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  1. sarcos

    Design Workflow Diagram

  2. Hi Farshad, I think there is a problem when url parameters are used in mobile applications. I tried to reproduce the urlparamams demo using mobile forms and I tried these two url to launch the application, but doesn't work. http://localhost:8077/m?button=BB&edit=AA http://localhost:8077/m/?button=BB&edit=AA I have seen that that in the URL params demo you check the webmode value before read the params. Is it possible to use url parameters in mobile applications or only in web applications? Greetings and thanks
  3. sarcos

    Objects font

    Hello, I've seen that some objects like TUniGroupBox, TUniComboBox, TUniListBox don't display the font defined in design time. I've tried it on IE, Firefox, Chrome, allways with the same result. It's possible change this objects font anyway? Thank you in advance.
  4. sarcos

    Client side info

    Hello, It's possible to get info from client side, for example remote machine name, or any windows registry key? Thank you
  5. sarcos

    Calendar panel events

    Hello, How Can I block resizing and moving events without disabling calendar panel? Exists any method to paint with a diferent color a day cell like today one? Tank you in advance
  6. sarcos

    0000591: Cursor property for web

    Tahank you
  7. sarcos

    0000591: Cursor property for web

    How Can I use TUniScreenMask to do it?
  8. sarcos

    0000591: Cursor property for web

    On Changelog.txt file in the version I've seen 0000591: Cursor property for web, that means you can now change the cursor that displays the browser, for example when loading data, if so, how should I do it? Thank you in advance
  9. sarcos

    Screen Cursor

    Hello, How can I change the screen cursor at runtime. I changed it using the Screen Variable like in a desktop applications but don't works properly. Thank you in advance
  10. sarcos

    UniGui constants declared units

    Hello, In which unit UniGui declare the constants and types values like 'ubsNone,ubsSolid,etc' from TUniPanel border style?. Thank you in advance
  11. Hello, In wich event can I put my code when the user close the web explorer directly, the web explorer tab, or change the page url? Thank you in advance
  12. sarcos

    TUniMemo ScrollBars on IE

    Why IE8 ever shows TMemo vertical scrollbar? I have configured ReadOnly property to True and ScrollBars to ssNone. Chrome and Firefox don't show it. Exists any other component that can I use to show text without edit properties like TCaption whit wraptext options. Thank tou in advance
  13. sarcos


    Hello, can I apply the windows application logics of modalresult when I call ShowModal form's method?. I am doing some tests and seems to me that when I show a form modal, the application doesn't wait for a modalresult. If I look the debug, the application continues to processing the code after the ShowModal call. Thank you in advance.