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  1. IRWANTO82

    Opening DesignReport "as Service" (Fast Report)

    it's delphi ? or .net ?
  2. IRWANTO82

    [news]Delphi RAD 10.2.2

    linux ? no road map only plan, maybe 2030, and its alfa release haha
  3. IRWANTO82

    Advanced Desktop

    source please
  4. IRWANTO82


    run in standalone .exe and use EurekaLog to trace it
  5. IRWANTO82

    Working on a new theme

    +1 good, we need more theme
  6. IRWANTO82

    Get user logged in PC (Client Side)

    anyone still use IE ?
  7. IRWANTO82

    Get user logged in PC (Client Side)

    what is ADSISearch.pas unit ?
  8. IRWANTO82

    XSS issue in access denied page over URL script

    what result xss from this http://demo.simple-landlord.com/
  9. IRWANTO82

    how to hiding Dll extension in the url in IIS?

    i use this but every logout to login form again, original .dll will appear in url link so i use this <html> <head> </head> <frameset rows="100%,*" border="0"> <frame src="http://domain.com/your.dll" frameborder="0"></frame> <frame frameborder="0" noresize=""></frame> </frameset> </html>
  10. IRWANTO82

    Official Licence Delphi with good price

    thats why i disappointed since seatle, i never use berlin and tokyo because bug not fix my report qc and break my application. but i still paid for yearly support for new release junk i hope lazarus for linux
  11. IRWANTO82

    Show ScreenMask,When Run Query

    maybe you want create function to easy execute query, but mask must have parent form, or you must create form runtime in function or yourform.ShowMask('xxx'); try tbl.sql.text := 'select xxxx'; if not execsql(tbl) then exit; .... finally yourform.hidemask; end;
  12. IRWANTO82

    CachedUpdates becarefull !

    how you handle the row for edit? use form for edit row if its important data, and always use lastupdate field to compare data change by other user before post `lastupdate` DATETIME NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
  13. IRWANTO82

    How to add my string(s) into unigui log file?

    can i use separate file with username and date for log file?
  14. IRWANTO82

    Server Logs

    good job my oot, how to add show password button ?