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  1. +1 I am interested in purchasing a Unigui subscription, however, for my projects, working with WebSockets is essential. It would be very important for the following areas of the forum to be public. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/forum/55-unigui-1x/ http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/forum/10-beta-releases/ Or is there some other way for non-subscribers users to know what features are coming out?
  2. I found a solution (maybe not ideal). I created a component from TUniCustomScrollablePanel. procedure TMyPanel.ConfigJSClasses ( ALoading : Boolean ) ; begin JSObjects.DefaultJSClassName := 'Ext.Component'; end; #edit "Ext.Component" does not accept child controls. Damn it.
  3. I need a container (at design time) where I can add child controls. Also, it needs to be extremely simple (I just need a "div", no classes, no attributes and no child divs). TUniContainerPanel/TUniPanel/TUniSimplePanel: Allows you to have child controls, however, when rendered by the browser, many "child divs" are created. TUniGenericControl: It's almost perfect, but at design time, it can't be "parent" to any other control. I want to create a custom unigui control for this task (if necessary). What is the best class to use as inheritance in this case? I'm using the trial version( of Unigui.
  4. gvn

    Sencha Themer

    When purchasing a Unigui license, do I have access to Sencha Themer? Is it possible to use themes created with Sencha Themer in Unigui?
  5. gvn

    Roadmap - WebSocket

    Is there already a beta version or a release forecast? Will it be necessary to purchase any other component (esegece, for example)?
  6. The 2021 roadmap mentions "WebSockets". "This is also another feature which we want to add to uniGUI. This will allow bi-directional full-duplex communication between server and uniGUI controls. Especially useful for data aware controls such as DBGrid." I'm starting a project, and I would like to use your tool. Communication via WebSocket is one of the requirements of this program. Is there a place where I can track the development progress of this feature? The "uniGUI 1.x" and "Beta Releases" areas are protected. PS: I'm not a subscriber yet.
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