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Someone can help me in reporting tool selection?


Wich is the better for unigui?


Anyone knows html component library?


Now, I work with QuickReports in VCL aps, but I'd like to know suggestions about other reporting tools.


I'm migrating vcl app to unigui, and I'm going to migrate the reports, but don't know what tool is better to use in unigui.



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I am considering to generate html reports manually, without depending of any external tool. Generate a html file, and open with browser or unihtmlframe.


I have done some samples, and works ok, but have the problem of page size (height and width) in printer output.


I don't know how to control the page size (A4, letter, etc.) to do page break.


Is possible? Is this a stupid idea?


Any suggestion will be wellcome.

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I use UniDAC to access data.


I have problems to use UniDAC with FR. UniDAC have some packages to install with FR, but I get installation errors. I have been talking with UniDAC support for some months, with no success.

I had the same problems. In the end I discovered that the "big secret" is to install UniDac and FastReorts on the default C: drive. Otherwise you'll drown in a sea of "file not found" no matter how much patience you have to correct the paths. 

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Se você já possui seus relatórios em quick report, você poderá manter os mesmos relatórios. Porque um unigui vc irá gerar o pdf dos mesmos e abrir através de um urlframe. Assim não é necessário você mudar aquilo pelo qual lhe é familiar. Mude de gerador, apenas se o quick não lhe atende.


If you already have your reports in quick report, you can keep the same reports. Because a unigui vc will generate the pdf of the same and open through a urlframe. So it's not necessary for you to change that for which you are familiar. Change generator only if the quick it not.

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I allways have made delphi reports with QR, but as I know is not recommended tool for unigui apps.


with unigui, I have problems with standard pdf export, and I use synpdf library to get the reports in pdf.


this option don't works fine with composite reports.


and QR, don't have bands autoheight. I use version 5. don't know if this is solved in version 6.


has been a good tool for me for many years, but the most important point to change is that is not recommended for unigui.


now I am migrating my apps to unigui, and I am in the point of decide migrating reports or continue using QR.

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Starting tfrom Quick Report Professional 4.0.4 exports to PDF natively.

In USES section of the Form unit, declare the following unit QRPDFFilt.

quickrep1.ExportToFilter (TQRPDFDocumentFilter.Create ('C: \ directory'));


In unigui far as I know, you can use any report generator for the unigui will not affect it. What the generator should do is export to pdf. If you use a generator that was already working, why not keep these reports? It is a service unless having to redo all ready-made reports.


If not happy with the generator, adopt another only for new reports that are developing.

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i don't use QR but i'm using a export lib for my data (scalabium) i had got a problem when i use it in Isapi.

The problem was there is a form with progress bar when i exported data. the form could display in standalone but not in isapi.


Maybe you have got the same problem . have you got option for display progress/info ? if yes you should disable it.

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