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  1. This works perfectly. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello, could you see the problem? Any ideas?
  3. In VLC I cannot assign the combo as editor in the grid column. 1. Is there an option in the dblookupcombbox that allows me to enter and save something that is not in the list? 2. Is there any way that a dbcombobox or a combobox allows me to show 2 columns but save only one? Regards, 897261766 - AnyDesk 2020-09-14 10-55-20.zip
  4. Hi, I have a combobox with two columns (City - Code), it should show both columns but only save one of them (the city). This combobox is assigned as editor of a column in the dbgrid. I should also be able to write the name of the city in case it is not on the list. Using the combobox does not allow me to save only the name of the city because it takes the complete text (name and code) even though I do the following to separate the name of the city before saving: UniComboBox1.Text: = Trim (Copy (UniComboBox1.Text, 1, Pos ('-', UniComboBox1.Text, 1) -1)); I tried combobox and dbc
  5. Hi, Do you have any news about this topic?
  6. Hello, I'm attaching a test case again. I am using the unigui version 1526. GridEditor-TestCase (2).zip
  7. Hi, Do you have any news about this topic?
  8. Yes, I attached a video where you can see the effect described. You can also see that it allows me to insert a record only once (with the insert key), the second time it does not allow inserting. 897261766 - AnyDesk 2020-04-07 15-08-02.zip
  9. hi, I could already reproduce the problem in one of your demos and I describe it to you: 1.- When I double click on the 'salary' cell and activate the grid edition and select the insert key, I get an ajax error and it doesn't allow me to do anything else. I avoid this by writing the line before insert: UniDbGrid1.CancelEditing (True); UniDbGrid1.DataSource.DataSet.Insert; UniDbGrid1.CancelEditing (False); I don't know if it is the best solution. 2.- I need to assign the column editors at runtime. For example assigning the editor of the column 'Salary' a UniFormattedNumberEdit
  10. I'll try to reproduce it with clientdataset and I will write to you again.
  11. yes, i'm using advantage components
  12. Hi, I currently have a problem and would like to know if you have any idea how to solve it. I have a code to insert a record in the grid with the insert key. The problem is that when the field is type float, time or date and it is not an index of the table and it also has an editor assigned to the column, it allows inserting the record only once, then no more. I have a code to search the indexes of the table and I have a code that assigns editors to the fields type float, time and date. Attached is a test case in case you want to see it and give me a hand. GridEditor_Ads.zip
  13. Hi, How could I remove the mask before saving it in the database?
  14. Hi, I am currently using UniSession.RemoteIP to obtain the ip of the sessions of the users that enter my application, however there is a firewall in the middle and UniSession.RemoteIP is registering the ip of the firewall and not of the sessions of each user. Is there any way to get it ip from each user's session?
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