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  1. delagoutte

    UniDBgrid with SMExportToExcel

    sorry it is the same thing : a TFDQuery
  2. delagoutte

    UniDBgrid with SMExportToExcel

    exemple : myquery1.sql.text := 'select filed1, field2, field3 from mytable'; myquery = fdquery that is linked to a datasaource that is linked to my grid. visiblefield.text := 'field3'+#13#10+'field2'; // it is a tstringlist, only field2 and field3 are visible on my grid and the order in the list is the order in the grid for i:= 0 to GenQuery1.FieldCount-1 do begin if (VisibleField.IndexOf(UpperCase(GenQuery1.Fields[i].FieldName))<>-1) then begin GenQuery1.Fields[i].Visible := True; end else begin GenQuery1.Fields[i].Visible := false; end; end; // if a field is not visible , it is not exported //reorder column in same order that in the grid for i := 0 to VisibleField.Count-1 do begin if GenQuery1.FieldDefs.IndexOf(VisibleField.Strings[i])<>-1 then begin GenQuery1.FieldByName(VisibleField.Strings[i]).Index := i; end; end;
  3. delagoutte

    UniDBgrid with SMExportToExcel

    i use a tstringlist with all field that are visible in the grid After, i modify the dataset with a code like this : MyQuery.Fields[i].Visible := (VisibleField.IndexOf(UpperCase(MyQuery.Fields[i].FieldName))<>-1); proposable because you open directly the file from you browser- > excel open the files in protected mode
  4. delagoutte

    Highcharts Component

    big thanks
  5. delagoutte

    grow filter capacity for grid

    yes, exactly for number
  6. delagoutte

    grow filter capacity for grid

    Is there any way that unigui grid uses the filtering capabilities of extjs grids like in this extjs sample ? https://examples.sencha.com/extjs/6.7.0/examples/kitchensink/?classic#grid-filtering
  7. delagoutte

    Nginx Reverse Proxy

    i do it with apache. do you have install unigui runtime in this server : ?
  8. delagoutte

    Print UniHTMLFrame-Content?

    i have a new method if you want : add uses ExtPascalUtils; Add a TuniHtmlMemo (MemoExport) on your form and set "top" to -1000 to hide it (don't use visible property) on ClientEvent.Extevents add this code in "push" : function push(sender, html, eOpts) { if ((html.trim() != "")&&(html.trim() != "&#8203;")){ var browserName = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); if ( browserName.indexOf("msie") != -1) { sender.iframeEl.dom.contentWindow.focus(); sender.iframeEl.dom.contentWindow.print(); } else { if(browserName.indexOf("trident") != -1) { sender.iframeEl.dom.contentWindow.focus(); sender.iframeEl.dom.contentWindow.document.execCommand('print', false, null); } else { sender.iframeEl.dom.contentWindow.focus(); sender.iframeEl.dom.contentWindow.print(); }; }; } } Now all is ready. for printing html do this : procedure TMainForm.PrintText(Sender: TObject; aValue : string); begin UniSession.AddJS('if (!'+MemoExport.JSName+'.initialized){'+MemoExport.JSName+'.initialized=true;};');// i must add this for chrome at some users. sometimes the component is not initialized UniSession.AddJS(MemoExport.JSName+'.textareaEl.dom.value='+ StrToJS(aValue)+';'+MemoExport.JSName+'.pushValue();') end; .. procedure TMainForm.BtnPrintSelClick(Sender: TObject); begin PrintText(Sender,GetExportHtml); end;
  9. delagoutte

    Help: video not loop webOS!

    Are you shure that is an unigui problem ? Are you sure that the "loop " tag is implemented on the webos webbrowser ? if you do a simple html page with your code : the loop is ok or not ?
  10. delagoutte

    api rest in an unigui project

    mhmda : do you use your API as data provider for your unigui app or do you use firedac component with direct acces to db?
  11. delagoutte

    individual Columns in uniDBGrid

    do you test it with agris with many columns >50. If yes, have you got any problem with performance or not ?
  12. i don't think there is any problem with this.
  13. delagoutte

    uniGUI with SAML 2.0 single sign-on

    thanks for your sharing
  14. try this : replace ' sort: function() {'+#13#10+ ... ' if (this.el.hasCls(''x-column-header-sort-DESC'')) {'+#13#10+ by ' sort: function(a) {'+#13#10+ ... ' if (a==null && this.el.hasCls(''x-column-header-sort-DESC'')) {'+#13#10+