use more frames and tab sheets, it is hard to add. Hope can enhance like autoscroll option, easy and fast way.
  14. Masteritec

    vertical scrollbar

    I also facing this problem, is using Frame.
  15. Masteritec

    Set color of bar chart series with uniGUI

    @Farshad Mohajeri Hi, any update or solution for above issue? I also need such feature.. Please feedback