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  1. How to navigate to other tab sheet for tunimtabpanel got a lot tab sheet. Please advice
  2. @Sherzod Attached is test case source code & Video for you to refer. Above code only ok for first time form show. Refer video First time click Show Cart -> Select 1221 -> Change Value to 5 -> Add to Cart -> ajaxRequest Show Message Correct. Close the Sreen Second time click Show Cart -> Select 1221 -> Screen value no change default to 1 -> Add to Cart -> ajaxRequest Show Message wrong it take back previos value and now whatever value you change it always show 5 only Please help WhatsApp Video 2020-
  3. Please refer my test case Unigui_Mobile_Listview.zip
  4. Current i able to return {0} to AjaxRequest when click Add to Cart Button, Beside that , i also need usert to input quantity using Spin edit, then only click Add to Cart then return to AjaxRequest, I don't know to pass spin edit value to ajax request. Please help
  5. function beforeInit(sender, config) { config.loadingText='Loading...'; config.grouped=false; config.itemTpl= new Ext.XTemplate( '<tr><td><span style="font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;padding-top:4px;padding-left:5px;">{0}</span></td></tr>'+ '<table class="tblstock">'+ '<tr>' + '<td>'+ '<img src={5} width="120" height="120"/>' + '</td>'+
  6. This will easy for user to navigator in mobile mode
  7. Current UnimDbListGrid page navigator slider style is not user friendly at all. Not convenient to user especially when we got a lot of pages. Kindly redesign the page navigator like web. Can you let me know when this feature is ready for us to use. I everyday received complaint from my end users. Please help and consider my suggestion. Urgent
  8. Is it possible to set BadgeText for TitleButton like TUnimButton?
  9. Hi, May i know any mobile component can be support list with image. Thanks
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