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  1. Masteritec

    UniCalendar Panel Event Setting

    Once method applied, all my uniframe/uniform calendar panel in my program will not allow to move.. if i want some of my calendar panel in program is allow to move and some is not allow .How to dot? Please advice Thax
  2. Masteritec

    UniCalendar Panel Event Setting

    Hi, Is possible to not allow event in unicalendar panel to move? Any setting? Please advice Thx
  3. Masteritec

    TUniDBGrid Column Title Popupmenu

    Great, It works Thanks
  4. Masteritec

    custom css

    Great, is work. Thanks your
  5. Hi, Is it possible to let us to popupmenu at column title. Current only allow us to popuomenu in cell content. Please advice. Thanks
  6. Masteritec

    custom css

    Click the Radio button Enabled = False then TuniEdit Text will change to Blue using CSS but Checkbox label no change at all Please check Checkbox Label Color CSS.zip
  7. Masteritec

    custom css

    Just drop a unicheckbox set the enabled to false, then I want the text color to blue. And enabled to true just change back to black I want to use CSS to control only.
  8. Masteritec

    custom css

    When check box enabled = false, I just want change the check box color to blue .
  9. Masteritec

    TUniDBGrid scroll event control

    Any solution for this?
  10. Masteritec

    How to disable key press on UniDBGrid

    Any update on this?
  11. Masteritec

    custom css

    Any update on this?
  12. Masteritec

    custom css

    How to set using Delphi Coding? If i set using checkbox property, also cannot set checkbox text color
  13. Masteritec

    custom css

    Hi, How to set the checkbox label text color when the checkbox is disable using CSS? Anybody can help? Thank you
  14. Masteritec

    How to disable key press on UniDBGrid

    This testcase is ok if you no move the column Requirment is Row Customer No 1384 & 1356 city is Christiansted, so Company Column for this 2 row is not allow to edit. other is allow to edit. Testing steps Step 1 : You try to move the Company Column after Addr1 Issue : Company Column become allow to edit and Addr1 not allow to edit ====> because me.column.dataIndex == "1" Step 2 : You try to move the City Column after State Issue : All column allow to edit ====> because me.record.data[4] == "Christiansted" Please advice. Thanks Cell Disable.7z
  15. Masteritec

    How to disable key press on UniDBGrid

    This still cannot work. I am using Unigui demo Column Sort to test. Example For row City = "Christiansted", for row City = "Christiansted" and Company Column field not allow to edit. function beforeedit(editor, context, eOpts) { var me=context; if ((me.column.dataIndex == "1") && (me.record.data[4] == "Christiansted")) { return false; } } Above code is ok if Column City & Company not allow to move. If allow to move still wrong. Please advice Thanks