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  1. image does not change at run time in the ontrigger event does not work. Look. if AButtonId=0 then begin if uniEditPass.Triggers[0].ImageIndex=0 then begin uniEditPass.Triggers[0].ImageIndex:=1; uniEditPass.PasswordChar :=#0; end else begin uniEditPass.Triggers[0].ImageIndex:=0 ; uniEditPass.PasswordChar :='*' end; end; Can someone help me?
  2. look procedure TMainForm.UniBitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject); begin UniSession.AddJS('document.getElementById("txtReceptor").value="'+UniEdit1.Text+'";'); //transfer content end; procedure TMainForm.UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin // UnihtmlFrame2.HTML.loadfromfile('index3.html'); //this is work UniURLFrame1.HTML.loadfromfile('index3.html'); //if i use uniURLFrame not ok, why??????? Cannot set property 'value' of null end; ************index3.html********************* <!DOCTYPE html> <
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