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  1. Hi, I use, facing icon problem when set x-form-search-trigger IconCls. refer testcase "Grid-Runtime Editor.zip" Grid-Runtime Editor.zip
  2. Hi, Cause block CheckBox column is depend on other column value, only BeforeEdit can solve it.
  3. Hi, above issue i checked in version still not yet fix. Any solution for set readonly checkbox in grid when use beforeedit?
  4. Hi, Please see below code and sample Grid4. If LastName and FirstName is empty, other columns is not allow edit, but if LastName or FirstName column change position, below code will wrong. if ((context.field == 3) || (context.field == 4) || (context.field == 5) || (context.field == 6) || (context.field == 7) || (context.field == 8)) { return ajaxRequest(this, "GridEditing", [], false).responseText == "true"; }; Grid4.zip
  5. Yup, how to dynamic it when column position change.
  6. Hi, Why still not yet fix this problem? I use
  7. Hi, above coding can be write on the fly? Then I can assign context.field after column move in grid.
  8. Delete the value in Column A and system auto delete the value in Column D.
  9. 1. Column A, Column B, Column C, Column D 2. Column D read only is depend on Column A is empty or not. If Column A empty then Column D can't assign value. 3. Customer allow to move Column position.
  10. Hi, I want to check if column is 'Last Name' or 'First Name' in beforeedit like below: But if column change position will get wrong, any solution? Column no change checking is correct: Column changed checking is incorrect: Grid3.zip
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